Fall 2015 Schedule Changes

This service is available beginning March 26, 2015 and will be updated daily through December 19, 2015.

Changes as of November 5, 2015

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SubjectCourse #Call #
College of Business
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELACCT4510 / 300239765Cancelled: Accounting Ethics & institutions
CANCELACCT6190 / 3OL131996Cancelled: Accounting for Decision Making
CANCELACCT6510 / 00239766Cancelled: Accounting Ethics & Institutions
ADDACCT6510 / 300239766Add: Acct Ethics/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 331
ADDBGSO4000 / 302042249Add: Business, Government, & Society
CANCELBUAD1000 / 300210315Cancelled: Intro to Business
CANCELBUAD3030 / 100112718Cancelled: Career Success: Image & Impact
ADDBUAD3030 / 100239880Add: Career Success: Image & Impact/Fri 5:00-8:30pm/Sat 9:00am-12:30pm/ DWIR201
ADDEMGT5610 / 3OL139711Add: Case Studies in Eng Mgmt
ADDENTP1000 / 300541908Add: Intro to Entrepreneurship/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/OCSE A206
CHANGEFNCE4000 / 300237788Change of Room to DWIR101
CHANGEFNCE4500 / 300110556Change of Room to DWIR201
CHANGEFNCE4500 / 300110556Change of Room to DWIR 104
ADDHRMG4380 / 001042138Add: HR Management Recitation
ADDHRMG4380 / 3OL142137Add: HR Management
CANCELINFS1100 / 03012666Cancelled: MS Office Apps & OC Bscs
CANCELINFS1100 / 3H0110559Cancelled: Microsoft Office Applications and Computer Basics
CANCELINFS1100 / 3H0310561Cancelled: Microsoft Office Applications and Computer Basics
ADDINFS1100 / 3H0539720Add: Microsoft Office Applications and Computer Basics/Mondays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 109
ADDINFS1100 / 3H0639724Add: Microsoft Office Applications and Computer Basics/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/DWIR 109
CHANGEINTB360000110565Change of day/room to Th, DWIR 331.
ADDMGMT3300 02042248Add:Intro to Mgmt & Organization
CANCELMGMT3300 / 300512062Cancelled: Intro to Mgmt & Organization
CHANGEMKTG4900 / 300110595Change of Day to Fri 8:00-10:40am/DWIR104
ADDMKTG6790 / 3OL140077Add: Internet Marketing & Soc Media
CANCELSPTM3960 / 1-300110613Cancelled: Internship
ADDSPTM3960 / 300239739Add: Internship
ADDSPTM4960 / 400239738Add: Internship
CANCELSPTM4960 / 4-700110615Cancelled: Internship
CANCELSTRT4500 / 300438499Cancelled: Strategic Management
CANCELSTRT4500 / 300539718Cancelled: Strategic Management
ADDSTRT4500 / 300539718Add: Strategic Management/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 101
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGEAH3000 / 300112448Change of topic to From Modern to Postmodern Art.
ADDAH3000 / 300340170Add: Tpcs: Warfare Greece & Rome/Thurs 10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEB136
CANCELAH3000 / 300440171Cancelled:Topics in Art History Pre Raphaelism
ADDAH3000 / 300440171Add: Tpcs: Pre-Raphaelism/Fri 10:50am-1:30pm/OSCEB138
CANCELANTH1020 / 400110348Cancelled: Intro to Archaeology
CANCELANTH1030 / 300110349Cancelled: Introduction to Human Origins
ADDANTH1030 / 3OL139679Add: Introduction to Human Origins
CANCELANTH1040 / 3WK212846Cancelled: Intro to Cultural Anthropology
CHANGEANTH2800 / 300111269Change of Room to CENT188
CANCELANTH4300 / 300112199Cancelled: Forensic Anthropology
CANCELANTH4400 / 300138096Cancelled: Ethnobotany
ADDANTH4710 / 1-600441840Add: Internship in Anthropology
CANCELASL1010 / 400534504Cancelled: Amer Sign Language I
CANCELASL1020 / 400312411Cancelled: Amer Sign Language II
CANCELASL4000 / 3WK138080Cancelled: Contrastive Linguis Analysis
CANCELASL5000 / 3WK138081Cancelled: Contrastive Linguis Analysis
CHANGEBIOL1010 / 300212352Change of Room to CENT186
CHANGEBIOL1300 / 300112353Change of Room to CENT192
ADDBIOL1360 / 100441901Add: Gen Bio: Intro to Cell Lab/Mondays/9:25am-12:05pm/OCSE B301
ADDBIOL3110 / 100139676Add: Bacteriology/Mycol Lab/Wed 10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEB306
ADDBIOL3700 / 300139677Add: General Ecology/Tues, Thurs, 3:05-4:20pm/COLU216
CANCELBIOL4000 / 300234067Cancelled: Topics in Biology
CANCELBIOL4000 / 300338146Cancelled: Topic in Biology: Gastro-Intestinal Physiology
CHANGEBIOL4220 / 300112015Change of Room to CENT191
CANCELBIOL4300 / 300110492Cancelled: Advanced Nutrition
ADDBIOL4300 / 300243066Add: Advanced Nutrition/Thur 1:40-4:20pm/UHAL 165
CANCELBIOL4350 / 004010497Cancelled: Human Anatomy Lab
CANCELBIOL4360 / 4B0111503Cancelled: Hum. Physiol.
