Spring 2014 Schedule Changes

This service is available beginning October 14, 2013 and will be updated daily through May 17, 2014.

Changes as of June 2, 2014

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SubjectCourse #Call #
College of Business
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGEACCT4410 / 300118332Change Room DWIR101
ADDACCT5590 / 3OL136337Add : Intro to Accounting
CANCELACCT6010 / 300131289Cancelled: Sem Financial Acct Theory
ADDACCT6190 / 3OL136338Add: Acct for Decision Making
CHANGEACCT6740 / 300118333Change Room DWIR101
ADDACCT6750 / 300137409Add: Advncd Finan Accting: W 7:30-10:05pm / DWIR103
CHANGEACCT6750 / 300137409Change of Room DWIR331
CANCELBUAD1000 / 300432195Cancelled: Intro to Business
CANCELBUAD3020 / 100331790Cancelled: Resume Writing/Interviewing
ADDBUAD5690 / 3OL136341Add: Business, Government & Society
ADDBUAD6590 / 3OL136342Add: Strategic Management
ADDBUAD6790 / 3OL136343Add : World Clas Service Mngmt
ADDBUAD6890 / 3OL136344Add: Entrepreneurship/New Ventures
ADDFNCE6090 / 3OL136346Add: Corporate Financial Management
ADDFNCE6290 / 3OL136347Add: Investment Mgt & Analysis
ADDHCAD6190 / 3OL136348Add: Health Care Administration
ADDHCAD6490 / 3OL136351Add: Health Care Budget & Finance
CANCELINFS1100 / 300429359Cancelled: MS Office Apps
CANCELINFS1100 / 300731723Cancelled: MS Office Apps & PC Bscs
ADDINFS1100 / 300837422Add: MS Office Apps & PC Bscs: T 1:40-4:20pm / DWIR109
CANCELINFS1100 / 300939267Cancelled: MS Office Apps & PC Bascs
ADDINFS1100 / 300939267Add: MS Office Apps/Mondays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 109
ADDINFS1100 / 310040121Add: MS Office Apps & PC Bscs; Mon 8-10:40am/ DWIR109
CANCELINFS4050 / 300132205Cancelled: Info Tech Integration
ADDINFS6090 / 3OL136352Add: Information Systems
CANCELMGMT3300 / 002031167Cancelled: Intro to Mgmt & Org recitation.
ADDMGMT6090 / 3OL136353Add: Lead/Management in Changing Times
CHANGEMKTG3000 / 300531787Change of Room:COLU128 01/13-01/15/2014
CHANGEMKTG3000 / 300531787Change of room 1/13-1/17 only, to COLU 317. Meets in DWIR 103 1/6-1/10,
CANCELMKTG6400 / 300131760Cancelled: Service Mktg.
ADDMKTG6400 / 300238309Add: Service Mktg: 1/2/14-1/25/14, var. days/times.
ADDOPTM6090 / 3OL136355Add: Compete thru capabilities
CHANGEOPTM6200 / 300132215Change room DWIR331
ADDOPTM6390 / 3OL136356Add: Mng Proj for Compet Advantage
ADDOPTM6690 / 3OL136357Add: Bridge Strat&Tactics: Proj Mgmt
CHANGEPGMT2202 / 200131311Change of Room to DWIRE 331
ADDQUAN2010 / 300438895Add: Quan Methods;Statistics/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/DWIR109
ADDQUAN5590 / 3OL136358Add: Fund of Business Statistics
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELAH1500 / 300129543Cancelled Section: Art & Ideas
CHANGEAH3240 / 300132767Change of Room to OCSEB136
ADDANTH1040 / 300638391Add: Intro to Cultural Anthropology/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 214
CHANGEANTH1040 / 300638391Change Room OCSEB216
CHANGEANTH1040 / 3WK131857Change Room CENT133
CHANGEANTH1040 / 3WK231858Change Room CENT133
CHANGEANTH3270 / 300135527Change Room CENT125
CHANGEANTH3290 / 300132335Change of Room to CENT133
CANCELANTH4200 / 1-300135528Cancelled Advd Tps Archaeology
ADDANTH5800 / 300138327Add: Adv. Tpcs. Anth. Ling./Mondays and Wednesdays/10:50am-12:05pm/CENT 106
ADDANTH9500 / 1-490438326Add: Independent Study
ADDASL1010 / 4WK140028Add: Am. Sign Lang. I/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/DWIR 112
CANCELASL1020 / 4WK40058Cancelled American Sign Language II
ADDASL1020 / 4WK140058Add: Am. Sign Lang. II/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/DWIR 112
CANCELASL4000 / 300135846Cancelled: Contrastive Ling Analysis
CANCELASL4000 / 3WK140066Cancel: Contrastive Linguis Analysis
ADDASL4000 / 3WK140066Add: Contrastive Ling Analysis/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/COLU 114
ADDASL4000 / 3WK240555Add: Contrastive Linguis Analysis Sat 1-5pm/COLU114
CANCELASL4000 / 3WK240555Cancelled ContrastiveLinguis Analysis
CANCELASL5000 / 3WK140067Cancel: Contrastive Linguis Analysis
ADDASL5000 / 3WK240556Add: Contrastive Linguis Analysis Sat 1-5pm/COLU114
ADDBIOL1010 / 300137639Add: Into to Human Biology:T,R 9:25-10:40am / CENT186
CANCELBIOL1200 / 003031673Cancelled: Organismic Biol
ADDBIOL1200 / 006040085Add: Gen. Bio I: Org Bio Lab/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/OCSE B310
CHANGEBIOL1300 / 3001112523Change Room DWIR201
CANCELBIOL4000 / 300135825Cancelled: Gastrointestinal Physiology
ADDBIOL4000 / 300237638Add: Gastrointestinal Physiology: F 10:50am-1:30pm / OCSEB211
CANCELBIOL4220 / 300133221Cancelled: Epidemiology
