Summer 2015 Schedule Changes

This service is available beginning January 15, 2015 and will be udpated daily through August 8, 2015.

Changes as of July 23, 2015

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SubjectCourse #Call #
College of Business
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELACCT4950 / 300120931Cancelled: Tpcs in Acct
ADDACCT4950 / 3B0119312Add: Tpcs in Acct: Internl Auditing: Hybrid course, meets online 6/15-6/26, in class the rest of the semester; see Course Search for details.
ADDACCT4960 / 1-300219833Add: Internship
ADDACCT6960 / 1-300219840Add: Internship
ADDBUAD4000 / 300118759Add: Govt, Law, Society/ Mondays and Wednesdays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 101
ADDBUAD4950 / 001021054Add: Topics in Business: Ethics in Finance
ADDBUAD4950 / 3OL121053Add: Topics in Business: Ethics in Finance
ADDBUAD4960 / 1-300219834Add: Internship
CANCELBUAD6950 / 300121644Cancelled: Topics in Business: Special Issues in Globalization
ADDBUAD6950 / 300121644Add: Topics in Business/Tues, Wed, Thurs, 5-8:30pm/DWIR331
ADDBUAD6960 / 1-300219841Add: Internship
ADDFNCE4590 / 001021052Add: Ethics in Finance
ADDFNCE4590 / 3OL121051Add: Ethics in Finance
ADDFNCE4960 / 1-300219835Add: Internship
CANCELHRMG4380 / 300118917Cancelled: Human Resource Management
ADDHRMG4960 / 1-300219836Add: Internship
ADDINFS4960 / 1-300219837Add: Internship
ADDINTB4960 / 1-300219839Add: Internship
ADDMGMT4960 / 1-300219838Add: Internship
CHANGEMKTG3300 / 300118727Change of Room to DWIR103
ADDMKTG4960 / 1-300219848Add: Internship
CHANGEPGMT3002 / 300118797Chage of Room to DWIR305
CHANGEPGMT3602 / 300118798Change of day/time to 8:30am-12:30pm/6/8-6/12/2015
CHANGEQUAN2020 / 300118725Change of Room to DWIR 109
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELANTH3170 / 600118630Cancelled: Field Practice
ADDANTH3170 / 600221818Add: Field Practice
CANCELANTH4200 / 1-300118618Cancelled: Adv. Topics: Native North America
ADDANTH4200 / 1-300221819Add: Adv. Topics: Native North America
CANCELANTH4400 / 300119352Cancelled: Adv. Tpcs. Cult. Anth.
ADDANTH9400 / 1-690721671Add: Independent Study
CANCELASL2110 / 400121468Cancelled: American Sign Language
ADDASL2110 / 400121468Add: American Sign Language/Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, 1:00-4:35pm/CENT102
CHANGEBIOL1300 / 300118568Change of Room to OCSEB215
CHANGEBIOL2010 / 400118643Change of Room to CENT188
ADDBIOL2020 / 002021333Add: Lab Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Mon, Wed, 12:15-2:55pm/OCSEB426
CHANGEBIOL2020 / 400119175Change of Room to DWIR201
ADDCHEM1001 / 400120991Add: Preparatory Chemistry/Mon,Tues, Wed,Fri 8:30am-12:00pm/COLU323/07/23/15-08/07/15
CANCELCHEM1001/ 400120991Cancelled: Preparatory Chemistry
ADDCHEM4232 / 300121077Add: Adv Techniques in Biochem
CHANGECOMM1000 / 300119194Change of Room to OCSEB215
CANCELCOMM1000 / 300119194Cancelled: Contemporary Mass Media
ADDCOMM1020 / 3WK121169Add: Interpersonal Communication/Sat 1:00-5:00pm/COLU214
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH119614Add: Oral Communication in the Workplace/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/COLU136
CHANGECOMM2100 / 300118681Change of Room to CENT106
CHANGECOMM4000 / 300118749Change of Room to OCSEB215
CHANGECOMM4000 / 300118749Change of time to 1:40-4:20pm.
