Spring 2016 Schedule Changes

This service is available beginning October 12, 2015 and will be updated daily through May 14, 2016.

Changes as of April 4, 2016

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SubjectCourse #Call #
College of Business
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELACCT2010 / 300129213Cancelled: Intro to Financial Accounting
ADDACCT2010 / 300638301Add: Intro to Financial Accounting/Wednesdays/7:30pm-10:05pm/DWIR 103
CHANGEACCT2010 / 3OL138626Business Students Only
CANCELACCT2020 / 300532727Cancelled: Intro to Managerial Accounting
ADDACCT2020 / 300641985Add: Intro Managerial Accounting/Fri 10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR201
CANCELACCT5500 / 300129225Cancelled: Intro to Accounting
ADDBGSO4000 / 002039164Add: Business, Govt, and Society Recitation
CANCELBGSO4000 / 300332275Cancelled: Business,Government, & Society
ADDBUAD9400 / 1-390241612Add: Independent Study
ADDBUAD9410 / 390141613Add: Supervised Undergrad Research
ADDBUAD9420 / 390141618Add: Senior Honors Thesis Research
CHANGEENTP3000 / 300132790Change of Room to DWIR 303
ADDENTP3950 / 1-300141493Add: Topics in Entrepreneurship: The Garage @ UCCS
ADDFNCE6000 / 300129247Change of Room to DWIR109
CANCELINFS1100 / 300532797Cancelled: MS Office Apps & PC Bscs
ADDINFS1100 / 300641704Add: MS Office Apps & PC Bscs/Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 109
ADDINFS1100 / 300741718Add: MS Office Apps & PC Bscs/ Fri 1:40-4:20pm/DWIR109
CANCELINFS3080 / 300136541Cancelled: Web-based Business Programming
ADDMGMT3300 / 300430935Add: Intro Mgmt/Mondays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 201
CANCELMKTG3550 / 300133357Cancelled: Brand Management
ADDMKTG3550 / 300238982Add: Brand Mangement/Saturday 3/19 and Monday-Thursday 3/21-3/24/8:00am-5:00pm/DWIR 103
CANCELMKTG6300 / 300132876Cancelled: Marketing Analytics
ADDMKTG9400 / 1-390142167Add: Independent Study
ADDOPTM3000 / 03041986Add: Funds of Operations Mgt
CHANGEQUAN5500 / 300129300Change of Room to DWIR331
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELAH2890 / 300140388Cancelled: Survey: Nineteenth Century Art
ADDAH2890 / 300140388Add: Survey: Nineteenth Century Art/Tues 4:45-7:20pm/CENT188
CHANGEAH3000 / 300131278Change of Room to OCSEB134
CHANGEAH3250 / 300134808Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGEAH3920 / 300131744Change of Room to COLU325
ADDAH9400 / 1-400238860Add: Independent Study in Art History
CANCELANTH1020 / 3WK136599Cancelled: Intro to Archaelogy
CHANGEANTH3820 / 300136598Change of Room to CENT125
CANCELARBC1020 / 3WB131938Cancelled: Beginning Arabic II
CHANGEBIOL1350 / 300230215Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELBIOL1360 / 100131361Cancelled: Gen Biol: Intro to Cell Lab
ADDBIOL2010 / 006041967Add: Human Anatomy & Physiology I/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/OCSEB426
CANCELBIOL2020 / 410030847Cancelled: Human Anatomy & Physiology II
CHANGEBIOL3230 / 300131120Change of Room to OCSEB211
CANCELBIOL3750 / 400137074Cancelled: Conservation Biology
ADDBIOL3750 / 400438511Add: Conservation Biology/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/OCSE B305
ADDBIOL3840 / 200341715Add: Genetics Lab/Fridays/9:25am-1:30pm/OCSE B306
CANCELBIOL3840 / 300241517Cancelled: Genetics Lab
ADDBIOL4010 / 100638515Add: Seminar in Biology/Mondays
CHANGEBIOL4250 / 300129924Change of Room to OCSEB216
CHANGEBIOL4420 / 300130692Change of Room to OCSEB402
CHANGEBIOL4440 / 200131876Change of Room to COLU325
ADDBIOL4930 / 300140625Add: Research Prct in Genetics
ADDBIOL4930 / 300241872Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300341873Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300442108Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300542122Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL5160 / 300138293Add: Animal Physiology/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE B215
CHANGEBIOL5420 / 300130693Change of Room to OCSEB402
ADDBIOL5440 / 200341716Add: Genetics Lab/Fridays/9:25am-1:30pm/OCSE B306
CANCELBIOL5440 / 300241518Cancelled: Genetics Lab
CANCELBIOL5700 / 400134388Cancelled: Conservation Biology
ADDBIOL5700 / 400238513Add: Conservation Biology/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/OCSE B305
ADDBIOL6950 / 300140626Rsearch Prct Exerc Phsiol
ADDCHEM1001 / 4WK139159Add: Preparatory Chemistry/Fridays 6:05pm-7:20pm and Saturdays 8:30am-12:00pm/CENT 192
CANCELCHEM1001 / 4WK139159Cancelled: Preparatory Chemistry
ADDCHEM1001 / 4WK242304Add: Preparatory Chemistry/Fri 6:05pm-7:20pm/CENT192
CHANGECHEM1211 / 400129605Change of Room to CENT192
CANCELCHEM1402 / 101633576Cancelled: General Chemistry Lab I
CANCELCHEM1402 / 101733577Cancelled: General Chemistry Lab I
ADDCHEM2904 / 1-401240627research: Lower Division
CANCELCHEM3002 / 001030213Cancelled: Organic Chemistry Lab
ADDCHEM3112 / 007041408Add: Organic Chemistry Lab II/Thurs 1:40-4:20pm/CENT256
CANCELCHEM3112 / 007041408Cancelled: Org Chem Lab II
ADDCHEM3112 / 008041588Add: Org Chem Lab II/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/CENT 256
ADDCHEM3112 / 009042217Add: Organic Chemistry Lab II/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/CENT 256
CHANGECHEM3112 / 200231700Change of Room to CENT188
CANCELCHEM4012 / 200129900Cancelled: Instrumental Analysis Lab