ADDBIOL4360 / 4B0240056Add: Hum. Physiol./Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 323
CHANGEBIOL4840 / 300112393Change of Room to OCSEB136
ADDBIOL5000 / 400139690Add: Cardiovascular Physiology/Thursdays/9:25am-1:30pm/OCSE A202
ADDBIOL5140 / 300142661Add: Virology/Tuesdays and Thursdays/10:50am-12:05pm/ENGR 109
CHANGEBIOL5220 / 300112016Change of Room to CENT191
CANCELBIOL5350 / 004010552Cancelled: Human Anatomy Lab
CHANGEBIOL5840 / 300112577Change of Room to OCSEB136
CANCELCHEM1201 / 012011800Cancelled: Intro to Chemistry Lab
CANCELCHEM1402 / 100933567Cancelled: General Chemistry Lab I
CANCELCHEM1402 / 101933577Cancelled: General Chemistry Lab I
CANCELCHEM2001 / 100133533Cancelled: Practical Scientific Writing
CHANGECHEM3111 / 300110974Change of Room to CENT186
CHANGECHEM4211 / 300110506Change of Room to CENT188
CANCELCHEM4301 / 300110989Cancelled: Inorganic Chemistry I
CANCELCHEM4301 / 300239244Cancelled: Inorganic Chemistry
ADDCHEM4301 / 300239244Add: Inorganic Chemistry I/Mon, Wed, 8-9:15pm/CENT106
ADDCHEM4301 / 300342728Add: Inorganic Chemistry/Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays/8:00am-9:15pm/Mondays and Wednesdays in CENT 106; Fridays in CENT 188
CHANGECHEM4901 / 300237950Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGECOMM1020 / 300110761Change of Room to CENT 192
ADDCOMM1020 / 300210762Change of Room to OCSEB134
CANCELCOMM1020 / 300310763Cancelled: Interpersonal Communication
ADDCOMM1020 / 3OL139327Add: Interpersonal Communication
CANCELCOMM2010 / 300510770Cancelled: Oral Communication in the Workplace
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300610771Change of Room to DWIR106
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300610771Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELCOMM2010 / 300711310Cancelled: Oral Communication in the Workplace
CHANGECOMM2010 / 301138912Change of Room to COLU333
ADDCOMM2010 / 301138912Add: Oral Communication in the Workplace/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/UHAL 317
ADDCOMM2010 / 301242036Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Fri 9:25am-12:05pm/COLU333
ADDCOMM2010 / 301342825Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Mon, 8-10:40am/Colu127
CANCELCOMM2010 / 3WH112883Cancelled: Oral Communication in the Workplace
CANCELCOMM2010 / 3WH212889Cancelled: Oral Communication in the Workplace
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH343294Add:Oral Communication in the Workplace/Meets 9-12-15 in OCSE B215
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH443295Add:Oral Communication in the Workplace/Meets 9-12-15 in OCSE B215
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WK142037Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Sat 1:00pm-5;00pm/COLU325
ADDCOMM2100 / 10043001Add: Public Speaking/Fri 9:25-10:40am/COLU103
CHANGECOMM2100 / 002010777Change of Room to ENGR107
CHANGECOMM2100 / 300310775Change of Room to ENGR107
CANCELCOMM2500 / 300532671Cancelled: Research Methods
CHANGECOMM3280 / 300110797Change of Room to COLU 324
CANCELCOMM3280 / 300410800Cancelled: Intercultural and Global Communication
CANCELCOMM3280 / 300512572Cancelled: Intercultural and Global Communication
ADDCOMM3280 / 3H0139294Add: Intercultural and Global Communication/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 136
ADDCOMM3280 / 3H0239297Add: Intercultural and Global Communication/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 114
CHANGECOMM3280 / 3WH112885Change of Room to ENGR107
CANCELCOMM3280 / 3WK112844Cancelled: Intercultural and Global Communication
CANCELCOMM3330 / 300112723Cancelled: Gender and Leadership
ADDCOMM3330 / 3H0143362Add: Gender and Leadership/Fridays 5:00pm-9:30pm/OCSE B136
ADDCOMM3480 / 3OL141788Add: Media and Health
CANCELCOMM3480 / 3WH140403Cancelled: Media & Health
ADDCOMM3480 / 3WH140403Media & Health/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/OCSEB211
CHANGECOMM3770 / 300112647Change of Room to CENT192
CHANGECOMM4000 / 300110802Change of Room to COLU 322
ADDCOMM4090 / 3DH142611Add: Emerging Communication Technology/Fridays/1:00pm-3:30pm/SOCU B100
CANCELCOMM4090 / 3WH141790Cancelled: Emerging Comm Technology
ADDCOMM4090 / 3WH141790Add: Emerging Communications Tech/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/OCSE B211
CHANGECOMM4160 / 300241898Change of Room to COLU325
ADDCOMM4160 / 300241898Add: Communication, Training, and Development/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/UHAL 132
CHANGECOMM4770 / 300111834Change of Room to COLU322
CANCELCOMM4900 / 300112201Cancelled: Special Topics in Communication: Remote & Sports TV Production
ADDCOMM4900 / 300439189Add: Spc. Tpcs. in Comm: Communication Competency/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 127
ADDCOMM4900 / 300539222Add: Spc. Tpcs. in Comm: Communication Center/Fridays/10:50am-11:50am/COLU 312
CANCELCOMM4900 / 3WH137664Add: Spec Tpcs: Media & Health
CANCELCOMM5330 / 300112724Cancelled: Gender and Leadership
ADDCOMM5330 / 3H0143363Add: Gender and Leadership/Fridays 5:00pm-9:30pm/OCSE B136
ADDCOMM6090 / 3DH142612Add: Emerging Communication Technology/Fridays/1:00pm-3:30pm/SOCU B100
CANCELCOMM6090 / 3WH141791Cancelled: Emerging Comm Technology
ADDCOMM6090 / 3WH141791Add: Emerging Communications Tech/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/OCSE B211
ADDCOMM6100 / 300138913Add: Communication Competency/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 127
CHANGECOMM6160 / 300241899Change of Room to COLU325
ADDCOMM6160 / 300241899Add: Communication, Training, and Development/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/UHAL 132
CANCELCOMM7000 / 1-981112496Cancelled: Masters Thesis
CANCELCOMM9400 / 1-691411304Cancelled: Indep Study Undergrad
CANCELCOMM9500 / 1-691110831Cancelled: Indep Study Grad
ADDDNCE2700 / 300442070Add: Fund of Dance Technique/Tue, Thur, 3:05pm-4:20pm/UHAL233A
CHANGEECON1010 / 300511448Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEECON1010 / 300611506Change of Room to CENT106
CHANGEECON1010 / 300811744Change of Room to DWIR121
CHANGEECON3870 / 300132667Change of Room to COLU317
ADDECON9400 / 1-390542523Add: Independent Study in Economics
ADDECON9400 / 1-390642524Add: Independent Study in Economics
CANCELENGL1300 / 301512397Cancelled: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A
ADDENGL1300 / 301743215Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tues 6:05-7:20pm/COLU231A