CANCELBIOL4360 / 400131654Cancelled: Human Physiology
ADDBIOL4360 / 400237641Add: Human Physiology: F 8-10:40am / OCSEB134
CANCELBIOL4770 / 300131559Cancelled: Human Metabolism
CANCELBIOL5220 / 300133222Cancelled Epidemiology
CANCELBIOL5770 / 300131487Cancelled: Human Metabolism
ADDCHEM101006040303Add: Intro to Chemistry/Tues 1:40-4:20pm/CENT270
CHANGECHEM1010 / 003030474Change of Time to 4:45pm-7:20pm
CANCELCHEM1017 / 001031194Cancelled: Intro to Gen, Org and Biochem
CANCELCHEM1017 / 500131193Cancelled: Intro to Gen, Org and Biochem
ADDCHEM1030 / 14040143Add: Gen Chemistry I, Mon 9:25am-12:05pm/CENT248
ADDCHEM1030 /15040144Add:Gen Chemistry I, Wed 6:05-8:45pm/CENT248
ADDCHEM1030 / 016040411Add: General Chemistry I Lab/Mondays/6:05pm-8:45pm/CENT 248
ADDCHEM1060 12039867Add:Gen Chemistry II/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/CENT268
CANCELCHEM4050 / 1-400131742Cancelled: Topics in Chem & Biochem
ADDCHEM4050 / 1-400240383Add: Topics in Chem & Biochem, Wed 5:00-6:00pm/CENT186
CANCELCHEM4200 / 200231656Cancelled: Practical Instrumental Analys
ADDCHEM4200 / 200336359Add: Practical Instrumental Analys: M,W 6:05-8:45pm / CENT246
CANCELCHEM4500 / 300132662Cancelled: Biophysical Chem
ADDCHEM5111 / 300139082Add: PhysChem: Thermo & Kinetics; Mon,Wed,Fri 12:15-1:30pm/CENT106
CHANGECOMM1020 / 300430358Change of Room to CENT 188
ADDCOMM1440 / 3WK140135Add Foundations of Ledrshp/Sat, 1-5pm/CENT192
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300330361Change of Room to COLU 216
CHANGECOMM2010 / 3WK131863Change of Room to OCSEB215
CANCELCOMM2030 / 300230366Cancelled: Intro to Communication Theory
ADDCOMM2030 / 3WK137517Add: Intro to Communication Theory: Saturday 1-5pm, / COLU323
CHANGECOMM2100 / 007031716Change of Room to DWIR 112
CHANGECOMM2100 / 300431158Change Room COLU324
CANCELCOMM3150 / 300130374Cancelled: Comm Comptncy in Grps & Teams
CHANGECOMM3240 / 3WK131864Change of Room to OCSEB211
CHANGECOMM3330 / 300131753Change of Room to COLU 103 on Fridays
CHANGECOMM3440 / 300131800Change of Room COLU322
CHANGECOMM3440 / 300235441Change of Room COLU324
CHANGECOMM3650 / 3WK131881Change of Room to COLU127
CHANGECOMM3770 / 300118269Change of Room to UH132
CHANGECOMM3770 / 300130386Change of Room to COLU 128
CHANGECOMM4100 / 300131811Change of Room to: COLU136
CHANGECOMM4240 / 300130410Change of Room to OCSE B215
ADDCOMM4690 / 3 - 680038872Add: Internship in Communication
CANCELCOMM4770 / 300137457Cancelled: Leadership Comm in Global Envir
ADDCOMM4770 /300237535Add:: Leadership Comm in Global Envir: TEVE 7:30-10:05pm / COLU116
CHANGECOMM5100 / 300131801Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGECOMM5240 / 300130411Change of Room to OCSE B215
CHANGECOMM6050 / 300130838Change of Room COLU127
ADDDNCE2700 / 300238957Add: Fund of Dance Technique/Tue Thurs,3:05-4:20pm/UHAL 233A
CANCELDNCE2700 / 300238957Cancelled: Fund of Dance Tech
CANCELENGL1300 / 300331058Cancelled Section: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A
CANCELENGL1300 / 300632997Cancelled Section: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A
CANCELENGL1305 / 300931550Cancelled: Rhet/Writ I Stretch B
CANCELENGL1310 / 301233021Cancel: Rhetoric & Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 301430877Cancelled: Rhet. Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 301631427Cancel: Rhetoric & Writing I
ADDENGL1310 / 3WK237417Add: Rhetoric & Writing I: Saturday, 1-5pm / COLU209
CHANGEENGL1410 / 302329814Change of Room to COLU224
CANCELENGL1410 / 302329814Cancel: Rhetoric & Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 302433023Change of Room to CENT245
CANCELENGL1410 / 303331141Cancelled: Rhet/Writ II
CANCELENGL1410 / 303531176Cancel: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 303931428Cancelled: Rhet/Writ II
CANCELENGL1410 / 304331554Cancel: Rhetoric & Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 304431555Change of Room to COLU220
ADDENGL1410 / 3WK237419Add: Rhetoric & Writing II: Saturday 8:30 am - 12:30pm / COLU230
CANCELENGL2080 / 301238955Cancelled: Bus & Admin Writing
ADDENGL2080 / 301238955Add: Bus & Admin Writing/Thurs Fri 8:30am-5pm/COLU116 12/26/2013-1/3/2014
CHANGEENGL2090 / 300731410Change Room COLU220
ADDENGL2090/ 300940235Add: Tech Writing & presentation/Mon, Wed 10:50am-12:05pm/DWIR122
CHANGEENGL2520 / 300129841Change Room COLU136
CANCELENGL3010 / 300229845Cancelled Section: Advanc Rhetoric & Writing
CANCELENGL3010 / 300429847Cancelled Section: Advanc Rhetoric & Writing
ADDENGL3010 / 3WK139694Add: Adv. Rhet/Writ: Weekend U, Sat. 8:30-12:30, COLU 224 2/15-4/19, COLU 115 on 4/26.