ADDCHEM4012/ 200239176Add: Instrumental Analysis Lab/Tues, Thurs, 8:00-10:40am/CENT246
ADDCHEM4201 / 300238859Add: Current Perspect in Sci & Med/Tue, Thur, 3:05-4:20pm/DWIR303
CHANGECHEM4211 / 300129903Change of Room to CENT186
CANCELCHEM4222 / 300231343Cancelled: Biochemistry Laboratory
ADDCHEM4222 / 300338517Add: Biochemistry Laboratory/Mondays and Wednesdays/12:15pm-2:55pm/CENT 246
CHANGECHEM4222 / 300442214Meets in CENT246A
CANCELCHEM4241 / 300130926Cancelled: Biochemistry of the Gene
ADDCHEM4241 / 300240447Add: Biochemistry of the Gene/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/CENT 192
CANCELCHEM4501 / 300130927Cancelled: Mass Spectrometry
ADDCHEM4501 / 300238538Add: Mass Spectrometry/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSE B134
ADDCHEM4502 / 300141590Add: Bioanalytical Techniques/Fri 9:25am-2:55pm/CENT246
CANCELCHEM4601 / 300134536Cancelled: Nanoscience
ADDCHEM4601 / 300238536Add: Nanoscience/Mondays and Wednesdays/8:00am-9:15am/CENT 191
CANCELCHEM4811 / 300134538Cancelled: Mol Symm & Appl Group Theory
ADDCHEM4904 / 1-801240628Research: Upper Division
ADDCHEM4905 / 1-300142010Add: Internship
CANCELCHEM5222 / 300231344Cancelled: Biochemistry Laboratory
ADDCHEM5222 / 300338518Add: Biochemistry Laboratory/Mondays and Wednesdays/12:15pm-2:55pm/CENT 246
CANCELCHEM5241 / 300130940Cancelled: Biochemistry of the Gene
ADDCHEM5241 / 300240448Add: Biochemistry of the Gene/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/CENT 192
CANCELCHEM5501 / 300130939Cancelled: Mass Spectrometry
ADDCHEM5501 / 300238537Add: Mass Spectrometry/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSE B134
ADDCHEM5502 / 300141592Add: Bioanalytical Techniques/Fri 9:25am-2:55pm/CENT246
ADDCHEM5601 / 300134537Add: Nanoscience/Mondays and Wednesdays/8:00am-9:15am/CENT 191
ADDCHEM5901 / 300239158Add: Tpc in Chem & BioChem: Immunlogoy/
CANCELCOMM1020 / 3WK231951Cancelled: Interpersonal Comm
CANCELCOMM1440 / 3WK131969Cancelled: Foundations of Leadership
ADDCOMM1440 / 3WK238297Add: Foundations of Leadership/Sat 1:00-5:00pm/COLU216
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300630107Change of Room to COLU324
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH342062Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/COLU136
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH342062Add: Oral Communication in the Workplace/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/DWIR 303
CANCELCOMM2010 / 3WK341968Cancelled: Oral Comm in Workplace
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WK341968Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/COLU136
CHANGECOMM2100 / 300330706Change of Room to OCSEB216
ADDCOMM2100 / 308042102Add: Public Speaking/Wed 3:05-4:20pm/COLU116
CHANGECOMM2150 / 300230111Change of Room to COLU114
CANCELCOMM2500 / 3B0234138Cancelled: Research Methods
ADDCOMM3010 / 1-300141228Add: UCCS TV Workshop: The Bluffs - Writing/Tuesdays/4:45pm - 7:20pm/ELPC 109
CHANGECOMM3240 / 3H0130120Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGECOMM3280 / 300530928Change of Room OCSEB211
CANCELCOMM3330 / 300131789Cancelled: Gender & Leadership.
ADDCOMM3330 / 3H0141044Add: Gender & Ldrshp: 4/1/16-4/30/16; F, 5:00-9:30pm, COLU 116, remainder online.
CANCELCOMM3440 / 300334157Cancelled: Organizational Leadership
ADDCOMM3440 / 300438174Add:Organizational Leadership/Fri 10:50am-1;30pm/DWIR303
CHANGECOMM3440 / 300438174Change of Room to DWIR103
ADDCOMM4160 / 300241683Add: Comm/Training/Development/Fri 9:25am-12:05pm/OCSEB217
CANCELCOMM4240 / 3B0130149Cancelled: Advanced Organizational and Strategic Communication
ADDCOMM4240 / 3B0242127Add: Advanced Organizational and Strategic Communication/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE B215
CHANGECOMM4280 / 300131295Change of Room to COLU103
ADDCOMM4900 / 1-300739156Add: Spc Topics The Bluffs (TV Workshop Writing)/Tues 4:45-7:20pm/ELPC109
CANCELCOMM4900 / 1-300739156Cancelled: Special Topics in Communication: The Bluffs/TV Workshop Writing
CANCELCOMM4900 / 1-3WK137199Cancelled: Spc Topics in Comm:Advanced Editing & Colorization
ADDCOMM4900 / 1-3WK241509Add:Spc Topics in Comm:Advanced Editing & Colorization/Sat 10:30am-12:25pm/COLU216 /Sat 12:30pm-2:30pm/COLU209
CANCELCOMM4900 / 300334139Cancelled: Special Topics in Communication: Hlth Comm: Interpersonal Comm
CHANGECOMM4900 / 300538290Change of Room to ELPC106
ADDCOMM4900 / 300638835Add: Special Topics in Communication: Hlth Comm: Interpersonal Comm/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 323
CANCELCOMM5240 / 3B0130150Cancelled: Advanced Organizational and Strategic Communication
ADDCOMM5240 / 3B0242129Add: Advanced Organizational and Strategic Communication/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE B215
CHANGECOMM5990 / 300131296Change of Room to COLU103
CANCELCOMM6040 / 3H0134197Cancelled: Qualitative Research Methods
ADDCOMM6040 / 3H0238832Add: Qualitative Research Methods/Wednesdays/7:30pm-8:45pm/OCSE B215
CANCELCOMM6040 / 3H0238832Cancelled: Qualitative Research Methods: A Practicum and Analysis
ADDCOMM6040 / 3H0342123Add: Qualitative Research Methods: A Practicum and Analysis/Wednesdays/7:30pm-8:45pm/OCSE B215
ADDCOMM6160 / 300241684Add: Comm/Training/Development/Fri 9:25am-12:05pm/OCSEB217
CHANGECOMM6250 / 300138586Change of Day to Thursdays, Change of Time to 4:45pm-7:20pm, and Change of Room to COLU 323.