CHANGEENGL1310 / 300612399Change of Room to OCSEB211
CHANGEENGL1310 / 301310678Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGEENGL1310 / 304011502Change of Room to COLU103
CHANGEENGL1310 / 304511730Change of Room to COLU103
CHANGEENGL1310 / 304933229Change of Room to DWIR 106
ADDENGL1310 / 305011754Change of Room to OCSE B211
CHANGEENGL1310 / 305011754Change of Room to UHAL109
CANCELENGL1310 / 305411932Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 306533231Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 306633232Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing I
CHANGEENGL1410 / 300211714Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGEENGL1410 / 300610704Change of Room to COLU103
CANCELENGL1410 / 301111715Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 301111715Change of Room to UHAL 109
CANCELENGL1410 / 302012402Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 302112403Cancelled: Rhet/Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 302212404Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
ADDENGL1410 / 302339958Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Tuesdays and Thursdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/UHAL 109
ADDENGL1410 / 302441714Add: Rhet/Writing II/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm - 2:55pm/COLU 333 (Tuesdays) and COLU 230 (Thursdays)
ADDENGL1410 / 302542729Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Mondays and Wednesdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/Mondays in COLU 231A; Wednesdays in COLU 230
CANCELENGL2080 / 3H0312441Cancelled: Business and Admin Writing
CANCELENGL2090 / 3D1342597Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
ADDENGL2090 / 3D1342597Add: Tech. Writing and Presentation/Wednesdays/1:40pm-5:40pm/SOCU N202
ADDENGL2090 / 3H0142680Add: Technical Writing and Presentation/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 245
ADDENGL2090 / 3H0242933Add: Tch Writing & Presentation/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/CENT245
CANCELENGL2090 / 3OL142665Cancelled: Technical Writing and Presentation
ADDENGL2090 / 3OL142665Add: Tech Writing and Presentation
CANCELENGL2530 / 300337947Cancelled: 19th Century British Lit
CHANGEENGL3010 / 300410730Change of Room to COLU224
CANCELENGL3010 / 300534126Cancelled: Adv. Rhet and Writ
CANCELENGL3040 / 300112405Cancelled: Intermed Creative Nonfiction
CHANGEENGL3600 / 300112341Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGEENGL3800 / 300134152Change of Room to COLU209
CHANGEENGL3850 / 300133268Change of Room to COLU223
CHANGEENGL4800 / 300110737Change of Room to COLU209
ADDENGL4860 / 300242460Add: Spec Tpcs Rhet/Write/Fri 9:25am-12:05pm/COLU224
CHANGEENGL4950 / 300112035Change of Room to COLU114
CHANGEENGL5950 / 300112036Change of Room to COLU114
ADDENGL9400 / 1-391342982Add: Independent Study
CHANGEENSC1500 / 300110009Change of Room to OCSEB216
ADDENSC4800 / 300141766Add: Photovoltaics/Mon, Wed, 3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR247
CANCELFILM3750 / 300134230Cancelled: Theory & Prac Art & Alt Film
CANCELFILM3900 / 300337992Cancelled: Sp Tpc in Film Studies
CANCELFILM3900 / 300439865Cancelled: Special Topics in Film Studies: Genre Study in Screenwriting
ADDFILM3900 / 300439865Add: Tpcs: Genre in Screenwriting/Mon 12:15-2:55pm/COLU209
ADDFILM3990 / 300143250Add: European Film-Europ History/Fri 9:25-12:05pm/COLU317
CANCELFR3230 / 100238062Cancelled: Applied Conversation
ADDFR9300 / 1-490240388Add: Independent Study
ADDGEOL9400 / 1-490243316Add: Independent Study
CANCELGER2110 / 400110415Cancelled: Intermediate German I
CANCELGER3010 / 300134508Cancelled: Adv Convers & Comp
CANCELGER3100 / 300134509Cancelled: Intro Germanophone Literature
CANCELGER3230 / 100238068Cancelled: Applied Conversation
ADDGES4160 / 1-480441795Add: Teaching Geography
CANCELGES4170 / 400133160Cancelled: Writing Place
CHANGEGES4780 / 300133177Change of Room to COLU303
ADDGES4980 / 1-480539877Add: Internship in Geography
ADDGES4980 / 1-480643184Add: Internship in Geography
CHANGEGES5780 / 300133187Change of Room to COLU303
CANCELGPS1010 / 300412756Cancelled: Globetrotters/Global Schoolhouse
CANCELGPS1010 / 300912761Cancelled: Pay it Forward
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301312778Change of building from Breckenridge to Cucharras.
CHANGEGPS1010 / 3 02012769Change of topic to Star Search.
CHANGEGPS1010 / 302812783Change of Room to BREC5101
CHANGEGPS1010 / 303012785Change of Room to BREC5101
CANCELGPS1010 / 304334931Cancelled: Top Gear
ADDGPS1010 / 304838991Add: Top Gear/Tuesdays 8:00am-9:15am in ENGR 103/Wednesdays 4:45pm-6:00pm in ENGR 136
ADDGPS1010 / 304938992Add: Mindstorms/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/ENGR 105
ADDGPS1010 / 305039974Add: Top Gear/Tuesdays 8:00am-9:15am and Fridays 10:50am-12:05pm/ENGR 103 Tuesdays and ENGR 136 Fridays
ADDGPS1010 / 305142206Add: Mindset/Mon-Fri 9:00am-12:00pm/Meets in Science Center CENT204
CANCELGPS1010 / 305242567Cancelled: Mindset
ADDGPS1010 / 305242567Add: Mindset/Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/BREC 5101
ADDGPS1010 / 305342727Add: Mindset/Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/BREC 5101
ADDGPS1010 / 305443096Add: Top Gear/Tuesdays 8:00am-9:15am in ENGR 103 (OSCE B211 Breakout Room)/Thursdays 8:00am-9:15am in ENGR 103
ADDGPS1010 / 3H0143271Add: GPS MIndset
ADDGPS1010 / 3OL142459Add: Gateway Program Seminar
CANCELGPS1110 / 100132854Cancelled: Academic Fitness
CANCELGPS1110 / 100232855Cancelled: Academic Fitness
CANCELGPS1110 / 100332856Cancelled:Academic Fitness
CANCELGPS1110 / 100432857Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS3010 / 300342071Add: TrGray Matters/Friday 1:40pm-4:20pm/Meets in Cucharas
ADDGPS4090 / 3H0139545Add: JTA Peer Mentoring
CANCELGRNT2300 / 300137693Cancelled: Life in an Aging Society
CHANGEGRNT3000 / 300111242Change of Room to U H 133
CHANGEGRNT3000 / 300111242Change of Room to UH 132
CHANGEHIST1010 / 300112606Change of Room to COLU117
CHANGEHIST1400 / 300112560Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGEHIST1400 / 300112560Change of Room to COLU 114
ADDHIST1510 / 3WK139721Add: U.S. Birth of a Nation, 1607/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/COLU 114
CANCELHIST1540 / 3WK134118Cancelled: Recent Amer Hist
CHANGEHIST1600 / 300112316Change of Room to COLU216
CANCELHIST3000 / 300334099Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs: Med. Manuscripts.
