Fall 2017 Schedule Changes

This service is available beginning March 1, 2017 and will be updated daily through December 16, 2017.

Changes as of November 22, 2017

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SubjectCourse #Call #
College of Business
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDACCT2010 / 300739956Add: Financial Accounting/Fridays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 103
CANCELACCT6100 / 300110256Cancelled: Accounting for Decision Making
ADDACCT6100 / 300238950Add: Accounting for Decision Making/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 331
ADDBGSO4000 / 3OL212625Add: Bus, Govt & Society
ADDBLAW2000 / 3OL236620Add: Business Law
CANCELBUAD4950 / 300128041Cancelled: Topics in Business-Undergrad
CHANGEFNCE4400 / 300111606Change of Room to DWIR201
ADDHRMG4380 / 3OL240407Add: Human Resource Management
CHANGEINFS1100 / 300512229Change of Room to DWIR109
ADDINFS1100 / 300512229Add: MS Office/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 104
CHANGEINFS1100 / 300612569Change of Room to DWIR109
ADDINFS1100 / 300612569Add: MS Office/Thursdays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 114
ADDINFS1100 / 300839994Add: Prod Apps for the Workplace/Thurs 4:45-7:20pm/DWIR109
CHANGEINFS3750 / 300128046Change of Room to DWIR331
CHANGEINFS6000 / 300128048Change of Room to DWIR 109
ADDINFS6000 / 3OL139989Add: Information Systems
CHANGEMGMT3300 / 300310464Change of Room to DWIR121
ADDMGMT4110 / 3OL237415Add: Experiences in Leadership
CHANGEMGMT4500 / 300111488Change of Room to DWIR114
CANCELOPTM3000 / 300428052Cancelled: Fund of Operations Mgt
CANCELOPTM3000 / 3OL212241Cancelled: Fund of Op Mgmt
CHANGEOPTM6200 / 300128053Change of Room to DWIR 331
CHANGEQUAN2010 / 300210497Change of Room to DWIR109
CHANGEQUAN2010 / 300210497Change of Room to DWIR 104
ADDQUAN2010 / 300210497Add: Business Statistics/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 122
ADDQUAN2010 / 300310498Add: Business Statistics/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 122
ADDQUAN2010 / 300410499Add: Business Statistics/Thursdays/8:00am-10:40am/DWIR 122
ADDQUAN2010 / 300528069Add: Business Statistics/Wednesdays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 122
ADDQUAN2010 / 300638730Add: Business Statistics/Tues, 1:40-4:20pm/DWIR109
ADDQUAN2010 / 300640406Add: Business Statistics/Thurs, 10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 122
ADDQUAN2010 / 300739886Add: Business Statistics/Fri, 10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR109
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELAH2800 / 3OL112208Cancelled: Survey: Ancient Art
ADDAH2800 / 3OL238871Add: Survey: Ancient Art
CANCELAH2890 / 300128016Cancelled: Survey: Nineteen Centruy Art
CANCELAH3000 / 300111831Cancelled: Topics in Art History: Envir Effects on Cltrl Proprty
CANCELAH3000 / 3OL112209Cancelled: Topics in Art History: Egyptian Art and Architecture
ADDAH3000 / 3OL238872Add: Topics in Art History: Egyptian Art and Architecture
CHANGEAH3240 / 300128022Change of Days to Wednesdays
CANCELANTH1020 / 3WK134969Cancelled: Introduction to Archaeology
CHANGEANTH2800 / 300111048Change of Room to CENT106
CANCELANTH3215 / 300134965Cancelled: Geospatial Archaeology
CHANGEANTH3310 / 300112462Change of Room to CENT 119
CANCELANTH3330 / 3OL134966Cancelled: Hormones & Behavior