ADDCOMM6250 / 300138586Add: Problems in Communication/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE B134
ADDCOMM6250 / 300238587Add: Problems in Communication/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 127
CANCELECON1010 / 3WH131984Cancelled: Intro to Microeconmics
ADDECON2020 / 300341083Add: Intro to Macroeconmics/Wed, 7:30-10:05pm/COLU324
ADDECON2020 / 3WH141254Add: Intro to Macroeconomics/Sat 8;30am-12:30pm/COLU325
CHANGEECON3410 / 300133659Change of Room to COLU216
CHANGEECON3410 / 300133659Change of Room to COLU325
CANCELENGL1300 / 300331451Cancelled: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A
CANCELENGL1305 / 300130694Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1305 / 300230695Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CHANGEENGL1305 / 300731099Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGEENGL1305 / 300731099Change of Room to OCSEB215
CANCELENGL1305 / 300831454Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1305 / 300930900Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1305 / 301231102Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1305 / 301334738Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1305 / 301434739Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1305 / 301534740Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CHANGEENGL1305 / 301741695Change of Room to COLU221
ADDENGL1305 / 301741695Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/Tuesdays in COLU 221 and Thursdays in COLU 324
CHANGEENGL1305 / 301841696Change of Room to COLU220
ADDENGL1305 / 301841696Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B/Tuesdays and Thursdays/9:25am-10:40am/Tuesdays in COLU 220 and Thursdays in COLU 324
ADDENGL1305 / 301941697Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B/Mondays and Wednesdays/9:25am-10:40am/Mondays in COLU 333 and Wednesdays in COLU 220
ADDENGL1305 / 302041698Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/Tuesdays in COLU 324 and Thursdays in COLU 221
CANCELENGL1305 / 302041698Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
ADDENGL1305 / 302141699Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B/Mondays and Wednesdays/9:25am-10:40am/Mondays in COLU 220 and Wednesdays in COLU 333
CANCELENGL1305 / 302241700Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
ADDENGL1305 / 302241700Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B/Tuesdays and Thursdays/9:25am-10:40am/Tuesdays in COLU 324 and Thursdays in COLU 220
CANCELENGL1410 / 301629647Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 301829649Change of Room to COLU209
CANCELENGL1410 / 302029633Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 302129651Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 302629654Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 302629654Change of Days to Mondays and Wednesdays and Change of Time to 1:40pm-2:55pm/Mondays in COLU 231A and Wednesdays in CENT 188
CHANGEENGL1410 / 303030516Change of Room to CENT245
CANCELENGL1410 / 303531461Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 303730763Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 304131108Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 304331110Change of Room to COLU231A
CANCELENGL1410 / 304434744Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 304534745Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 304734747Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 304934749Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 305034750Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 305234752Change of Room to DWIR106
CANCELENGL1410 / 305734757Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 305834758Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
ADDENGL1410 / 306039034Add: Rhetoric & Writing II/Mon,Wed 1:40-2:55pm/COLU209
CANCELENGL1410 / 3H0130901Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 3H0434761Cancel: Rhetoric & Writing II
CHANGEENGL2080 / 300329663Change of Room to COLU221
CHANGEENGL2080 / 300529665Change of Room to COLU220
ADDENGL2090 / 3H0341972Add: Tech Writing & Presentation/Mon, Wed 9:25-10:40am/DWIR106
ADDENGL2610 / 300134704Add: Global Literature II/Mon,Wed 10:50am-12:05pm/OCSEB217
CANCELENGL2930 / 300134706Cancelled: Engl Studies: Inclusiveness
CHANGEENGL3350 / 300129683Change of Room to OCSEB215
ADDENGL3350 / 300129683Change of Room to OCSEB136
CHANGEENGL3370 / 300129684Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEENGL3370 / 300229685Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEENGL4100 / 300131463Change of Room to COLU223
CANCELENGL4973 / 300134724Cancelled: Shakespeare & Sustainability
CHANGEENGL4980 / 300131482Change of Room to COLU323
CHANGEENGL4980 / 300131482Change of Room to COLU322
CANCELENGL5973 / 300134725Cancelled: Shakespeare & Sustainability
CHANGEENGL5980 / 300131485Change of Room to COLU323
CHANGEENGL5980 / 300131485Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGEFILM3550 / 300134938Change of Room on Wed Only COLU216