CANCELHIST3000 / 300511836Cancelled: The Middle East
CANCELHIST3000 / 300839866Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Medieval Manuscript
ADDHIST3000 / 300839866Add: Spec. Tpcs: Med. Manuscripts; Th 4:45-7:20pm, Heller Main House.
CANCELHIST3710 / 300134108Cancelled: AM Womens Hist 1607-1877
CHANGEHIST3995 / 300112418Change of Room to COLU114
CHANGEHIST4060 / 300139678Change of Room to COLU317
ADDHIST4060 / 300139678Add: Middle East Women in Film/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 115
ADDHIST4690 / 300138908Add: Colorado History/Thurs 7:30-10:05pm/COLU325
CHANGEHIST4990 / 300110622Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELHIST6000 / 300111429Cancelled: Historiography
CANCELHIST6000 / 300239441Cancelled: Historiography
ADDHIST6000 / 300239441Add: Historiography/Mon, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
CHANGEHIST6000 / 300339954 Change of Room to COLU3022
ADDHIST6000 / 300339954Add: Historiography/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/MAH1
CHANGEHIST7630 / 4 00134116Change of Room to COLU3022
CANCELHIST7810 / 400134117Cancelled:Res: Indian Subcont Since 1556
CANCELHIST7810 / 400239440Cancelled: Indian Subcont Since 1556
ADDHIST7810 / 400239440Add:Res Indian Subcont Since 1556/Wed, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU333
ADDHIST7810 / 400339955Add: Indian Subcont Since 1556/Mon 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
CHANGEMATH1040 / 300311264Change of Room to ENGR107
CANCELMATH1040 / 3WK237965Cancelled:College Algebra
CHANGEMATH1050 / 400310216Change of Room to COLU324
CHANGEMATH1120 / 300533636Change of Room to COLU128
ADDMATH1120 / 3WK139438Add: Calc for Business & Economics/Sat 1:00-5:00pm/ENGR107
CHANGEMATH2350 / 400210233Change of Room to COLU114
ADDMATH2350 / 400542721Add: Calculus III/Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays/8:00am-9:15am/COLU 114
CHANGEMATH2350 / 400542721Change of Room to COLU214
CHANGEMATH2650 / 100112748Change of Room to ENGR138
CHANGEMATH3130 / 300110238Change of Room to ENGR101
CHANGEMATH3130 / 300210239Change of Room to ENGR105
CHANGEMATH99 / 49938658Change of Room to COLU324
CANCELMSGP4030 / 1-600312132Cancelled: Internship
CANCELMSGP4200 / 300137774Cancelled: Historic Preservation
CANCELMUS2100 / 3WK142426Cancelled: Rock and Roll
ADDMUS2100 / 3WK142426Add:Rock & Roll Music/Wed 1:40-4:20pm/COLU209
CANCELMUS2450 / 300134478Cancelled: Music Theatre Perf. and Pract.
CANCELMUS3750 / 3OL134482Cancelled: 20th Cen. Music
ADDMUS4750 / 3OL239533Add: Contemp Music.
CANCELMUS4960 / 100112611Cancelled: Advanced Special Topics: Advanced Classical Piano
ADDMUS9400 / 1-490443047Add: Independent Study
CHANGEPES1500 / 300110008Change of Room to OCSEB216
CHANGEPES3130 / 300110035Change of Room to COLU117
ADDPES4800 / 300141705Add: Photovoltaics/Mon, Wed, 3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR247
CHANGEPHIL1000 / 300511999Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGEPHIL1020 / 300110297Change of Room to COLU114
CHANGEPHIL1120 / 300110306Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGEPHIL3070 / 300133028Change of Room to COLU 317
CANCELPHYS5960 / 300112263Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Nanotechnology
ADDPHYS8000 / 1-1280843551Add: Dissertation
ADDPORT3000 / 000743041Add: Writing Portfolio Assessment
ADDPORT3000 / 000943042Add: Writing Portfolio Assessment
ADDPORT3000 / 001043043Add: Writing Portfolio Assissment
ADDPORT3000 / 001143535Add: Writing Portfolio Assessment
CANCELPSC1100 / 300110333Cancelled: The American Political System
CHANGEPSC1100 / 300210376Change of Room to OCSEB134
ADDPSC3240 / 300138909Add: War & Peace/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/COLU114
ADDPSC3430 / 300139615Add: Law & Literature/Tues 1:40-4:20pm/OCSEB211
CANCELPSC4040 / 300134520Cancelled: Political Interest Groups
CANCELPSC4080 / 300134521Cancelled: US Electoral Process
ADDPSC4080 / 300240032Add: US Electoral Process/Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 216
CANCELPSC4130 / 300112502Cancelled: Latin American Politics & Dev
CHANGEPSC4130 / 300112502Change of Room to LANE 120
CANCELPSC4220 / 300112501Cancelled: Comparative Politics
ADDPSC4280 / 300142635Add: International Political Econ/Thrusdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 333
CANCELPSC4390 / 300134522Cancelled: The Presidency
CANCELPSC4980 / 300111578Cancelled: Special Probs
CANCELPSC4980 / 300212246Cancelled: Special Probs
CANCELPSC4980 / 300334527Cancelled: Spec Probs: Intelligence Analysis
CANCELPSC4980 / 300434528Cancelled: Special Probs: Intelligence
CANCELPSC4980 / 300534529Cancelled: Special Probs: Intelligence
CANCELPSC4980 / 300634530Cancelled: Special Probs: Civic Engagement
CANCELPSC4980 / 300740033Cancelled: Special Probs: Intelligence
ADDPSC4980 / 300740033Add: Spec Probs: Intelligence Analysis/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 106
CANCELPSC9400 / 1-690110651Cancelled: Independent Study
CANCELPSY2110 / 06011931Cancelled: Laboratory