CANCELANTH3810 / 300137056Cancelled: Language, Culture,& Society
ADDANTH3810 / 300137056Add: Language,Culture,&Society/Mon,Wed 1:40-2:55pm/CENT133
CANCELANTH3810 / 300237589Cancelled: Language, Culture & Society
ADDANTH3810 / 300237589Add: Language,Culture,& Society/Tues,Thurs,3:05-4:20pm/CENT133
CANCELANTH4400 / 300234968Cancelled: Adv. Tpcs: Language, Culture, and Society
CANCELANTH4400 / 300333320Cancelled: Adv Tpcs Cult Anth:
ADDANTH4400 / 300338818Add: Adv. Tpcs.: Language, Culture, and Society/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/CENT 133
CANCELANTH4980 / 300111835Cancelled: Senior Seminar in Anthropology
ADDANTH9400 / 1-690636649Add: Independent Study in Anth
ADDANTH9400 / 1-690740617Add: Independent Study in Anth
CANCELARBC1010 / 500132853Cancelled: Beginning Arabic I
CANCELASL3040 / 300136030Cancelled: ASL Fingerspelling
ADDASL3040 / 300136030Add: ASL Fingerspelling & Numbers/Mon,Wed 10:50am-12:05pm,/DWIR246/Fri 10:50am-11:40am/CENT191
CANCELASL3040 / 400237395Cancelled: ASL Fingerspelling & Numbers
ADDASL3040 / 400237395Add: ASL Fingerspelling/Mondays and Wednesdays from10:50am-12:05pm and Fridays from 10:50am-11:40am/DWIR 246 on Mondays and Wednesdays/CENT 191 on Fridays
CANCELASL4000 / 300136039Cancelled: Contrastive Linguis AnalysisYOu
ADDASL4000 / 300136039Add: Contrastive Linguis Analysis/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:40pm-7:55pm/CENT 102
ADDBIOL1000 / 3OL238472Add: Biology in the Modern World
ADDBIOL1010 / 3OL138473Add: Intro to Human Biology
ADDBIOL1060 / 1OL238474Add: Biol iin the Modern World Lab
CHANGEBIOL1350 / 300111788Change of format to hybrid, change of section number to H01.
CANCELBIOL2010 / 400110267Cancelled: Human Anatomy & Physiology I
CHANGEBIOL4010 / 100212019Change of Room to COLU333
CANCELBIOL4010 / 100512249Cancelled: Seminar in Biology
CHANGEBIOL4010 / 100534636Change of Room to OCSEB305
ADDBIOL4220 / 300238762Add: Epidemiology/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 127
CANCELBIOL4360 / 001032433Cancelled: Human Phys Lab
CANCELBIOL4360 / 002032434Cancelled: Human Phys Lab
ADDBIOL4360 / 003037004Add: Human Phys Lab/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE A202
ADDBIOL4360 / 004037005Add: Human Phys Lab/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE A202
CANCELBIOL4360 / 300112156Cancelled: Human Phys
ADDBIOL4360 / 300237003Add: Human Phys/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 192
CANCELBIOL4600 / 300110431Cancelled: Biomech of Musculoskel Injury
ADDBIOL4710 / 1-1280440593Add: Externship in Biology
CHANGEBIOL4840 / 300111805Change of Room to OCSEB305
CHANGEBIOL5010 / 100134894Change of Room to CENT191
CANCELBIOL5600 / 300110437Cancelled: Biomech of Musculoskel Injury
CHANGEBIOL5840 / 300111881Change of Room to OCSEB305
ADDCHEM1001 / 300337434Add: Pre-Chemistry/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/CENT 203
ADDCHEM1111 / 3OL139750Add: Environmental Science
ADDCHEM1112 / 1OL139749Add: Environmental Science Lab
CANCELCHEM1401 / 400311975Cancelled: General Chemistry I
CANCELCHEM1402 / 100311978Cancelled: General Chemistry Lab I
CANCELCHEM1402 / 100611981Cancelled: General Chemistry Lab I
ADDCHEM1402 / 102037435Add: General Chemistry Lab I/Tues,4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT248
ADDCHEM1402 / 102137436Add: General Chemistry Lab I/Tues,7:30-10:05pm/CENT248