CANCELFR3500 / 300134956Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Sustainability
CHANGEFR3500 / 300237006Change of Room to OCSEB134
CANCELGER2120 / 300129432Cancelled: Intermediate German II
CANCELGER3230 / 100129433Cancelled: Applied Conversation
CANCELGER3230 / 100234992Cancelled: Applied Conversation
ADDGER3230 / 100342179Add: Applied Conversation/Thursdays/12:30pm-1:30pm
CANCELGER3500 / 300235030Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Sustainability
CANCELGES3610 / 300131467Cancelled: Urban Geography
CANCELGES4270 / 400134457Cancelled: Advanced Biogeography
CANCELGES4700 / 3WK131975Cancelled: Geographic Issues
CANCELGES5270 / 400134458Cancelled: Advanced Biogeography
CHANGEGPS1010 / 300231571Change of Title to BYOB
CANCELGPS1010 / 300336331Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
ADDGPS1010 / 3OL241995Add: Academic Engagement & Success
CANCELGPS1110 / 100141992Cancelled: Academic Fitness
CANCELGPS1110 / 100241993Cancelled: Academic Fitness
CHANGEGPS1110 / 100334405Change of Dates to 2/4/16 to 3/31/16
CHANGEGPS1110 / 100434406Change of Dates to 2/4/16 to 3/31/16
CHANGEGPS1110 / 100534407Change of Dates to 2/5/16 to 4/1/16
ADDGPS1110 / 100639225Add: Academic Fitness/Tuesdays/4:45pm-6:45pm/ENGR 101
CHANGEGPS1110 / 100639225Change of Dates to 2/2/16 to 3/29/16
ADDGPS1110 / 100739227Add: Academic Fitness/Fridays/10:50am-12:50pm/DWIR 112
CHANGEGPS1110 / 100739227Change of Dates to 2/5/16 to 4/1/16
ADDGPS1110 / 100834402Add: Academic Fitness/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CUCH 105
ADDGPS1110 / 100934403Add: Academic Fitness/Wednesdays/8:00am-10:40am/CUCH 105
CANCELGRNT3560 / 300131835Cancelled: Women & Aging Intl
CANCELGRNT3560 / 300240750 Add: Women & Aging Intl/Fri 9:25am-1:30pm/COLU114/Fri1:30pm-2:00pmCOLU333
CHANGEHIST1135 / 300131193Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGEHIST1410 / 300130703Change of Room to COLU322
CANCELHIST1530 / 300241437Cancelled: US Emergence Mod Amer 1865-1920
ADDHIST1530 / 300241437Add: US Emerg Mod Aner 1865-1920/Mon, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU317
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300834393Change of Room to COLU127
CHANGEHIST4500 / 300134396Change of Room to COLU216
CANCELHIST4770 / 3WK134400Cancelled: Vietnam Wars
CHANGEHIST4990 / 300130742Change of Room COLU114
ADDHIST4990 / 300642213Add: Sr Sem: Apprchs to Stdy Hist
CANCELHIST6690 / 300338934Cancelled: Spec Tpcs Reading: Chinese Archival & Translation
CANCELHIST6995 / 300131240Cancelled: Graduate Internship
ADDHIST7690 / 400341991Add: Spec Tpcs Research
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300130577Topic added: North American Indigenous Storytellers.
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300230619Topic added: North American Indigenous Storytellers.
CHANGEHUM3990 / 301131892Change of Room to UHAL109
CHANGEHUM3990 / 301231893Change of Room to UHAL109
CHANGEHUM3990 / 301634932Change of Room to COLU116
CANCELHUM3990 / 3WK131949Cancelled: Special Topics in Humanities: Thinking Like a Watershed
CHANGEHUM3990 / 3WK131949Change of Topic to Thinking LIke a Watershed
CANCELHUM3990 / 3WK231950Cancelled: Special Topics in Humanities: Thinking Like a Watershed
CHANGEHUM3990 / 3WK231950 Change of Topic to Thinking Like a Watershed
CANCELMATH1040 / 300529797Cancelled: College Algebra
CHANGEMATH1040 / 300629798Change of Room to ENGR109
CHANGEMATH1040 / 300730627Change of Room to ENGR101
ADDMATH1040 / 300942144Add: College Algebra/Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays/1:40pm-2:55pm/CENT 188 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, CENT 192 on Fridays
CANCELMATH1050 / 400229799Cancelled: Elem Functions for Calculus
ADDMATH1050 / 400741490Add: Elem Functions for Calculus/Tues, Thur 1:40-2:55pm/CENT188
CHANGEMATH1050 / 400741490Change of Room to ENGR109
ADDMATH3400 / 300442121Add: Differential Equations/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/OCSE B211
CHANGEMATH4150 / 300135017Change of Room to COLU325
CANCELMATH4470 / 300135019Cancelled: Methods of Applied Math
ADDMATH4510 / 300142119Add:Topology/Tues, Thurs, 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEB136
CHANGEMATH4900 / 100142313Change of Dates to 2/25/16-5/14/16
CHANGEMATH5150 / 300135018Change of Room to COLU325
CANCELMATH5470 / 300135020Cancelled: Methods of Applied Math
CANCELMATH5510 / 300135021Cancelled: Topology
ADDMATH5510 / 300241822Add: Topology/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/OCSE B136
CHANGEMATH5900 / 100142314Change of Dates to 2/25/16-5/14/16
ADDMATH6330 / 300141615Add: Real Analysis I/Tues, Thur 4:45-6:00pm/OCSEB136
ADDMATH6440 / 300141616Add: Approximation Methods/Mon, Wed 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEB213
ADDMSGP4030 / 1-600340736Add: Museum Studies & Gallery Internship
ADDMUS1040 / 100142183Add: Class Piano/Fri 3:05-4:20pm/UHAL233C
ADDMUS4960 / 300238438Add: Adv. Spc. Tpcs.: Adv. Audio Engineering/Fridays/9:25am-12:05pm/UHAL 168