ADDPSY3480 / 3WK138910Add: Spc. Tpcs.:Psychopaths & Serial Killers/Fridays and Saturdays/7:30pm-9:30pm (Fridays), 9:00am-11:00am (Saturdays)/COLU 317
ADDPSY4270 / 300142133Add: Sem in Biopsych: Psychoneuroimmunology (PN1)/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/OCSE B136
CHANGEPSY4280 / 300110849Change of Room to OCSE B138
CHANGEPSY6100 / 300134449Change of Room to COLU 115
CHANGEPSY6430 / 100110869Change of Room to OCSEB217
CANCELPSY6790 / 100134469Cancelled: Psychopharmacology
ADDPSY7030 / 300439946Add: Doctoral Research Practicum
CANCELRUSS2110 / 300112045Intermediate Russ I
CANCELSOC1110 / 400110380Cancelled: Intro to Sociology
ADDSOC1110 / 400639601Add: Intro to Sociology/Tues, Thurs, 9:00-10:40am/COLU317
CANCELSOC2010 / 300134445Cancelled: Spc Tpcs Lower Div: Adoption, Kinship, and Foster Care
ADDSOC2010 / 3OL134445Add: Spc Tpc:Folklore & the Paranormal/Mon, Wed, 10:50am-12:05pm/COLU116
ADDSOC2010 / 3OL240009Add: Spc Tpcs Lower Div: Adoption, Kinship, and Foster Care
CANCELSOC2300 / 300137679Cancelled: Life in an Aging Society
CANCELSOC2400 / 300112242Cancelled: Digital Society
ADDSOC2400 / 300239626Add: Digital Society/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/DWIR 303
CANCELSOC3255 / 100140168Cancelled: Power/Privlge-Serv Learning
ADDSOC3255 / 100140168Add:Powe/Privlfe-Serv Learning/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/COLU216
ADDSOC3255 / 100243216Add: Power/Privlge-Serv Learning
ADDSOC3330 / 300140194Add: Restorative Jusice/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 214
CANCELSOC4010 / 300137680Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs: Restorative Justice
CANCELSOC4120 / 300134468Cancelled: Body, Culture & Power
CHANGESOC4230 / 300112464Change of Room to COLU103
ADDSOC5150 / 1OL111033Add: Seminar: Social Theory
CHANGESOC5230 / 300112550Change of Room to COLU103
CANCELSOC5550 / 300134475Cancelled: Sociology of the Family
ADDSOC5580 / 3OL139616Add: Inclusive Teaching
CANCELSPAN3010 / 300212425Cancelled: Advanced Spanish Conv & Comp
CANCELTHTR2000 / 300112422CAncelled: Acting Workshop II
CHANGETHTR2020 / 300311570Change of Room to UHAL233
CANCELTHTR3900 / 300112427Cancelled: Spc Tpcs Worl Theater
CANCELVA1010 / 300312326Cancelled: Beginning Studio 2-D
ADDVA1010 / 300540057Add: Beginning Studio 2-D/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 132
CANCELVA3170 / 300110681Cancelled: The Platic Camera
CANCELVAPA3950 / 3WK141914Cancelled: Sound Art Creative Sonc Wrlds
CHANGEVAPA3950 / 3WK141914Change of Dates to 9/26/15 - 12/05/15
CANCELVAPA5950 / 3WK141915Cancelled: Sound Art Creative Sonc Wrlds
CHANGEVAPA5950 / 3WK141915Change of Dates to 9/26/15 - 12/05/15
CANCELWEST2040 / 300134179Cancelled: Global Black Women Writers
CANCELWEST3090 / 3WK112884Cancelled: Peep Show
ADDWEST3300 / 300139624Add: Methodologies in WEST
ADDWEST3330 / 300140195Add: Restorative Jusice/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 214
CHANGEWEST3400 / 300134187Change of Room to COLU127
ADDWEST3660 / 300139617Add: Service & Learning
CANCELWEST3900 / 300137687Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs: Restorative Justice
ADDWEST4060 / 300140105Add: Middle East Women in Film/Thurs 10:50am-1:30pm/COLU317
ADDWEST4950 / 300139746Add: Capstone Senior Seminar
School of Public Affairs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECJ1001H0110208Change of Room to COLU114
CANCELCJ1002 / 3WH112867Cancelled: CSI: Fact and Fantasy
ADDCJ1002 / 3WH242995Add: CSI: Fact and Fantasy/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/COLU 323
CANCELCJ3230 / 300134101Cancelled: Restorative Justice
ADDCJ3230 / 300240193Add: Restorative Jusice/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 214
CANCELCJ3520 / 300134105Cancelled: Juvenille Justice Admin
ADDCJ3530 / 3WH139864Add: Management of Offenders/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/COLU214
CANCELCJ3530 / 3WK112868Cancelled: Management of Offenders
CHANGECJ4400 / 300111964Change of Room to COLU 128
CANCELCJ4600 / 3OL137695Cancelled: Special Topics: Cybercrime
CHANGECJ5003 / 300112530Change of Room to CENT245
CHANGECJ5552 / 300134120Change of Room to COLU 116
CANCELCJ5951 / 300138907Cancelled: Interagency Relationship in HS/HD
ADDCJ5951 / 300138907Add: Interagency RElationshp HS/HD/Mon 4:45-7:20pm/CENT192
CHANGEPAD4400 / 300111968Change of Room to COLU 128
CHANGEPAD5003 / 300110195Change of Room to CENT245
CHANGEPAD5006 / 300110199Change of Room to COLU 116
CHANGEPAD5110 / 300139352Change of Room to OCSEB134
ADDPAD5110 / 300139352Sem Nonprofit Management/Thurs, 4:45-7:20pm/LANE120
CANCELPAD5110 / 3OL134127Cancelled: Sem Nonprofit Management
CANCELPAD5951 / 300138906Cancelled: Interagency Relationship in HS/HD
ADDPAD5951 / 300138906Add: Interagency RElationshp HS/HD/Mon 4:45-7:20pm/CENT192
College of Education
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECOUN3100 / 300337718Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGECOUN3100 / 3WK137722Change of Room to COLU303
CANCELCOUN5110 / 300311442Cancelled: Laboratory in Group Counseling
CANCELCOUN5160 / 200133809Cancelled: Field Work in Coun.