CHANGEENGL3060 / 300133032Change of location to Tim Gill Center
CHANGEENGL3060 / 300133032Change Room U H133
CHANGEENGL3080 / 300140039Change of Room to COLU103
CHANGEENGL3410 / 300129858Change Room to COLU127
CHANGEENSC1510 / 300129500Change Room OCSEA204
CANCELFCS3990 / 3WK133352Cancel: Topics in Foreign Culture
CHANGEFILM3900 / 300335106Change Room Wed only COLU128
CHANGEFR1010 / 400129553Change Room to DWIR303
ADDFR1010 / 400240397Add: Beg. French I: MW, 4:45-6:25pm, DWIR 303.
CANCELFR1020 / 400129554Cancelled: Beginning French II
ADDGES4160 / 1-401140490Add: Teaching Geography
CANCELGES4270 / 400132740Cancelled: Advanced Biogeography
CHANGEGES4800 / 200129946Change Room COLU329
ADDGES4980 / 1-1281140030Add: Profess Experience II
ADDGES4980 / 381039868Add: Prof Experience II
CANCELGES4980 / 381039868Cancelled: Profess Experience II
CANCELGES5270 / 400132808Cancelled: Advanced Biogeography
CANCELGRK1100 / 4WK133453Cancelled: Beginning Koine Greek I
ADDGRK1100 / 4WK238324Add: Beginning Koine Greek I/Fridays/6:00pm-7:30pm/DWIR 106/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/DWIR 106
CANCELHIST1000 / 00131759Cancelled: Intro to Historical Study
ADDHIST1135 / 300137456Add: Contemporary China: F 10:50am -1:30pm / COLU214
CANCELHIST3000 / 300331315Cancelled: Istanbul
CANCELHIST3000 / 300431316Cancelled:Spc Tpcs
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300932494Change of room to OCSE B216.
ADDHIST3020 / 1-300237801Add: Heller Internship/Tuesdays/8:00am-10:40am/COLU 333
CANCELHIST3020 / 1-300237801Cancelled: Internship Heller Center
CANCELHIST3020 / 1-600131621Cancelled: Heller Internship
ADDHIST3020 / 1-600340382Add: Internship: Heller Center Tues 8:00-10:40am/COLU333
CANCELHIST3050 / 300132429Cancelled: Guided Archieval Research
CHANGEHIST3680 / 300132431Change of Room to COLU 136
CHANGEHIST4120 / 300132432Change of room to COLU 117.
ADDHIST4990 / 300340018Add: Senior Seminar/Fridays/9:25am-12:05pm/COLU 127
CANCELHIST4990 / 300340018Cancel: Senior Thesis
ADDHIST6690 / 300340845Add: Rdgs in Lat Amer: City & Space
CANCELHIST6990 / 300135440Cancelled: Spec Topcs
ADDHIST6990 / 300237426Add: Spc Tpcs-Research Nat Amer Ethno Hist: TEVE, 4:45-7:20pm / COLU117
ADDHIST9400 / 1-390838922Add: Indep. Study.
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300629775Change Room CENT188
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300831826Change of Topic: Ancient Myth in Pop Culture
CHANGEHUM3990 / 300931827Change of Topic: Ancient Myth in Pop Culture
ADDID1010 / 300138430Add: Freshman Seminar; Driven/ Mon 4:45-7:20pm/BREC5101
CANCELID1050 / 300130844Cancelled: Quant & Qual Reasoning Skills
ADDID1050 / 300238406Add: Quant & Qual Reasoning Skills/Tuesdays and Thursdays/10:50am-12:05pm/CENT 186
CANCELID1110 / 101233356Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDID1110 / 101640164Add: Academic Fitness, Wed 3:05-4:05pm/OCSEA321
CHANGEID3010 / 300133358Change Day, Time,Room Fri 10:50am-1:30pm/BRECK5101
CANCELJPNS2110 / 500130982Cancelled: Intermediate Japanese I
ADDJPNS2110 / 500239949Add:Intermediate Japanese I/Fri 8am-1pm/OCSEB136
CHANGEJPNS2120 / 500129568Change Room to DWIR106
CANCELMATH1050 / 400130002Cancelled: Elem Functions for Calculus
CHANGEMATH1050 / 400431195Change Room COLU216
ADDMATH1050 / 400637532Add: Elem Functions for Calculus: M,W,F 3:05pm-4:20pm / CENT191
ADDMATH1360 / 400540061Add: Calculus II Tues 1:40-2:55pm COLU114/Thur, Fri 1:40-2:55pm COLU216
CANCELMATH2350 / 400335560Cancelled Section: Calculus III
ADDMATH2350 / 400437534Add: Calculus III: M,W,F 8-9:15am / ENGR109
CHANGEMATH3020 / 300131204Change of Room to ENGR105
CANCELMATH3810 / 300131156Cancelled: Intro to Prob & Stats.