ADDCHEM2904 / 1-401139797Add: Research: Lower Division
ADDCHEM2904 / 1-401239798Add: Research: Lower Division
CANCELCHEM3002 / 100111403Cancelled: Org Chem Lab
ADDCHEM3002 / 100239630Add: Org Chem Lab/Fridays/9:25am-10:40am/CENT 192
ADDCHEM3203 / 003039501Add: Organic Chem Lab for Majors I/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/CENT 268
CANCELCHEM4102 / 100211715Cancelled: Expmtl Phys Chem: Quant & Spec
ADDCHEM4102 / 100338390Add: Expmtl Phys Chem: Quant & Spec/Thurs,4:45-7:20pm/CENT246
CANCELCHEM4211 / 300110436Cancelled: Biochemistry
ADDCHEM4211 / 300236743Add: Biochemistry/Mon,Wed,Fri,9:25-10:40am/CENT188
CANCELCHEM4511 / 300111971Cancelled: Forensic Chemistry
CANCELCHEM4521 / 300111288Cancelled: Environmental Chemistry
ADDCHEM4521 / 3OL135440Add: Environmental Chemistry
CHANGECHEM4801 / 300132711Change of Room to CENT106
ADDCHEM4904 / 1-801139795Add: Research Upper Division
ADDCHEM4904 / 1-801239796Add: Research Upper Division
CHANGECHEM4921 / 300112260Change of Room to CENT191
CANCELCHEM5521 / 300111716Cancelled: Environmental Chemistry
ADDCHEM5521 / 3OL135441Add: Environmental Chemistry
CHANGECHEM5801 / 300132717Change of Room to CENT106
ADDCHEM5904 / 1-301139793Add: Research Graduate
ADDCHEM5904 / 1-301239794Add: Research Graduate
CHANGECHEM592100112263Change of Room to CENT191
ADDCHEM7000 / 1-680940313Add: Masters Thesis
CANCELCHEN5511 / 300111972Cancelled: Forensic Chemistry
CANCELCHIN2110 / 500132855Cancelled: Intermediate Chinese
ADDCHIN2110 / 500240556Add: Intermediate Chinese
CHANGECOMM1020 / 300110637Change of Room to COLU115
CANCELCOMM1020 / 3OL112763Cancelled: Interpersonal Communication
ADDCOMM1020 / 3OL236186Add: Interpersonal Communication
CHANGECOMM1440 / 300236147Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGECOMM1440 / 300236147Change of Room to COLU 127
ADDCOMM1440 / 300236147Add: Foundations of Leadership/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/OCSE B215
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300110641Change of Day to Wed,Change of time to 4:45-7:20pm,,Change of Room to COLU324
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300210642Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300411642Change of Room to UHAL 317
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300912646Change of Room to COLU115
ADDCOMM2010 / 301236130Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Mon,4:45-7:20pm/COLU323
ADDCOMM2010 / 301240993Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Tues,8:00-10:40am/UH133
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH136132Add: Oral Comm in Workplace/Sat, 1:00-5:00pm/COLU214
ADDCOMM2010 / 3WH240143Add: Oral Communication in the Workplace/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/COLU 136
CHANGECOMM2010 / 3WK112902Change of Room to COLU116
CANCELCOMM2010 / 3WK212905Cancelled: Oral Comm in Workplace
CHANGECOMM2030 / 300110644Change of Days, Time, and Room to Mondays/8:00am-10:40am/COLU 116
CANCELCOMM2030 / 300211930Cancelled: Intro to Communication Theory
ADDCOMM2030 / 3OL236128Add: Intro to Communication Theory
CANCELCOMM2150 / 300210656Cancelled: Male/Female Communication
CHANGECOMM2150 / 300210656Change of Room to COLU323
CANCELCOMM2500 / 300112506Cancelled: Research Methods
ADDCOMM2500 / 3OL236040Add: Research Methods
CHANGECOMM3240 / 300110663Change of Room to OCSE B136