CANCELMUS4960 / 300238438Cancelled: Advanced Special Topics: Advanced Audio Engineering
CHANGEPES2130 / 300129377Change of Room to COLU317
ADDPES9300 / 1-391042148Add: Independent Study
ADDPHIL1000 / 300229815Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELPHIL1000 / 300329818Cancelled: Intro to hilosophy
CANCELPHIL1120 / 300831874Cancelled: Critical Thinking
CANCELPHIL1300 / 300131021Intro to Philosophies of Asia
CANCELPHIL3560 / 300133959Cancelled: Modern Classical Philosophy
ADDPHIL3560 / 3H0141255Add: Modern Classical Philosophy/Tues 1:40-2:55pm/COLU333
ADDPHIL9400 / 1-490440581Add: Independent Study
CANCELPHYS5960 / 300134579Cancelled: Spc Tpcs: Elem Part Phys
ADDPHYS5960 / 300241048Add: Spc Tpcs: Elem Part Phys/Tues,Thurs 12:15-1:30pm/OCSEA204
ADDPHYS8000 / 1-1280841579Add: Dissertation
CHANGEPSC1010 / 300129955Change of Room to COLU128
ADDPSC1100 / 300434673Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGEPSC1100 / 300631854Change of Dates to 1/4/16-1/15/16
CHANGEPSC2100 / 300129959Change of Room to COLU323
ADDPSC3050 / 3WK140446Add: Race & Ethnicity in Amer. Pol/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/OCSE B215
ADDPSC3450 / 300141047Add: Modern American Political Thought/Tuesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 322
ADDPSC3480 / 3-600239215Add: Legislative Internship
CANCELPSC4220 / 300134683Cancelled: Comparative Politics
CANCELPSC4980 / 300234689Cancelled: Special Problems: Modern America Political Thought
CANCELPSC4980 / 300334705Cancelled: American Political Development
ADDPSC9400 / 1-690739207Add: Independent Study
CANCELPSY3560 / 300131833Cancelled: Women & Aging Intl
ADDPSY3560 / 300240747Add:Women & Aging Intl/Fri 9:25am-1:30pm/COLU114Fri 1:30pm2:00pmCOLU333
CANCELPSY3630 / 300136999Cancelled: Sex Crimes Against Children
CHANGEPSY3660 / 300130521Change of Room to COLU323
CHANGEPSY3930 / 300131501Change of Room to COLU317
ADDPSY4990 / 1-300241736Add: Teaching of Psychology
CANCELPSY5820 / 001030191Cancelled: Research Stats & Methods II Lab
ADDPSY5820 / 002042107Add: Research Stats & Methods II Lab/Wednesdays/2:55pm-4:35pm/COLU 231A
CANCELPSY5820 / 400130190Cancelled: Research Stats & Methods II
ADDPSY5820 / 400242106Add: Research Stats & Methods II/Mondays 10:50am-12:05pm and Wednesdays 1:40pm-2:55pm/COLU 231A
ADDPSY6480 / 100139124Add: Selected Topics-Neuroanatomy/Monday thru Friday/1:00pm-4:00pm/OCSE B217
CANCELRUSS2120 / 300131275Cancelled: Intermediate Russian II
CANCELSOC3070 / 4WB131978Cancelled: Social Research Methods
CHANGESOC3150 / 300129988Change of Room to OCSEB211
CANCELSOC3170 / 4WB131948Cancelled: Social Statistics
ADDSOC3255 / 3OL138585Add: Power, Privilege & Social Diff
CHANGESOC3270 / 300134599Change of Room to COLU333
CANCELSOC3330 / 300137195Cancelled: Restorative Justice
CHANGESOC4010 / 300130896Change of Room to COLU323
CANCELSOC4460 / 3H0136537Cancelled: Field Studies in Sociology
ADDSOC4480 / 3H0138539Add: Racial Story Telling
CANCELSOC5010 / 300130832Cancelled: Special Topics
CHANGESOC5010 / 300234602Change of Room to COLU323
CANCELSOC5020 / 4WB131957Cancelled: Social Statistics
ADDSOC5090 / 300142103Add: Research Practicum
CHANGESOC5150 / 300129989Change of Room to OCSEB211
CANCELSOC5460 / 3H0136538Cancelled: Field Studies in Sociology
ADDSOC5480 / 3H0138540Add: Racial Story Telling
CANCELSPAN1010 / 500129442Cancelled: Beginning Spanish I
ADDSPAN1010 / 500440962Add:Beginning Spanish I/Tues, Thurs,9:25-10:40am/DWIR303
CANCELSPAN3010 / 3WK131966Cancelled: Advanced Spanish Conv & Comp
CANCELTHTR3590 / 3WK136995Cancelled: Adv. Topics in Technical Theatre
CANCELVA2150 / 300129707Cancelled: Beginning Digital Photography
CANCELVA3200 / 300134824Cancelled: Video Art
ADDVA4030 / 1-300242218Add: Internship in Visual Arts
CHANGEVAPA3920 / 300131745Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGEWEST3090 / 300131029Change of Room To COLU117
ADDWEST3220 / 300139125Add: Native Communities/Mondays and Wednesdays/10:50am-12:05pm/COLU 325
CHANGEWEST3220 / 300139125Change of Room to COLU333
CANCELWEST3320 / 300134593Cancelled: African American Families
CANCELWEST3330 / 300137196Cancelled: Restorative Justice
ADDWEST3420 / 300138582Add: North American Indians/Mondays and Wednesdays/10:50am-12:05pm/CENT 106
CANCELWEST3560 / 300131832Cancelled:Women & Aging Intl
ADDWEST3560 / 300240744Add:Women & Aging Intl/Fri 9:25am-1:30pm/COLU114Fri 1:30pm2:00pmCOLU333
ADDWEST3820 / 300138584Add: N.A. Languages & Cultures/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/UHAL 133
CHANGEWEST3820 / 300138584Change of Room to CENT125
CANCELWEST3900 / 3H0136563Cancelled: Field Studies in Sociology
ADDWEST4480 / 3H0138541Add: Racial Story Telling
School of Public Affairs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCJ1001 / 3WH138272Add: Intro to Criminal Justice/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/COLU 114
CANCELCJ1001 / 3WH138272Cancelled: Intro to Criminal Justice