ADDMATH3810 / 300240474Add: Intro to Prob & Stats: T, 10:50-12:05, COLU 128; R, 10:50-12:05, COLU 317.
CHANGEMSGP4030 / 1-300232796Change of Room to COLU 333
CANCELMUS1000 / 300130973Cancelled: Intro to Music
ADDMUS1000 / 300337568Add: Intro to Music: WEVE/4:45-7:20pm/UHAL233C
ADDMUS1040 / 100340366Add: Class Piano/Fridays/3:05pm-4:45pm/UHAL 233C
ADDMUS1310 / 100238889Add: University Choir/Thursdays/6:05pm-8:45pm/UH 168
CANCELMUS1310 / 200131121Cancelled: University Choir
CANCELMUS2050 / 300120450Cancelled: Jazz History
CANCELMUS2310 / 100130181Cancelled: VAPA Vocal Ensemble
ADDMUS2310 / 200238890Add: VAPA Vocal Ensemble/Mon,Wed,4:45-6pm/UHAL168
CANCELMUS3030 / 100131398Cancel: Sight Singing Ear Trng
CANCELMUS3150 / 300130183Cancelled: Intro To Ethnomusicology
ADDMUS4030 / 1-300139944Add: Intern in Music
CANCELMUS4950 / 1-300118437Cancelled: Special Topics: The Music of Brazil and Cuba
CANCELMUS4960 / 1 - 300232950Cancelled: Music Business & Entrepreneurs
CANCELMUS4960 / 1-300331707Cancel: Advnd Topics Dgtl Snd/Msc Eff Dsgn Proc
ADDMUS4960 / 300539330Add: Advanced Special Topics: Foundations of Conducting
CANCELMUS4960 / 300539330Cancel: Foundations of Conducting
ADDMUS9400 / 1-490440087Add: Indep Study in MUsic
ADDMUS9400 / 1-490540606Add: Music Independent Study
ADDPES1110 / 400339712Add: Gen Physics I/Tues,Thurs 3:05-4:20pm/CENT203/ Fri 3:05-4:20pm /CENT102
ADDPES1160 / 100440060Add: Adv Physics Lab I Calc Base Wed, 4:30-6:10pm/OCSEB214
CHANGEPES1510 / 300129499Change Room OCSEA204
ADDPES1950 / 1-300139719Add: Spec Topic Musical Acoustic/Tues,Thurs,3:05-4:20pm/OCSEA204
CANCELPES1950 / 300139719Cancelled: Special Topics: Musical Acous
ADDPES2150 / 100640192Physics Lab II Algebra Based/Wednesdays/9:00am-10:40am/OCSE B214
CANCELPES3320 / 300129513Cancel: Elect & Magnetism II
ADDPES3320 / 300239067Add: Elect & Magnetism II/Mon,Wed 3:05-4:20pm; OCSEA204
CANCELPES4150 / 200131363Cancelled: Solid State Laboratory
ADDPES9300 / 1-391340270Add: Independent Study
CHANGEPHIL1000 / 300130018Change of Room to COLU136
CANCELPHIL1000 / 300111329Cancelled: Intro to Philosophy
CANCELPHIL1000 / 300840038Cancel: Intro to Philosophy
ADDPHIL1000 / 300840038Add: Intro to Philosophy; Wed 7:30-10:05pm/ Colu323
CHANGEPHIL1020 / 300130026Change of Room to COLU 324
CANCELPHIL1100 / 300135564Cancelled: Intro to Religion
CHANGEPHIL1120 / 300631259Change Room COLU216
CANCELPHIL1120 / 300732223Cancelled: Critical Thinking
ADDPHIL3160 / 3OL140370Add: Death and Dying
ADDPHIL3200 / 3WK138637Change of Room to COLU325
ADDPHIL3600 / 300138390Add: Philosophy of Religion/Tuesdays and Thursdays/9:25am-10:40am/COLU 114
CANCELPHIL4150 / 300131108Cancelled: Ethics 3
CANCELPHYS5150 / 200131369Cancelled: Solid State Laboratory
CANCELPHYS5510 / 300131370Cancelled: Modern Optics
ADDPHYS8000 / 1-1280740273Add: Dissertation
ADDPHYS9500 / 1-690840220Add: Independent Study-Grad
ADDPHYS9500 / 1-690940274Add: Graduate Independent Study
ADDPORT3000 / 000738675Add: Writing Portfolio
ADDPORT3000 / 000840533Add: Writing Portfolio Dates 05/01-05/17/2014
ADDPORT3000 / 000940881Add: Writing Portfolio
CANCELPSC4980 / 1-300131071Cancelled: Criminal Law I
CANCELPSC4980 / 1-300231609Cancelled: Spec Tpcs TheFederalist Papers
CANCELPSC4980 / 300331825Cancelled: Latin American Political Film
ADDPSC4980 / 300437463Add:Latin American Political Film : M,T,W,R,F/8am-12:15pm/COLU317
CANCELPSC4980 / 300437463Cancelled Latin American Political Film
ADDPSC4980 / 300537622Add: Intro to Criminal Law I: W/10:50am-1:30pm/U H 132
CANCELPSC4980 / 300537622Cancelled: Spec Probs: Intro to Crim Law
ADDPSC4980 / 300637627Add:The Federalist Papers: MEVE/ 4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU103
CHANGEPSY1100 / 100232530Change Room DWIR121
CANCELPSY1100 / 100332540Cancelled: Profession of Psychology
CANCELPSY2110 / 006032541Cancelled: Intro Psych Res/Measurement Lab
CANCELPSY3510 / 300135835Cancelled: Psychology of Aging
CANCELPSY3550 / 300118556CAncel: Psychology of Women
ADDPSY4210 / 1-300937640Add: Practicum in Exper Psychology
CANCELPSY4400 / 300232560Cancelled: Seminar in Social Psych-Psych o War