CANCELCOMM4900 / 3WH119203Cancelled: Spec Tpcs in Comm: New Media & Health Comm
CANCELECON1000 / 3B0118793Cancelled: The Economics of Social Issues
CHANGEGES2050 / 300118726Change of Dates to 07/13/2015-08/07/2015
CANCELGES2050 / 300118726Cancelled: Digital Earth
ADDGES4160 / 100221933Add: Teaching Geography
ADDGES4160 / 1-400121515Add: Teaching Geography
CHANGEGES4160 / 400221933Change of Units to 4
ADDGES9400 / 1-491121228Add: Independent Study
CANCELGPS1010 / 300122245Cancelled: Mindset
ADDGPS1010 / 300122245Add: Mindset/Monday thru Saturday/8:30am-12:00pm/CENT 204
CANCELGPS3010 / 300121521Cancelled: Transition Seminar
ADDGPS3010 / 300121521Add: Transitions/Mondays thru Thursdays/11:00am-1:30pm/OCSE B215
CANCELGRNT3000 / 300119165Cancelled: Intro to Gerontology
ADDGRNT3000 / 300221174Add: Intro to Gerontology/Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays/12:00pm-4:45pm/COLU 117
ADDHIST1540 / 300119597Add: U.S.Recent Amer 1918-Present/Mon, Wed 1:40-4:20pm/COLU216
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300119205Change of Dates and time to 8am-5pm 7/13/-7/17/2015/Change of Room to CENT186
CANCELHIST4580 / 3OL119204Cancelled: The American West
ADDHIST6995 / 300121065Add: Graduate Internship in History
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300118786Change of Room to DWIR103
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300218787Change of Room to DWIR114
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300318799Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300318799Change of Room to CENT 186
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300418788Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300418788Change of Room to CENT 186
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300918574Change of Topic to The Family Through Film
CHANGEHUM3990 / 301018575Change of Topic to The Family Through Film
ADDHUM3990 / 301219776Add: Sonic Landscapes/Mon,Tues,Wed, Thurs, Fri 9:25am-1:30pm/COLU209/COLU216
CANCELJPNS1010 / 500118285Cancelled: Beginning Japanese I
CHANGEMATH1360 / 400218543Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGEMATH2350 / 400117902Change of Room to DWIR 104
CHANGEMATH3400 / 300118579Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEMATH4250 / 300119222Change of Room to ENGR 105
ADDMSGP4030 / 1-600221196Museum Studies & Gallery Pract Internship
CANCELMUS1600 / 100137995Cancelled: Applied Music-Private Instruct
CANCELMUS2600 / 100137996Cancelled: Private Instruction Advanced
CANCELMUS3410 / 3WK134480 Cancelled: Sonic Landscapes
CANCELMUS3600 / 100137997Cancelled: Private Instruction Jr Recital
CANCELMUS4600 / 100137998Cancelled: Private Instruction Sr Recital
CANCELMUS4960 / 300119190Cancelled: Sonic Landscapes
CHANGEPES1120 / 400118334Change of Room to DWIR201
CANCELPES1120 / 400118334Cancelled: General Physics II
ADDPES1120 / 400221501Add: General Physics II/Tues, Thurs, 1:40-5:45pm/CENT188
ADDPES9300 / 1-390821516Add: Independent Study
ADDPHIL9400 / 1-490121820Add: Independent Study
ADDPHYS9500 / 1-690322140Add: Independent Study, Graduate
CHANGEPSC1100 / 300118601Change of Room to COLU214
ADDPSY3840 / 3OL121229Add: SPSS and Other Statistical Packages
ADDPSY4210 / 1-300121192Add: Practicum in Exper Psychology
ADDPSY4210 / 1-300222058Add: Practicum in Exper Psychology
CHANGEPSY6480 / 100121566Change of Room to LANE120
ADDPSY6480 / 100121566Add: Sel Tpcs Psy: Neuroanatomy/Mon-Fri 5:00pm-8:00pm/COLU333
CANCELPSY6880 / 1-300117985Cancelled: Clinical Neuropsych Lab
CHANGEPSY6880 / 1.500217986Change of Credit to 1.5
ADDPSY6880 / 1.500321834Add: Clinical Neuropsych Lab/Thursdays/9:00am-12:00pm
ADDSOC5390 / 3OL121231Add: Diversity Issues
ADDSOC5460 / 1-300221216Add: Field Experience in Sociology