ADDCOUN5160 / 200242726Add: Field Work in Coun./Wednesdays/11:30am-1:30pm/OFF SITE
CANCELCOUN5250 / 300133810Cancelled: Leader and Leadership Development
ADDCOUN5250 / 300242702Add: Leader and Leadership Development/Wednesdays/8:30am-11:10am/OFF SITE
CHANGECOUN5330 / 300311540Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGECOUN5410 / 300211507Change of Room to COLU317
ADDCOUN5440 / 300139973Add: Advanced Psychopatholgy/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 3022
CANCELCOUN5510 / 2WB112856Cancelled: Principles of Addiction
ADDCOUN5510 / 2WB243345Add: Principles of Addiction/Fridays 4:00pm-9:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm/COLU 117
CANCELCOUN5520 / 1WB112857Cancelled: Infectious Diseases
ADDCOUN5520 / 1WB243347Add: Infectious Diseases/Friday 4:00pm-9:00pm/COLU 115
CANCELCOUN5580 / 3WB112839Cancelled: Sexuality in Counseling
ADDCOUN6500 / 300140427Add: Laboratory in Group Counseling/Thurs 10:50am-1:30pm/COLU103
CANCELCOUN9500 / 1-490112121Cancelled: Independent Study
CANCELCURR2009 / 100112742Cancelled: Succeeding @ UCCS
CANCELCURR2010 / 100112743Cancelled: P-20 Education in the USA
CANCELCURR5009 / 100112745Cancelled: Succeedng @ UCCS
CANCELCURR5010 / 100112744Cancelled: P-20 Education in the USA
CANCELCURR5201 / 3OL111499Cancelled: Foundations of Gifted Educ
ADDCURR5206 / 3OL142518Add: Creativity in Gifted Ed
ADDCURR5214 / 3OL242725Add: Differentiated Instruction
CANCELCURR5304 / 300112677Cancelled: Mathematics & Cognition
CANCELCURR5400 / 3OL112092Cancelled: Tch Rdg & Wrtg in Content Areas
CANCELCURR5414 / 300134492Cancelled: Literacy Assessment, Diag and Eval
ADDCURR5414 / 300242520Add: Literacy Assessment, Diag and Eval/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 322
CANCELCURR5514 / 300134495Cancelled: Activ for Teaching Weather
ADDCURR5522 / 300140456Add: Tchg Cosmology-The Universe/Tues 4:45-7:30pm
CHANGECURR5702 / 300112440Change of Room to Off Site
ADDCURR9600 / 1-390442517Add: Independent Study
ADDIELM4025 / 300140412Add: Elementary Mathematics Method/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE B138
CANCELLEAD5030 / 3H0133426Cancelled: Visions, Values, and Admin
ADDLEAD5030 / 3WH140049Add: Visions, Values, and Admin/Saturdays/8:00am-3:00pm/OCSE B136
CANCELLEAD5610 / 3H0133425Cancelled: Social and Cultural Foundations
ADDLEAD5610 / 3WH140048Add: Social and Cultural Foundations/Saturdays/8:00am-3:00pm/OCSE B136
ADDSPED5025 / 300142828Fieldwork in Inclusive Classrooms
ADDSPED5031 / 600242829Add: Elem/Sec Student Teaching
CANCELSPED9500 / 1-400511972Cancelled: Independent Study Special Ed
CANCELTED4600 / 300312512Cancelled: Elementary School Experience
CANCELTED4600 / 300412513Cancelled: Elementary School Experience
CANCELTED4600 / 300512514Cancelled: Elementary School Experience
CANCELTED4600 / 300612515Cancelled: Elementary School Experience
CANCELTED4600 / 300712516Cancelled: Elementary School Experience
CANCELTED4600 / 300812517Cancelled: Elementary School Experience
CANCELTED4660 / 300212733Cancelled: Elementary Social Studies Methods
ADDTED4660 / 300343358Add: Elementary Social Studies Methods/Tuesdays/5:15pm-7:50pm/UHAL 132
CANCELTED4700 / 300212519Cancelled: School Experience - Secondary
CANCELTED4700 / 300312520Cancelled: School Experience - Secondary
CANCELTED4700 / 300412521Cancelled: School Experience - Secondary
CHANGETED4790 / 300111512Change of Room to COLU 323
CANCELTED4800 / 300111111Cancelled: ESL for Educators
ADDTED5640 / 300340417Add: Elementary Mathematics Method/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE B138
CANCELTED5800 / 300111117Cancelled: ESL for Educators
College of Engineering and Applied Science
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCS1090 / 300342478Add: INtro Prog with Matlab/Tue, Thur 8-9:15am/ENGR138
CHANGECS1100 / 300211692Change of Room to OCSE B215
CANCELCS1150 / 300312327Cancelled: Principles of Computer Science
ADDCS1150 / 300842649Add: Principles of Computer Science/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/ENGR 138
ADDCS1150 / 300942650Add: Principles of Computer Science/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/ENGR 138
CHANGECS3110 / 300111713Change of Room ENGR105
CANCELCS4420 / 300110062Cancelled: Database Systems I
ADDCS4420 / 300242689Add: Systems Database I/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/ENGR 105
CHANGECS4720 / 300110065Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGECS4800 / 300110066Change of Room to ENGR103
CANCELCS5010 / 300139844Cancelled: Intensive CS for Grad Student
CHANGECS5010 / 300139844Topic added: Data Science Design Patterns.