ADDPSY4400 / 300338130Add: Seminar in Social Psych-Psych of War/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 322
CANCELPSY4620 / 300129873Cancelled: Seminar in Development-Intnl Rights
ADDPSY4620 / 300338124Add: Seminar in Development-Intnl Rights/Mondays and Wednesdays/10:50am-12:05pm/OCSE B211
CHANGEPSY5820 / 01030471Change Room COLU325
CHANGERUSS2120 / 300139606Change Dates: 01/20/2014-05/11/2014
CHANGESOC3250 / 300133821Change of Room COLU317
CANCELSOC3290 / 3OL132739Cancelled: Persp on Race & Ethnic Relat
ADDSOC3290 / 3OL238412Add: Persp on RAce & Ethnic Relat
CHANGESOC3320/ 300132743Change Room to COLU105
CHANGESOC4290 / 300135855Change of Room to COLU317 Change of Time to: 1:40pm-4:20pm
ADDSOC4490 / 300138135Add: Sociology Internship: W, 1:40-4:20pm/COLU127
CANCELSOC4520 / 300130845Cancelled: Soc. of Corrections & Rehab
CHANGESOC4960 / 3WK139770Juvenile Delinquency/Change of Time 8:30am-12:30pm
ADDSOC4960 / 3WK139770Add: Juvenile Delinquency/Sat 9:25-12:05pm /02/15/14-4/26/14/U H 133
CANCELSOC4960 / 3WK139770Cancel: Juvenile Delinquency
CANCELSOC4980 / 100132777Cancelled: Capstone Preparatory
ADDSOC4980 / 100240415Add: Capstone Preparatory Wed 1:40-3:40pm/Colu117
ADDSOC5010 / 300439871Add: Seminar: Spec Topics in Soc/Wed 10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEB134
ADDSOC5090 / 300140086Add: Research Practicum
CANCELSOC5115 / 100132783Cancelled: Homelessness-Service Learning
CHANGESPAN3010 / 3WK139607Change of Room DWIR106
CANCELSPAN4620 / 300135849Cancelled: Don Quijote
CANCELSPAN5620 / 300135850Cancelled: Don Quijote
CANCELTHTR2040 / 3WK132974Cancelled: Voice & Articulation I
ADDTHTR2040 / 3WK239711Add: Voice & Articulation I; Sat 1:00-5:00 pm/UHAL233A
CANCELTHTR2600 / 300132975Cancelled: Theatre for Children
CHANGETHTR3030 / 300131432Change of Room to UHAL233
CANCELTHTR3900 / 300131128Cancelled: Theatre for Children
CHANGEUTLS3030 / 300131378Change of Room to OCSEA343
CANCELVA2000 / 300332969Cancelled: Special Topics: Studio/Sculpture
CANCELVA2110 / 300129892Cancelled: Introduction to Photography
ADDVA2110 / 300338481Add: Introduction to Photography/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 135
CANCELVA3000 / 300332970Cancelled: Special Topics: Studio/Sculpture
CANCELVA4110 / 300132638Cancelled: Advanced Photography
ADDVA4110 / 300238480Add: Advanced Photography/Mondays and Wednesdays/9:25pm-12:05pm/COLU 135
ADDVA9400 / 490520998Add: Independent Study
CANCELWEST2900 / 300232487Cancelled: Spc Tpcs: Foundations NA Stud
CANCELWEST3290 / 3OL132738Perspt Race & Ethnic Relations
ADDWEST3290 / 3OL238411Perspect Race & Ethnic Relations
CHANGEWEST3320 / 300132787Change Room to COLU105
CHANGEWEST3550 / 300131337Change Room COLU303
CHANGEWEST3680 / 300132491Change of Room to COLU 136
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDASL5000 / 3WK140067Add: Contrastive Ling Analysis/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/COLU 114
CANCELASL5000 / 3WK240556Cancelled ContrastiveLinguis Analysis
CHANGECJ6600 / 300233412Change of Room to COLU115
CHANGEENGL1800 / 300129821Change Room to OCSEB138
CANCELHSCI1040 / 100231574Cancelled: Belly Dancing
CHANGEHSCI1180 / 100132711Change of Room; U H 132
CANCELHSCI123000238422Cancelled: Intro to Distance Running
CANCELHSCI1230 / 200131265Cancelled: Intro to Distance Running
ADDHSCI1230 / 200238422Add: Intro to Distance Running; Wed, 12:15-1:55pm / UHAL140
ADDHSCI1240 / 100139970Add: Spec Topic: Pract Self Def/Wed 12:15-1:05pm/UHAL214
CANCELHSCI1240 / 100139970Cancelled: Practical Self Defense
CHANGEHSCI2060 / 300232688Change of Room U H 132
CHANGEHSCI3201 / 300131269Change of Room to U H 140
ADDHSCI3230 / 3OL239769Add: Meical Terminology/Online
CANCELHSCI4490 / 300132694Cancelled: Exercise for Special Populatns
ADDHSCI4490 / 3 00240033Add: Exercise for Special Populatns; Tue 10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL216
CANCELHSCI5200 / 3OL132698Cancelled: Applied Hlth Promo Technology
ADDHSCI5490 / 300139857Add: Exercise for Special Populatns/Tues 8-10:40am/UHAL216
CANCELHSCI5490 / 300139857Cancel: Exercise for Special Populatns
ADDHSCI5490 / 300240034Add: Exercise for Special Populatns; Tues 10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL216