CANCELCJ3100 / 4WB131979Cancelled: Social Research Methods
CANCELCJ3150 / 4WB131953Cancelled: Social Statistics
CANCELCJ3230 / 300134489Cancelled: Restorative Justice
CANCELCJ3410 / 300134499Cancelled: Probation & Parole
CHANGECJ4043 / 300129471Change of Room to COLU317
CHANGECJ4175 / 300131432Change of Room to CENT188
ADDCJ6910 / 300241713Add: Field Study in CJ
ADDCJ9500 / 1-690241542Add: Independent Study
CANCELPAD5004 / 3B0129336Cancelled: Economics & Public Finance
ADDPAD5004 / 3B0241734Add: Economics & Public Finance/Thurs 7:30-10:05pm/COLU324
ADDPAD6950 / 3-600341735Add: Masters Thesis
ADDPAD9500 / 1-390241486Add: Independent Study
College of Education
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECOUN2000 / 300130944Change of Room to COLU324
CHANGECOUN3100 / 300231711Change of Room to COLU317
CHANGECOUN4070 / 3WK131991Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGECOUN5070 / 3WK131992Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGECOUN5120 / 300529871Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELCOUN5120 / 300631223Cancelled: Practicum in Prof Counseling
CANCELCOUN5270 / 300130661Cancelled: Adv Techn in Cadet Counseling
ADDCOUN5270 / 300242485Add: Adv Techn in Cadet Counseling/Thur 1:40-4:20pm UH132
CHANGECOUN5300 / 300230534Change of Room to COLU214
CHANGECOUN5430 / 300229962Change of Room to COLU323
CANCELCOUN5600 / 300134814Cancelled: Leading Diversity
ADDCOUN5600 / 300240701Add: Leading Diversity/Wednesday/8:00am-10:40am/CENT 188
ADDCOUN9500 / 390342229Add: Independent Study Counselling
CANCELCURR2009 / 300131813Cancelled: Succeeding @ UCCS
CANCELCURR2010 / 100131815Cancelled: P-20 Education in the USA
CANCELCURR5009 / 100131814Cancelled: Succeeding @ UCCS
CANCELCURR5010 / 100131816Cancelled: P-20 Education in the USA
CANCELCURR5020 / 3OL130876Cancelled: Alternative Teacher Seminar II
ADDCURR5020 / 3OL241534Add: Alternative Teacher Seminar II
ADDCURR5215 / 3OL241527Add: Gifted Program Leadership
CANCELCURR5434 / 300131749Cancelled: Capstone in Literacy
CANCELCURR5530 / 300130167Cancelled: Cutting Edge Sci for Teachers
ADDCURR5530 / 300241537Add: Cutting Edge Sci for Teachers/Tue 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
CHANGECURR5703 / 300134792Change of Room to Offsite TESOL PP Cohort
ADDIECE1010 / 300141242Add: Diversity & Development/Wed, 10:50am-1:30pm/COLU103
CANCELIECE1010 / 3H0134860Cancelled: Diversity & Development
ADDIECE1010 / 3OL241446Add: Diversity & Development
CHANGEIECE1020 / 400131677Change of Room to UHAL109
CHANGEIECE3000 / 3H0134861Change of Room to BI House
ADDIECE4060 / 1000141601Add: IECE Professional Internship
CHANGEIELM1500 / 300141241Change of Room to COLU115
ADDIELM1500 / 300141241Add: Health & PE for Elem Teachers/1:40-4:20pm/COLU216
ADDLEAD5210 / 3H0141605Add: Counseling in Higher Ed/Saturdays (1/30 and 3/12)/9:00am-5:00pm/OCSE B217
CANCELLEAD5210 / 3SB134851Cancelled: Counseling & Helping Skills
CANCELLEAD5210 / 3WK131958Cancelled: Counseling in Higher Ed
ADDLEAD5260 / 3H0141606Add: College Student Development/Saturdays (4/9 and 5/14)/8:00am-3:00pm/COLU 103
CANCELLEAD5260 / 3WH134858Cancelled: College Student Dev Theories
CANCELLEAD5260 / 3WK131956Cancelled: College Student Development
CANCELLEAD5450 / 3WK134859Cancelled: The Principalship
ADDLEAD5550 / 300241528Add: Adv Seminar in Higher Educ
ADDLEAD5600 / 300142093Add: Social Foundations of Education/Saturdays/8:00am-3:00pm/OCSE B136
CANCELLEAD5600 / 3WK134863Cancelled: Social Foundations of Education
CANCELLEAD6120 / 3WK131962Cancelled: Educ Politics & Collab Communities
CANCELLEAD6830 / 3WH134864Cancelled: Practicum for SAHE
ADDLEAD6830 / 3WH238935Add: Practicum for SAHE/Saturdays/3:00pm-9:00pm on 1/23 and 8:00am-3:00pm on 3/12 and 4/9 in OCSE B138
CANCELLEAD6830 / 3WH238935Cancelled: Practicum in Student Affairs
ADDLEAD6830 / 3WH340444Add: Practicum in Student Affairs/Saturdays 1/23 and 3/12 from 3:05pm-9:00pm and 4/9 from 8:00am-3:00pm/OCSE B138
CANCELLEAD6830 / 3WH340444Cancelled: Practicum in SAHE
ADDLEAD6830 / 3WH440978Add: Practicum in SAHE/Saturdays 1/23 and 3/12 from 4:15pm-10:05pm and 4/9 from 8:00am-3:00pm/OCSE B138
CHANGELEAD7150 / 300130998Change of Room to COLU322
CANCELLEAD8200 / 300131804Cancelled: Large-Scale Student Assessment
ADDLEAD8200 / 300239216Add: Large-Scale Student Assessment/Thursdays/4:45pm-10:05pm/COLU 333
CANCELSPED5031 / 4-600231534Cancelled: Student Teaching Practicum
ADDSPED5031 / 600338836Add: Student Teaching Practicum/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm
ADDTED3750 / 3OL139175Add: Second Language Acq: Capstone
ADDTED4800 / 3OL141447Add: ESL for Educators
College of Engineering and Applied Science
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCS1090 / 300341617Add: Intro Prog with Matlab/Mon,Wed,3:05-4:20pm/ENGR138
CANCELCS1450 / 300229480Cancelled: Data Struct and Algorithms
ADDCS1450 / 300442222Add: Data Struct and Algorithms/12:15pm-1:30pm/Mondays in COLU 116 and Wednesdays in COLU 317
CANCELCS2160 / 300234688Cancelled: Comp Org & Assembly Lang