CANCELCOMM3240 / 300210664Cancelled: Business & Professional Comm
CANCELCOMM3240 / 3H0128106Cancelled: Business & Professional Comm
ADDCOMM3240 / 3H0239179Add: Business & Professional Comm/Wednesdays/7:30pm-10:05pm/OCSE B136
ADDCOMM3240 / 3OL236127Add: Business & Professional Comm
ADDCOMM3240 / 3WH136137Add: Business & Professional Comm/Sat,8:30am-12:30pm/COLU323
CANCELCOMM3240 / 3WK112910Cancelled: Business & Professional Comm
ADDCOMM3280 / 3WH136650Add: Intercultural and Global Communication/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/COLU 323
CANCELCOMM3280 / 3WK134895Cancelled: Intercultural and Global Communication
CHANGECOMM3300 / 300111404Change of Days to Tuesdays
CANCELCOMM3440 / 300111694Cancelled: Organizational Leadership
ADDCOMM3440 / 300436185Add: Organizational Leadership/Mon,10:50am-1:30pm/COLU322
CANCELCOMM3440 / 300536197Cancelled: Organizational Leadership
ADDCOMM3440 / 300536197Add: Organizational Leadership/Fri,5:00-9:00pm/Sat,9:00am-5:30pm/DWIR114
CANCELCOMM3440 / 3WK112912Cancelled: Organizational Leadership
CANCELCOMM3460 / 300112779Cancelled: Digital Film Editing
CHANGECOMM3500 / 300111560Change of Days to Wednesdays
CANCELCOMM3800 / 300128113Cancelled: Strategic Communication Tactics
ADDCOMM3800 / 300238459Add: Strategic Communication Tactics/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 116
CHANGECOMM4000 / 300128114Change of Room to UHAL317
CANCELCOMM4000 / 300210668Cancelled: Rhetorical Dimensions in Comm
ADDCOMM4050 / 3OL237069Add: PR & Social Media
CANCELCOMM4100 / 300228124Cancelled: Advanced Public Speaking
CHANGECOMM4140 / 3WH112889Cancelled: Media Effects
CHANGECOMM4160 / 300128115Change of Room to COLU116
CANCELCOMM4160 / 300212727Cancelled: Comm Training
ADDCOMM4160 / 300339944Add: Comm Training/Fridays and Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm on Fridays and 9:00am-5:30pm on Saturdays/COLU 325
CANCELCOMM4230 / 3OL112507Cancelled: Crisis Communication
CHANGECOMM4240 / 300128117Change of Room to OCSE B215
CHANGECOMM4240 / 300128117Change of Day to Thur, Change of Time to 10:50am-1:30pm, Change of Room to COLU127
ADDCOMM5050 / 300128119Cancelled: PR & Social Media
CANCELCOMM5100 / 300228126Cancelled: Advanced Public Speaking
CHANGECOMM5240 / 300128118Change of Room to OCSE B215
CHANGECOMM5240 / 300128118Change of Day to Thur,Change of Time to 10:50am-1:30pm,Change of Room to COLU127
CHANGECOMM6160 / 300128120Change of Room to COLU116
CANCELCOMM6160 / 300212728Cancelled: Comm Training
ADDCOMM6160 / 300339945Add: Comm Training/Fridays and Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm on Fridays and 9:00am-5:30pm on Saturdays/COLU 325
ADDCOMM6250 / 300128121Cancelled: Problems in Communication
CANCELCOMM6250 / 300228122Cancelled: Problems in Communication
ADDCOMM6690 / 1-300140332Add: Internship in Comm Graduate
ADDCOMM6690 / 1-300240350Add: Internship in Comm Graduate
ADDCOMM9400 / 1-691840618Add: independent Study Undergrad
ADDDNCE2700 / 300538582Add: Fund of Dance Technique/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:30pm-5:45pm/UHAL 233A
CANCELDNCE3740 / 300133104Cancelled: Ballet Dance Technique
CHANGEECON1010 / 300210004Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGEECON1010 / 300611232Change of Room to COLU136
ADDECON1010 / 301035302Add: Intro to Macroecon: Th, 4:45-7:20, COLU 128.