ADDCS5010 / 300139844Add: Intensive CS for Grad Students/Fri 4:45-7:20pm/ENGR105
ADDCS5020 / 300142620Add: Spc. Tpcs.: Data Science Design Patterns/Fridays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 105
CANCELCS5420 / 300110068Cancelled: Database Systems I
ADDCS5420 / 300242690Add: Database Systems I/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/ENGR 105
CANCELCS5530 / 300134078Cancelled: Mobile & Wireless Systems
CHANGECS5720 / 300110071Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGECS5800 / 300110072Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGECS6000 / 300137958Change of Room to ENGR109
CANCELECE1001 / 300210099Cancelled: Intro to Robotics
ADDECE1001 / 300539715Add: Intro to Robotics/Mon, Wed, 9:25-10:40am/ENGR136
CANCELECE1021 / 300111725Cancelled: Comp-Based Modeling & Methods
ADDECE1021 / 300239716Add: Comp-Based Modeling & Methods/Mon, Wed 8:00-9:15am/ENGR136
CANCELECE4090 / 300139956Cancelled: Semiconductor Devices
ADDECE4090 / 300139956Add: Adv Sem: Nanotechnology I/Mon, Wed, 6:05-7:20pm/OCSEB138
CHANGEECE4242 / 300110106Change of Room to OCSEB216
CANCELECE4280 / 300110107Cancelled: Advanced Verification Method
CANCELECE4330 / 300110108Cancelled: Embedded Systems Design
ADDECE4330 / 300240396Add: Embedded Systems Design/Mon 8-10:40am/ENGR229
CANCELECE4340 / 300110109Cancelled: VLSI Circuit Design I
ADDECE4340 / 300242694Add: VLSI Circuit Design I/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 239
CANCELECE4530 / 100241875Cancelled: Control Systems Laboratory
ADDECE4530 / 100241875Add: Control Systems Lab/Wednesdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/ENGR 129
ADDECE4530 / 100343195Add: Control Systems Laboratory/Wed 1:40-2:55pm/ENGR129
CANCELECE4680 / 100112646Cancelled: Signal Processing Laboratory
ADDECE4680 / 100239423Add: Signal Processing Laboratory/Wed, 10:50am-12:05pm/ENGR242
CANCELECE4955 / 300133659Cancelled: Power Electronics
CANCELECE4990 / 300112673Cancelled: Sel Topics Bioelectronic Devl
ADDECE4990 / 300239890Add: Spec Tpcs: Electrochemical System Design/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/ENGR 239
ADDECE4990 / 300340425Add: Sel Tpcs: Nanotechnology 1/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm - 7:20pm/OCSE B138
CANCELECE5090 / 300139975Cancelled: Semiconductor Devices
ADDECE5090 / 300139975Add: Adv Sem: Nanotechnology I/Mon, Wed, 6:05-7:20pm/OCSEB138
CHANGEECE5242 / 300110114Change of Room to OCSEB216
CANCELECE5280 / 300110115Cancelled: Advanced Verification Method
CANCELECE5330 / 300110116Cancelled: Embedded Systems Design
ADDECE5330 / 300240397Add: Embedded Systems Design/Mon 8-10:40am/ENGR229
CANCELECE5340 / 300110117Cancelled: VLSI Circuit Design I
ADDECE5340 / 300242695Add: VLSI Circuit Design I/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 239
CANCELECE5955 / 300133661Cancelled: Power Electronics
CANCELECE5990 / 300111314Cancelled: Adv. Topics
CANCELECE5990 / 300212674Cancelled: Sel Topics Bioelectronic Devl
ADDECE5990 / 300339893Add: Spec Tpcs: Electrochemical System Design/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/ENGR 239
ADDECE5990 / 300440426Adv. Sem.: Nanotechnology 1/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm - 7:20pm/OCSE B138
CANCELECE6990 / 300110189Cancelled: Adv. Topics
ADDECE8000 / 1-1581340052Add: PhD Dissertation.
CANCELENGR5400 / 3OL141767Cancelled: Spc Tpcs
ADDENGR5400 / 3OL141767Add: Special Topics: Intro to Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics
CANCELENGR9500 / 1-3OL112612Cancelled: Independent Study
CHANGEGDD1100 / 300211587Change of Room to OCSE B215
ADDINOV1010 / 300342035Add: The Innovation Process/Wed 8:00-10:40am/OCSEA206
ADDINOV2010 / 300342032Add: INOV Team: Analze & Report/Mon 4:45-7:20pm/OCSEA206
ADDINOV3010 / 300342033Add: INOV Team: Resarch & Execute/Mon 4:45-7:20pm/OCSEA206
ADDINOV4010 / 300342034Add: INOV Team: Design & Lead/4:45-7:20pm/OCSEA206
CHANGEMAE1502 / 300110371Change of Room to DWIR121
CHANGEMAE2055 / 300110373Change of Room to ENGR 109
CHANGEMAE2055 / 300110373Change of Room to COLU114
CHANGEMAE2103 / 300110374Change of Room to COLU317
ADDMAE2103 / 300242107Add: Engineering Mechanics I/Mon, Wed, 10:50am-12:05pm/OCSEB215
CHANGEMAE2104 / 300112024Change of Room to CENT106
CHANGEMAE2200 / 300111479Change of Room to ENGR109
CHANGEMAE3201 / 300110384Change of Room to COLU115
CHANGEMAE3310 / 00112533Change of Room to ENGR109
CANCELMAE3310 / 001012536Cancelled: Lab Heat & Mass Transfer
CANCELMAE3310 / 002012537Cancelled: Lab Mass & Heat Transfer
CANCELMAE3310 / 003034148Cancelled: Lab Mass & Heat Transfer
ADDMAE3310 / 004039519Add: Lab Heat & Mass Transfer/Tues 12:15-1:30pm/OCSEA218
ADDMAE3310 / 005039520Add: Lab Mass & Heat Transfer/Tues 1:40-2:55pm/OCSEA218
ADDMAE3310 / 006039523Add: Lab Mass & Heat Transfer/Fri 12:15-1:30pm/OCSEA218
CANCELMAE3310 / 400112533Cancelled: Heat & Mass Transfer
ADDMAE3310 / 400239516Add: Heat & Mass Transfer/Tues, Thur, 8:00-9:15am/CENT192
CANCELMAE3401 / 300212282Cancelled: Model/Simul Dynamic Systems
CANCELMAE3501 / 300110388Cancelled: Machine Design I
ADDMAE3501 / 300239532Add: Machine Design I/Tues, Thur, 3:05-4:20pm/DWIR121
ADDMAE4000 / 100239684Add: MAE Seminar-Honors/Fridays/1:40pm-2:55pm/ENGR 109