ADDCS3020 / 300241988Add: Advanced OO Tech Using C#/Tuesdays and Thursdays/9:25am-10:40am/ENGR 138
CHANGECS3160 / 300131515Change of Room to ENGR105
CHANGECS3160 / 300131515Change of Room to ENGR107
CHANGECS3160 / 300131515Change of Room to ENGR103
ADDCS4420 / 300138114Add: Database Systems I / Fri 1:40-4:20pm / ENGR105
CHANGECS5371 / 300134695Change of Room to OCSEA321
ADDCS5420 / 300138116Add: Database Systems I / Fri 1:40-4:20pm / ENGR105
CHANGECS5530 / 300134696Change of Room to ENGR 138
ADDCS7060 / 100141485Add: GMI Portfolio Development
CANCELECE2205 / 400129499Cancelled: Circuits and Systems I
ADDECE2205 / 400338940Add: Circuits and Systems I/Mondays and Wednesdays in ENGR 105 and Fridays in ENGR 229/8:00am-9:15am
CHANGEECE3610 / 300129504Change of Room to ENGR107
CANCELECE4110 / 300131777Cancelled: Electromagnetic Theory & Apps
ADDECE4110 / 300238533Add: Electromagnetic Theory & Apps/Tuesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/CENT 192
CANCELECE4670 / 100131653Cancelled: Communications Lab
CANCELECE4670 / 100231703Cancelled: Communications Lab
ADDECE4670 / 100338994Add: Communications Lab/Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 242
ADDECE4670 / 100438997Add: Communications Lab/Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/ENGR 242
CHANGEECE4890 /1 00131245Change of RoomOCSEB134
CHANGEECE4899 / 300129511Change of Room to OCSEB134
CANCELECE5110 / 300131778Cancelled: Electromagnetic Theory & Apps
ADDECE5110 / 300238532Add: Electromagnetic Theory & Apps/Tuesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/CENT 192
ADDECE5550 / 3OL141745Add: Applied Kalman Filtering
ADDECE5570 / 3OL241950Add: Optimiz Meth in Sys & Control
ADDECE5645 / 3OL141958Add: Information Theory & Coding
ADDECE6990 / 300241837Add: Advanced Topics Seminar: Intro to Quantum Computing/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 101
CHANGEGDD3000 / 300234679Change of Room to OCSEA206
CHANGEGDD4900 / 300130866Change of Room to ENGR239
ADDINOV1010 / 300441081Add: The Innovation Process/Mon,1:40-4:20pm/OCSEA206
CANCELMAE1503 / 002031158Cancelled: Eng Design Lab
ADDMAE1503 / 007038981Add: Eng Design Lab/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE A208
CANCELMAE1503 / 007038981Cancelled: Intro to Eng Design Lab
CHANGEMAE2103 / 300129970Change of Room to ENGR107
CHANGEMAE2103 / 300238029Change of Room to ENGR101
CHANGEMAE2104 / 300131211Change of Room to ENGR103
CANCELMAE2200 / 300130471Cancelled: Materials Engineering
ADDMAE2200 / 300238867Add: Materials Engineering/Tuesdays and Thursdays/8:00am-9:15am/OCSE B215
CHANGEMAE2301 / 300129971Change of Room to OCSE B216
CHANGEMAE2301 / 300231208Change of Room to OCSEB217
CANCELMAE3055 / 001031042Cancelled: MechEtronics II Lab
CANCELMAE3055 / 002031043Cancelled: MechEtronics II Lab
CANCELMAE3055 / 003031044Cancelled: MechEtronics II Lab
ADDMAE3055 / 004042049Add: MechEtronics II Lab/Thursdays/8:00am-10:40am/OCSE A306
ADDMAE3055 / 005042050Add: MechEtronics II Lab/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE A306
ADDMAE3055 / 006042051Add: MechEtronics II Lab/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/OCSE A306
ADDMAE3055 / 007042135Add: Mech-Etronics II Lab/Fridays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE A306
CANCELMAE3130 / 300338976Cancelled: Fluid Mechanics Honors
CANCELMAE3130 / 400231207Cancelled: Fluid Mechanics - Honors
ADDMAE3130 / 400338976Add: Fluid Mechanics - Honors/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/OCSE A208
ADDMAE3130 / 400338976Add: Fluid Mehanics/Tues, Thurs, 1:40-2:55pm/OCSEA208
ADDMAE3130 / 400442283Add: Fluid Mechanics Honors/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/ENGR 101
ADDMAE3302 / 300339019Add: Engineering Thermodynamics II/Mon, Wed, 10:50am-12:05pm/ENGR239
CHANGEMAE4000 / 300131228Change of Room to COLU 128
ADDMAE4000 / 300240443Add: MAE Seminar - Honors/Fridays/1:40pm-2:55pm/COLU 128
CANCELMAE4020 / 300130893Cancelled: Num. Meth. with MATLAB
ADDMAE4020 / 300239008Add: Num Methods with MATLAB/Mon, Wed 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEA208
CHANGEMAE4020 / 300239008Change of Room to OCSEA208
CANCELMAE4020 / 300239008Cancelled: Num Methods with MATLAB
ADDMAE4020 / 300341538Add: Num Methods with MATLAB/Mon, Wed 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEA208
ADDMAE4020 / 300441539Add: Num Methods with MATLAB/Tues, Thur, 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEA208
CANCELMAE4150 / 300131164Cancelled: Vibrations
CHANGEMAE4150 / 300238876Change of Room to OCSE A208
ADDMAE4150 / 300238876Add: Vibrations/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/ENGR 101
CHANGEMAE4421 / 300129985Change of Room to CENT192
CANCELMAE4421 / 300231546Cancelled: Cntrl of Aerospace & Mech Sys
CANCELMAE4425 / 300136573Cancelled: Space Environment
ADDMAE4425 / 300241541Add: Space Environment/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE B211
CHANGEMAE4511 / 300231577Change of room to OCSE A311.