CANCELHSCI6170 / 1-200131640Cancelled: Spc Tpcs: Sudden Death II
CANCELHSCI6170 / 1-200232726Cancelled: Sudden Death in Sports
ADDHSCI6170 / 1-400338393Add:Sudden Death in Sports/ M-F 8:00am-12:00pm/UHAL319
CHANGEHSCI6240 / 300131219Change of Day to Thurs/Change of Room; UHal 109
CANCELHSCI6650 / 400131275Cancelled Health Coaching
ADDHSCI6650 / 400239731ADD: Health Coaching; Wed 1:40-5:15pm/UHAL165
CANCELID1110 / 101640164Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDMAE1005 / 07039919Add: Into to Machine Shop/Fri 8-10:40am/OCSEA303
CHANGEMAE4000 / 100138983Change of Room to ENGR109
CANCELNURS1010 / 100129418Cancelled: Pharmacological Math
ADDNURS1010 / 100238466Add: Pharmacological Math; Wed, 8:30-9:25am/UHAL109
CANCELNURS3010 / 300131030Cancel: Pathophysiology
ADDNURS3010 / 300238467Add: Pathophysiology; Wed 9:30 am-12:10pm / UHAL141
ADDNURS3100 / 006036269ADD: Mental Health Clinical; Wed/ 7:45am-3pm/Meets in Town
CHANGENURS3100 / 600129427Change of Room Fridays UHAL165
ADDNURS3580 / 3OL137410Add: Palliative & End of Life Care
ADDNURS4015 / 3OL239037Add: Nurs Resrch RN-BSN/Dual Enrl
CANCELNURS4030 / 3OL131575Cancelled: Hlthcare Polcy/Eth/Legal
ADDNURS4040 / 3OL136259Add: Substance Abuse Implications
ADDNURS4590 / 200139150Add: Advanced Practicum: Clinical
CANCELNURS6030 / 3 OL131715Cancelled: Hlthcare Polcy/Eth/Legal
ADDNURS6040 / 3OL136270Add: Substance Abuse Implications
ADDNURS6740 / 3OL339612Add: Advncd Pathophysiology
CHANGEWEST3150 / 300132490Change of Room COLU317
School of Public Affairs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECJ3160 / 300133372Change of room to CENT 106.
CANCELCJ3510 / 3WK131868Cancel: Drugs, Alcohol & Crime
CANCELCJ4029 / 300133375Cancel: Legal Aspects of Forensics
CHANGECJ4042 / 300231783Change of Room to DWIR112
ADDCJ4042 / 3OL140163Add: Corrections
CANCELCJ4520 / 300133456Cancel: Gans & Criminal Orgs
ADDCJ4950 / 300138302Add: Honors Research Capstone
CHANGECJ6600 / 300233412Change of Room to COLU115
CHANGEPAD5262 / 300133424Change of Room to DWIR112
CHANGEPAD5271 / 300133410Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELPAD5380 / 300133419Cancel: Citizen Participation
CHANGEPAD5380 / 300133419 Change of Room DWIR103
CANCELPAD6600 / 300133421Cancel: Gender Ldrshp & Politics
CANCELPAD6600 / 3OL133423Cancel: Environmental Policy
College of Education
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECOUN4070 / 3WK133684Change of Room to COLU136
CANCELCOUN5120 / 300631495Cancelled: Practicum in Prof Counseling
ADDCOUN5120 / 300838903Add: Pract in Prof Counseling/ Thurs 4:45-7:20pm/Meets in COLU 3023G
CHANGECOUN5160 / 1-600133460Change of Location to USAFA
CANCELCOUN5280 / 300131189Cancelled: Teams & Org Lead
ADDCOUN5280 / 300238906Add: Teams & Org Lead/Wed, 8am-10:40am/Off Site
CANCELCOUN5290 / 300131083Cancelled: College Student Devel
ADDCOUN5290 / 300238907Add: College Student Devel/Thur, 10:50am-1:30pm/Off site
CHANGECOUN5440 / 300130969Change of Room COLU103
CHANGECOUN5530 / 2WK131866Change of Room to COLU136
CANCELCOUN5600 / 300133461Cancelled: Leading Diversity
ADDCOUN5600 / 300238907Add: Leading Diversity/Thurs 8-10:40am-Off site
CANCELCOUN5700 / 1-600230198Cancelled: Counseling Internship
ADDCOUN5700 / 1-600640426Add: Counseling Internship/Thursdays/6:05pm-8:45pm/OCSE B138
CANCELCOUN5700 / 300130197Cancelled: Internship in School Counseling
CANCELCOUN5700 / 300433463Cancelled: Counseling Internship
ADDCOUN5700 / 300540296Add: Internship in School Counseling/Thursdays/6:05pm-8:45pm/OCSE B136
ADDCOUN5700 / 300740454Add: Counseling Internship/Thursdays/6:05pm-8:45pm/COLU 322
CANCELCOUN5720 / 1-600130202Cancel: Intern: Cln Mental Hlth Coun
CANCELCOUN5720 / 1-600230203Cancel: Intern: Cln Mental Hlth Coun
CANCELCOUN5720 / 1-600331496Cancel: Cln Mental Hlth Coun
ADDCOUN5720 / 1-600439071Add:Cln Mental Hlth Coun/Tues, 7:30-10:05pm; COLU322
ADDCOUN5720 / 1-600539073Add: Cln Mental Hlth Coun/Tues, 7:30-10:05pm;COLU323
ADDCOUN5720 / 1-600639074Add: Cln Mental Hlth Coun/Tues 7:30-10:05pm; COLU333
ADDCURR2009 / 100138405Add: Succeeding at UCCS: 1/27-2/24, M, 10:50am-1:50pm, COLU 3022.