CHANGEMAE4000 / 300112283Change of Room to CENT192
CHANGEMAE4120 / 300110389Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGEMAE5011 / 300110394Change of Room to COLU127
CANCELMAE5146 / 300134963Cancelled: Rarefied Gas Dynamics
CANCELMAE9110 / 300138138Cancelled: Special Topics
ADDMAE9110 / 300239888Add: Special Topics-Undergrad/Mon, Wed, 10:50amm-12:05pm/OCSEA208
ADDMAE9500 / 391243346Add: Independent Study - Thermo II
CANCELSYSE5010 / 3D0142595Cancelled: Intro to System Perspective
ADDSYSE5010 / 3D0142595Add: Intro to the Sys Perspective/Tuesdays and Thursdays/6:00pm-7:15pm/SOCU N200
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELHSCI1020 / 303012286Cancelled: Personal Fitness & Wellness
CANCELHSCI1240 / 1-200112447Cancelled: Practical Self-Defense
CANCELHSCI1250 / 100140490Cancelled: Suspension Training
CANCELHSCI2070 / 3D0342596Cancelled: Nutrition for Health Professionals
ADDHSCI2070 / 3D0342596Add: Nutr. for Hlth Professionals/Thursdays/9:30am-12:00pm/SOCU N201
CANCELHSCI3320 / 300111901Cancelled: Group Fitness Instruction
ADDHSCI3320 / 300239243Add: Group Fitness Instruction/Fri 8-10:40am/UHAL216
CANCELHSCI3460 / 300134628Cancelled: Organization & Administration
ADDHSCI3460 / 300238999Add: Organization & Administration/Wed 1:40-4:20pm/UHAL165
CANCELHSCI4010 / 300112065Cancelled: Health Science Research
ADDHSCI4480 / 3OL139354Add: Prin of Disaster Public Health
CANCELHSCI4580 / 300111597Cancelled: Physical Activity and Health
ADDHSCI4580 / 3OL142823Add: Physical Activity and Health
CANCELHSCI4620 / 1-900111821Cancelled: Internship in Health Sciences
CANCELHSCI4620 / 1-900412109Cancelled: Health Science Internship
CANCELHSCI4890 / 300242629Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Grain School
ADDHSCI4890 / 300242629Add: Special Topics: Grain School/Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9/18-9/20 /9:00am-5:00pm/UHAL 141
ADDHSCI5020 / 300140163Add: Qualitative Research/Mon 10:50am-1:30pm/Lane361
CANCELHSCI5350 / 004011194Cancelled: Human Anatomy Lab
CANCELHSCI5580 / 300111598Cancelled: Physical Activity and Health
ADDHSCI5580 / 3OL142824Add: Physical Activity and Health
CANCELHSCI6040 / 300111195Cancelled: Theories in Health Behavior I
ADDHSCI6040 / 300242820Add: Theories in Health Behavior I/Wed 1:40-4:20pm/UHAL141
CANCELHSCI6100 / 001011810Cancelled: Lab Clin Sport Nutrition Research
CANCELHSCI6100 / 500111809Cancelled: ClinSport Nutrition Research
CANCELHSCI6150 / 1-900211203Cancelled: Hlth Science Internship
CANCELHSCI6170 / 300112590Cancelled: Spec Topics : Qual Research
CANCELHSCI6170 / 300238011Cancelled: Spc Tpcs: Diag Imag for AT
CHANGEHSCI6170 / 300338020Change of Room to UHAL 141
CANCELHSCI6170 / 300338020Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Grain School
ADDHSCI6200 / 3OL139355Add: Prin of Disaster Public Health
ADDHSCI6629 / 300139740Add: Spc Tpcs: Diag Imag for AT/Mon, 10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL319
CANCELHSCI7000 / 1-680311206Cancelled: Hlth Science Thesis
CANCELHSCI9400 / 1-390611214Cancelled: Hlth Science Internship
CHANGENURS1010 / 1H0112636Change of Time to 3:30pm-4:45pm
CANCELNURS2020 / 3OL139499Cancelled: Ethics and Law
ADDNURS2020 / 3OL139499Add: Ethics and Law
CANCELNURS2050 / 300111126Cancelled: Pharmacology
ADDNURS2050 / 300239503Add: Pharmacology/Fridays/12:15pm-2:55pm/UHAL 109
ADDNURS2060 / 3OL239655Add: Statistics for Nurses
ADDNURS2470 / 3OL139500Add: Spanish for Health Care Providers
CANCELNURS2610 / 3OL139501Cancelled: Lifespan Oral Motor Dev
ADDNURS2610 / 3OL139501Add: Oral Motor Dev
CHANGENURS3100 / 02011136Change of Room to U H 132
ADDNURS4070 / 3OL141785Add: The Epidemic Sexual Assault
CANCELNURS5020 / 3OL139328Cancelled: Ethics and Law
ADDNURS5020 / 3OL139328Add: Ehtics and Law
CANCELNURS6030 / 3OL112609Cancelled: Healthcare Polcy/Eth/Legal
ADDNURS6070 / 3OL141789Add: The Epidemic Sexual Assault
CANCELNURS6210 / 3OL111677Cancelled: Transformational Teaching St.
ADDNURS6225 / 3OL139944Add: Roles of the Nurse Educator
ADDNURS7110 / 3OL139945Add: Inferential Statistics
ADDNURS8030 / 1-5O1340152Add: DNP Capstone
Cross-College Programs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDNAVI3202 / 300139550Add: Business, Government, and Society/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 201
ADDNAVI3202 / 300239551Add: Business, Government, and Society/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 201
ADDNAVI3202 / 300339552Add: Business, Government, and Society/Mondays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 201
ADDNAVI3202 / 300439553Add: Business, Government, and Society/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 201
CANCELNAVI3903 / 300139332Cancelled: Enegy Systems & Policy
ADDNAVI3903 / 300139332Add: Energy Systems and Policy/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/UHAL 109
CANCELNAVI3903 / 300239336Cancelled: Energy Systems & Policy
ADDNAVI3903 / 300239336Add: Energy Systems and Policy/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/UHAL 109
CANCELNAVI3903 / 300339337Cancelled: Energy Systems & Policy
ADDNAVI3903 / 300339337Add: Energy Systems and Policy/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/UHAL 109