CHANGEMAE4511 / 300338946Change of room to OCSE B138; change to non-honors.
ADDMAE4511 / 300338946Add: Engineering Design II (Honors)/Tuesdays and Thursdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/OCSE A311
ADDMAE4511/003038975Add: Engineering Design II/Tue, Thur, 1:40-2:55pm/Meets in Osborne A311
CANCELMAE5020 / 300131251Cancelled: Num. Methods with MATLAB
ADDMAE5020 / 300240959Add: Num Methods with MATLAB/Mon,Wed 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEA208
CANCELMAE5020 / 300240959Cancelled: Num Methods with MATLAB
ADDMAE5020 / 300341540Add: Num Methods with MATLAB/Tues, Thur 3:05-4:20pm/OCSEA208
CANCELMAE5091 / 300131547Cancelled: Space Environment
ADDMAE5100 / 300142166Add: Continuum Mechanics/Mon, Wed, 3:05-4:20pm/ENGR105
CANCELMAE5130 / 300135035Cancelled: Incompressible Flow
CANCELMAE5140 / 300136639Cancelled: Compressible Flow
ADDMAE5140 / 300242037Add: Compressible Flow/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 191
CANCELMAE5201 / 300129987Cancelled: Solid Mechanics
CANCELMAE5424 / 300135056Cancelled: Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics
ADDMAE7000 / 1-1281142110Add: Masters Thesis
ADDMAE8000 / 1-1281241840Add: Doctoral Dissertation
CANCELMAE9110 / 100242113Cancelled: Special Topics: Heat and Mass
ADDMAE9110 / 100342245Add: Special Topics: Heat and Mass/Fridays/1:40pm-2:55pm/OCSE A218
CANCELMAE9400 / 191140385Cancelled: Independent Study: Undergraduate
ADDMAE9500 / 1-691242115Add: Independent Study: Graduate
CANCELMAE9510 / 300136574Cancelled: Continuum Mechanics
ADDMAE9510 / 300238554Add: Continuum Mechanics/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 105
CANCELMAE9510 / 300238554Cancelled: Special Topics: Graduate Continuum Mechanics
CHANGEPHIL4140 / 300133960Change of Room to CENT106
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELHSCI1240 / 100136654Cancelled: Spc. Tpcs: Prac. Self Defense
ADDHSCI3630 / 3OL241500Add: Culture & Health
CANCELHSCI4050 / 300130040Cancelled: Obesity & Weight Mgmt.
ADDHSCI4050 / 300238557Add: Obesity & Weight Mgmt./Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL 109
CANCELHSCI4890 / 300237928Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Sem in Sleep
ADDHSCI4890 / 300338936Add: Spec. Tpcs: Grain School: F,Sa,Su 1/15-17, UH 317; projects unitl 5/14.
CANCELHSCI4890 / 3H0131631Cancelled: Spec Tpcs/Dynamic Movement
CANCELHSCI4950 / 400231722Cancelled: Exer. Testing & Prescript.
ADDHSCI4950 / 400338558Add: Exer. Testing & Prescript./Tuesdays/1:40pm-5:10pm/UHAL 216
ADDHSCI5050 / 300130416Add: Obesity & Weight Mgmt./Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL 109
CANCELHSCI6060 / 300130937CAncelled: Theories in Health Behavior II
CANCELHSCI6100 / 001034421Cancelled: Clin Sport Nutr & Research Lab
ADDHSCI6100 / 002042147Add: Clin Sport Nutr & Research/Thursdays/1:50pm-405pm/UHAL 316
CANCELHSCI6100 / 500134420Cancelled: Clin Sport Nutr & Research
ADDHSCI6100 / 500242146Add: Clin Sport Nutr & Research/Thursdays/8:00am-1:30pm/UHAL 133
ADDHSCI6170 / 300338938Add: Spec. Tpcs: Grain School: F,Sa,Su 1/15-17, UH 317; projects unitl 5/14.
ADDHSCI6170 / 300442338Add: Spec Tpcs: Adv Anatomy/Mon,Tue,Wed,8:00am-1:00pm/OSBB426
CANCELHSCI6170 / 3H0131639Cancelled: Spec Topics/Dynamic Movement
ADDHSCI6250 / 100341998Add: Strength/Conditioning Prac
ADDHSCI6250 / 100441999Strength/Conditioning Prac
CANCELHSCI6420 / 3OL131689Cancelled: Gen. Princ. Disaster Preparedness.
CANCELNURS2020 / 3OL136091Cancelled: Correctional Hlth Ethics & Law
ADDNURS2060 / 3OL240356Add: Nursing Stats
ADDNURS2470 / 3OL241987Add: Spanish for Health Providers
ADDNURS3040 / 3OL442005Add: Patterns of Knowing
CANCELNURS4020 / 3OL136092Cancelled: Pract Parad in Forensic Nurs
ADDNURS4020 / 3OL241832Add: Cancelled: Pract Parad in Forensic Nurs
ADDNURS4350 / 3OL342006Add: Nursing Management
ADDNURS4450 / 6OL340702Add: Community Health Nursing
CANCELNURS4890 / 300137926Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Sem in Sleep
CANCELNURS5020 / 350238175Cancelled: Correctional Hlth Ethics & Law
CANCELNURS5020 / 3OL131182Cancelled: Correctional Hlth Ethics & Law
ADDNURS6020 / 3OL136093Cancelled: Pract Parad in Forensic Nurs
ADDNURS6020 / 3OL241833Add: Cancelled: Pract Parad in Forensic Nurs
CANCELNURS6040 / 3OL131188Cancelled: Substance Abuse: Implications
ADDNURS8030 / 1-5OL341082Add: DNP Capstone
ADDNURS9500 / 1-690940383Add: Independent Study
ADDPSC3480 / 3-600239215Add: Legislative Internship
Cross-College Programs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELNAVI3202 / 300332276Cancelled: Business,Government, & Society