ADDCURR2010 / 100138409Add: P-20 Educ in USA: 3/3-4/14, M, 10:50am-1:50pm, COLU 3022.
ADDCURR5009 / 100138408Add: Succeeding at UCCS: 1/27-2/24, M, 10:50am-1:50pm, COLU 3022.
ADDCURR5010 / 100138410Add: P-20 Educ in USA: 3/3-4/14, M, 10:50am-1:50pm, COLU 3022.
CANCELCURR5215 / 3OL131114Cancelled: Gifted Program Leadership
CANCELCURR5304 / 300130430Cancelled: Mathematics and Cognition
ADDCURR5304 / 300240453Add: Mathematics and Cognition/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 114
ADDCURR5304 / 3OL140381Add: Math & Cognition.
ADDCURR5304 / 3OL140381Add: Mathematics and Cognition
CANCELCURR5411 / 300130435Cancelled Psycholinguistics & Reading
CHANGECURR5413 / 300130436Change Room to OCSEB217
ADDCURR5415 / 300140289Add: Fndtns of Literacy/Thur 4:45-7:20pm/COLU136
ADDCURR5494 / 3OL138525Add: Sec Soc Studies Methods.
ADDCURR9603 / 390240503Add: Independent Study
ADDIECE3000 / 300240777Add: Assessment for IECE
CHANGELEAD1000 / 300135762Change of Room ENGR105
CHANGELEAD1000 / 300135762Change Room to OCSEA321
ADDLEAD5020 / 3OL240132Add: Vision/Ethics Ldrshp Dem
ADDLEAD5220 / 300240653Add: Program Eval & Curr Assesme
CHANGELEAD5700 / 3WK131883Change of Room to CENT245
CANCELLEAD5700 / 3WK131883Cancelled: Intro to Research & Statistics
ADDLEAD6140 / 300140756Add: Supervision and Evaluation/Saturdays/8am-3pm/COLU 216
CANCELLEAD6140 / 3WK135761Cancelled: Supervision and Evaluation
CHANGELEAD6820 / 300331761Change of Day to Tuesdays; Change of Time to 7:00pm-10:00pm; Change of Room to COLU 3022
CANCELLEAD7600 / 300431685Cancelled: Doctoral Research Lab
ADDLEAD8990 / 1-1080240523Add: Doctoral Dissertation
CHANGESPED4011 / 300130057Change of Room to OCSE B134
ADDSPED4011 / 300240594Add: Assessment & Instructional
ADDSPED4030 / 300238523Add: Elem/Sec Intern: M, 4:45-7:20pm, OCSE B216.
CHANGESPED5011 / 300130067Change of Room to OCSE B134
ADDSPED5030 / 300238524Add: Elem/Sec Intern: M, 4:45-7:20pm, OCSE B216.
ADDTED4570 / 400238964Add: Elementary Literacy Methods; Tues 4:45-7:20 pm/ COLU323
CANCELTED5570 / 300135836Cancelled: Elem. Lit. Methods
ADDTED5570 / 400238427Add: Elem. Lit. Methods: T, 4:45-7:20pm, COLU 323.
CHANGEUTED1010 / 100131054Change of room to OCSE A343.
CHANGEUTED1010 / 100231172Change of room to OCSE A343.
CHANGEUTED1020 / 100131055Change of room to OCSE A343.
CHANGEUTED1020 / 100231173Change of room to OCSE A343.
CHANGEUTED2010 / 300130947Change of room to OCSE A343.
CHANGEUTED2020 / 300131244Change of room to OCSE A343.
CANCELUTED4730 / 1100132423Cancelled: Apprentice Teaching.
ADDUTED4730 / 1100239655Add: Apprentice Teaching.
CANCELUTED4731 / 100132424Cancelled: Apprentice Teaching Seminar.
ADDUTED4731 / 100239657Add: Apprentice Teaching Seminar.