ADDSOC9500 / 1-391121178Add: Independent Study in Soc: GRAD
CHANGESPAN1010 / 500118746Change of Date/Time to 8am-1:30pm/05/26/-06/11/2015
CANCELVA1040 / 300119333Cancelled: Beginning Drawing
ADDVA9400 / 1-490121667Add: Independent Study
ADDVAPA3950 / 3WK141914Add: Sound Art Creative Sonic Wrlds/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/COLU209
ADDVAPA5950 / 3WK141915Add: Sound Art Creative Sonic Wrlds/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/COLU209
School of Public Affairs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCJ2030 / 3WB121022Add: Intro to Forensic Studies/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/COLU 115
CHANGECJ2030 / 3WB121022Change of Room to COLU323
CANCELCJ4044 / 300118687Cancelled: Courts and Judicial Process
ADDCJ4840 / 1-/800221322Add: Independent Study
ADDCJ4840 / 1-800321531Add: Independent Study
ADDCJ6910 / 300221329Add: Field Study in CJ
CHANGEPAD5005 / 300119159Change of Room to COLU 136
College of Education
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELCOMM2100 / 009012670Cancelled: Public Speaking
ADDCOUN4950 / 300121833Add: Practicum in Human Services/Mondays and Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 333
CANCELCOUN5160 / 1-600119340Cancelled: Field Work Coun & Leadership
ADDCOUN5170 / 200121910Add: Exec & Leadership Coaching/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/Off Site
CANCELCOUN5550 / 3B0118674Cancelled: Crisis Coun/Trauma
CHANGECOUN5550 / 3B0218673Change of Room to COLU214
ADDCOUN5550 / 3B0322147Add: Crisis Coun/Trauma/Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/CENT 106 (Mondays) and CENT 191 (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
ADDCOUN5700 / 300121860Add: Internship School Counseling/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 303
CANCELCOUN5860 / 300218609Cancelled: Soc/Cult Found of Pro Coun
ADDCOUN5860 / 3WK121903Add: Soc/Cult Found of Pro Coun/Fridays 12:15pm-8:00pm, Saturdays and Sundays 8:00am-4:00pm/COLU 103
CANCELCURR4800 / 3OL121907Cancelled: Schools/Society/Diversity
ADDCURR4800 / 3OL121907Add: Schools, Society, and Diversity
CANCELCURR5201 / 3OL118081Cancelled: Foundations of Gifted Ed
CANCELCURR5211 / 3OL121908Cancelled: Curr Models & Prog for Gifted
ADDCURR5211 / 3OL121908Add: Curriculum Models and Aligned
CANCELCURR5214 / 3OL121909Cancelled: Differentiated Instruction
ADDCURR5214 / 3OL121909Add: Differentiated Instruction
ADDCURR5230 / 3OL121489Add: Gifted & Talented Practicum
ADDCURR5704 / 300120909Add: Practicum in ESL/Multicultural Education
CHANGECURR5713 / 300119229Change of Room to Off Site location
CANCELCURR5800 / 3OL118082Cancelled: Schools/Society/Diversity
CANCELIECE1000 / 4H0119151Cancelled: Intro to Incl. E. Child. Edu.
CHANGELEAD5290 / 300118700Change of Room to DWIR 114
ADDLEAD5700 / 300122296Add: Intro Research & Statistics/07/13-08/07/2015
CANCELLEAD5700 / 3H0318744Cancelled: Intro Research & Statistics
ADDLEAD5700 / 3H0421831Add: Intro to Research and Stats/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 324
ADDLEAD5700 / 3OL421622Add: Intro Research & Statistics
ADDLEAD6050 / 300122139Add: Financing Schools & Programs
CHANGELEAD7300 / 300118555Change of Room to COLU231A
ADDSPED5091 / 3OL121621Add: Curr Top in Special Education
CHANGETED3010 / 1-300118622Change of Dates to add 7/17/15
CHANGETED3010 / 1-300218623Change of Dates to add 7/17/15
CHANGETED4620 / 300118611Change of Room to DWIR114
CHANGETED4620 / 300218612Change of Room to DWIR104
CHANGETED4710 / 300118608Change of Room to DWIR103
ADDTED5520 / 300121988Add: Educational Psychology/Mon-Thurs 4:45-7:20pm/COLU136
CANCELTED5520 / 3OL118091Cancelled: Educational Psychology