College of Engineering and Applied Science
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELCS1020 / 300129613Cancel: Web Page Design
CHANGECS2060 / 300129619Change Room ENGR107
ADDCS2060 / 300339121Add: Programming w/C;Tue,Thur, 12:15-1:30pm/ENGR107
ADDCS2080 / 200239124Add: programming w/UNIX; Mon,Wed, 9:25-10:40am/ENGR136
CHANGECS3020 / 300129621Change of room ENGR136
CHANGECS3060 / 300131711Change of Room to ENGR 103
ADDCS4440 / 300138611Add: Comp Science/Big Data; Tue 4:45-7:20pm/OCSEA206
ADDCS5440 / 300138612Add: Comp Science; Big Data Tue 4:45-7:20pm/OCSEA206
CANCELCS5530 / 300133282Cancelled Section Mobile & Wireless Systems
ADDCS5540 / 300136326Add: Data Centers & Cloud Computing: M, W/6:05-7:20pm/ENGR101
ADDECE1001 / 300240029Add: Intro To Robotics; Mon, Weds, 10:50am-12:05pm/ENGR136
CANCELECE1021 / 300231743Cancelled: Comp-Based Modeling & Methods
CANCELECE1021 / 300337440Cancelled: Comp-Based Modeling & Methods
ADDECE1021 / 300437462Add: Comp-Based Modeling & Methods; Tues Thurs 12:15-1:30pm / ENGR136
CHANGEECE1411 / 200240031Change Room CENT192
ADDECE1411 / 200240031Add: Logic Circuits I; Tues, Thurs 1:40-2:55pm/ Rooms COLU103; ENGR229
CHANGEECE2411 / 200129644Change of Room to ENGR 103
ADDECE2411 / 200237455Add: Logic Circuits II: T,R/6:05-7:20pm/ENGR103
CANCELECE2411 / 200237455Cancel: Logic Circuits
ADDECE2411 / 200339069Add: Logic Circuits Tues,Thurs 3:05-4:20pm/ENGR109
CHANGEECE3110 /300129646Change of Room to COLU 216
CANCELECE3240 / 100131594Cancelled: Electronics Lab
CANCELECE3240 / 100131594Cancelled: Electr Engineering
ADDECE3240 / 100236333Add: Elect Engineering: W 12:15-2:55pm/ENGR229
ADDECE3440 / 100339924Add: Microcomputer Systems Lab/Fri 4:45-7:20pm/ENGR229
ADDECE3440 /100229649Cancelled: Microcomputer Systems Lab
CHANGEECE361000233290Change Room ENGR138
CANCELECE4020 / 300139857Cancel: Semiconductor Devices II
ADDECE4020 / 300239828Add: Semiconductor Devices II/Mon,Wed, 3:05-4:20pm/ENGR136
CANCELECE4040 / 100129652Cancelled: Intro VLSI Fabrication Lab
CHANGEECE4200 / 100129655Change time to 4:45pm - 6:05 pm
CANCELECE4480 / 300129660Cancelled: Comp Architecture & Design
ADDECE4480 / 300238237Add: Comp Architecture & Design/Tuesdays/6:05pm-8:45pm/OCSE B216
CHANGEECE4625 / 300129662Change Room COLU103
CHANGEECE4670 / 100129664Change Day: Thursdays
CANCELECE4890 / 100129665Cancelled: Senior Seminar
ADDECE4890 / 100239882Add: Senior Seminar/Fri 3:05-4:20pm/ENGR101
CANCELECE5020 / 300131634Cancel: Semiconductor Devices II
ADDECE5020 / 300239826Add:Semiconductor Devices II/Mon, Wed, 3:05-4:20pm/ENGR136
ADDECE518000139714Add: Microwave Measure Lab/Thur, 3:05-8:30pm/COLU216
CANCELECE5480 / 300129661Cancelled: Comp Architecture & Design
ADDECE5480 / 300238238Add: Comp Architecture & Design/Tuesdays/6:05pm-8:45pm/OCSE B216
CHANGEECE5530 / 300133293Change Room OCSEB211
CHANGEECE5625 / 300129663Change Room COLU103
ADDECE5720 / 3OL136340Add: Battery Management & Control
CANCELENE5020 / 3OL133438Cancelled: Intro to Energy Management
CANCELGDD4900 / 300131481Change Room OCSEA206-A
ADDINOV2010 / 300120968Add: Innov Team:Analyze & Report/Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, 10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEA206
ADDINOV3010 / 300120969Add: INOV Team Research & Execute/Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs 10:50am-1:30pm/meets with INOV2010 & 4010 OCSEA206
ADDINOV4010 / 300120970Add: INOV Team Design & Lead/Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs 10:50am-1:30pm/meets with INOV 2010 & 3010 OCSEA206
CANCELMAE1005 / 06038366Cancelled: Into to Machine Shop
CANCELMAE1005 / 001031040Cancelled: Intro to Machine Shop Lab
CANCELMAE1005 / 002031041Cancelled: Mech & Aerospace Engineering
ADDMAE1005 / 003038361Add: Intro to Machine Shop Lab: M 8-10:40am OCSEA303.
CANCELMAE1005 / 003038361Cancelled: Intro to Machine Shop - Lab
ADDMAE1005 / 0 04031039Add: Mech & Aerospace Engineering: T 8-10:40am OCSEA303
ADDMAE1005 / 005038365Add:Mech & Aerospace Engineering: R 10:50am-1:30pm OCSEA303
ADDMAE1005 / 006038366Add: Mech & Aerospace Engineering: F 8-10:40am OCSEA303
ADDMAE1005 / 008040513Add; Intro to Machine Shop - Lab/Mondays/10:50am-1:30pm/OCSE /A303
CANCELMAE1503 / 07033858Cancelled: Into to Engineering Design
CANCELMAE2104 / 300130211Cancelled: Engineering Mechanics II
CANCELMAE2104 / 300237559Cancelled: Engineering Mechanics II
CANCELMAE2104 / 300237559Cancelled: Engineering Mechanics II
ADDMAE2104 / 300338407Add: Engineering Mechanics II/Tuesdays and Thursdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/COLU 128
CHANGEMAE2200 / 300130835Change of Room to ENGR109
ADDMAE2301 / 300238346Add: Thermodynamics I (Honors)/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/COLU 333
ADDMAE3130 / 300238345Add: Fluid Mechanics (Honors)/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/OCSE B217
CHANGEMAE3302 / 300130220Change Room ENGR105
CHANGEMAE4120 / 300130226Change of Room to ENGR 105
ADDMAE5020 / 300140032Add: Num Methods w/MATLAB Tues, Thurs 4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSEB136
CHANGEMAE9110 / 100236376Change of Room to OCSEB217
CANCELMAE9110 / 300236376Cancelled: Special topics Undergraduate
CANCELMAE9510 / 1-300133223Cancelled: Mech & Aerospace Engineering
ADDMAE9510 / 300237560Add: Space Missions & Engineering Wednesday 4:45-7:20pm/COLU317
ADDMAE9510 / 300337561Add: Mech & Aerospace Engineering Wednesday 4:45-7:20pm / CENT191