ADDUTED4720 / 300120908Add: Reading in the Content Area/Tues, Thur, 8:00-10:40am/OCSEA343
College of Engineering and Applied Science
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCS9200 / 390121568Add: Independent Study
ADDCS9200 / 390322106Add: Independent Study
ADDCS9600 / 1-391119865Add: Independent Study
CHANGEECE1001 / 300118527Change of Room to ENGR 109
CHANGEECE2610 / 400119141Change of Room to ENGR 105
ADDECE5520 / 3OL121928Add: Multivariable Control Sys I
ADDECE7000 / 1-681221197Add: Masters Thesis
ADDECE8000 / 1-1581221150Add: Ph.D Dissertation
ADDECE9400 / 1-391121770Add: Independent Study
ADDECE9500 / 1-391421478Add: Independent Study
CANCELENGL2090 / 300318800Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
CANCELHIST3000 /300119205Cancelled: Spec Tpcs
ADDINOV4000 / 300121791Add: Independent Study in Innovations
CANCELMAE2104 / 300119145Cancelled: Engineering Mechanics II
CHANGEMAE2104 / 300221674Change of Room to COLU333
ADDMAE2104 / 300221674Add: Engineering Mechanics II/Tuesdays and Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/OCSE A208
CANCELMAE3130 / 300118497Cancelled: Fluid Mechanics
CANCELMAE3130 / 301018498Cancelled: Fluid Mechanics Lab
CANCELMAE3130 / 302018502Cancelled: Fluid Mechanics Lab
ADDMAE3130 / 303021800Add: Fluid Mechanics Lab/Mondays/1:40pm-2:55pm/OCSE A218
ADDMAE3130 / 304021801Add: Fluid Mechanics Lab/Mondays/3:05pm-4:20pm/OCSE A218
ADDMAE3130 / 3H0121799Add: Fluid Mechanics/Mondays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 114
CANCELMAE3310 / 300118500Cancelled: Heat and Mass Transfer
CANCELMAE3310 / 301018501Cancelled: Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
CANCELMAE3310 / 302018503Cancelled: Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
ADDMAE3310 / 303021813Add: Heat and Mass Transfer/Fridays/8:00am-9:15am/OCSE A218
ADDMAE3310 / 304021814Add: Heat and Mass Transfer/Fridays/9:25am-10:40am/OCSE A218
ADDMAE3310 / 3H0121812Add: Heat and Mass Transfer/Mondays/8:00am-10:40am/ENGR 107
ADDMAE8000 / 1-1281121625Add: Doctoral Dissertation
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDHSCI1250 / 100140490Add: Suspension Training/Tues 12:00pm-12:50pm/UHAL214
CANCELHSCI3201 / 300118632Cancelled: Health Behavior Change
CANCELHSCI3520 / 300118690Cancelled: Health Communication
ADDHSCI3630 / 3OL221649Add: Culture & Health
ADDHSCI4470 / 3OL121157Add: Tpcs Disaster Health
CHANGEHSCI489000119355Change of day/time to MW 8:00-10:40am
CANCELHSCI6070 / 1-600118187Cancelled: Health Promotion Practicum
CANCELHSCI6090 / 300318190Cancelled: Graduate Research Project
CHANGEHSCI617000119356Change of day/time to MW 8:00-10:40am
ADDHSCI6230 / 3OL121465Add: Spec Topics Disaster Public Health
CANCELHSCI7000 / 1-680618299Cancelled: Health Science Thesis
CANCELHSCI9600 / 1-390418204Cancelled: Independent Study
CANCELHSCI9990 / 000118496Cancelled: Candidate for Degree
ADDNURS2010 / 3OL121089Add: Intro to Correctional Health Care Systems
ADDNURS3040 / 3OL321975Add: Patterns of Knowing (RN)
CANCELNURS3100 / 005018650Cancelled: Mental Health Lab
ADDNURS4060 / 3OL121090Add: Multi-facets of Child Maltreat
CHANGENURS4150 / 300118754Change of Room to UHAL 165
ADDNURS4250 / 3OL221475Add: Professional Nursing Practice
CANCELNURS4600 / 3OL118426Cancelled: Critical Care Nursing
ADDNURS5010 / 3OL121024Add: Intro to Correctional Health Care Systems
ADDNURS6060 / 3OL121023Add: Multi-facets of Child Maltreat
ADDNURS6110 / 3OL320954Add: Philosophical Foundations APN
CANCELNURS6200 / 3OL118428Cancelled: Curriculum Dev
CANCELNURS7010 / 3OL119150Cancelled: Theor. Fndtn Reflect Pract.
ADDNURS7010 / 3OL221219Add: Theor. Fndtn Reflect Pract.
ADDNURS7110 / 3OL221530Add: Inferential Statistics
ADDPSC9400 / 390321821Add: Independent Study