ADDECON1010 / 301135303Add: Intro to Macroecon: Th, 7:30-10:05, COLU 117.
ADDECON1010 / 301240086Add: Intro to Microeconomics/Tues,Thurs, 12:15pm-1:30pm/DWIR114
CANCELECON1010 / 3OL312651Cancelled: Intro to Microeconomics
CANCELECON1010 / 3WK112892Cancelled: Intro to Microeconomics
ADDECON2020 / 300337356Add: Introduction to Macroeconomics/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/COLU 116
ADDECON2020 / 3OL238726Add: Intro to Macroeconomics
CHANGEECON3010 / 300111483Change of Room to COLU317
CANCELECON3610 / 300132590Cancelled: Work and Pay
CHANGEECON4510 / 300132594Change of Room to COLU214
ADDECON9500 / 1-390540692Add: Independent Study
ADDENGL1300 / 302138405Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/COLU 103
ADDENGL1300 / 302838406Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/OCSE B213
CHANGEENGL1300 / 302938407Change of Room to ENGR105
ADDENGL1300 / 302938407Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/ENGR 109
ADDENGL1300 / 303038932Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Mondays and Wednesdays/8:00am-9:15am/DWIR 112
ADDENGL1300 / 303038728Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tues, Thurs, 9:25-10:40am/COLU115
ADDENGL1300 / 303138933Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/DWIR 106
ADDENGL1300 / 303238934Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/8:00am-9:15am/COLU 116
ADDENGL1300 / 303338935Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/CENT 188
CHANGEENGL1310 / 301010560Change of Room to COLU 221
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303411811Change of Room to CENT102
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303911228Change of Room to COLU231A
CHANGEENGL1310 / 305311443Change of Room to CENT102
CHANGEENGL1310 / 305611551Change of Room to COLU 220
CHANGEENGL1310 / 306212268Change of Room to COLU209
ADDENGL1310 / 306337391Add: Rhetoric & Writing I/Tues, Thurs, 9:25am-10:40am/COLU224
CHANGEENGL1310 / 306440351Change of Room to OCSEB136
CANCELENGL1410 / 300511241Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 301012616Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 301112617Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 301432523Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 301532524Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
ADDENGL1410 / 301738404Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Tuesdays and Wednesdays/8:00am-9:15am/OCSE B136
ADDENGL1410 / 301838870Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Fridays/12:15pm-2:55pm/COLU 221
ADDENGL1410 / 301940352Add: Rhetoric & Writing II/Mon,Wed,6:05-7:20pm/COLU221
CANCELENGL1410 / 3WK136742Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
ADDENGL1410 / 3WK136742Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Saturday/8:00am-12:00pm/COLU 103
ADDENGL1410 / 3WK238849Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/COLU 220
CANCELENGL2010 / 300332462Cancelled: Intro to Lit for English Major
CANCELENGL2040 / 300112029Cancelled: Intro to Creative Nonfiction
CANCELENGL2040 / 300239764Cancelled: Intro to Creative Nonfiction
ADDENGL2040 / 300339894Add: Intro to Creative Nonfiction/Fri, 12:15pm-2;55pm/COLU216
CANCELENGL2080 / 300310594Cancelled: Bus & Admin Writing
ADDENGL2080 / 301039094Add: Bus & Admin Writing/Tues, Thurs 1:40-2:55pm/OCSEB211
CANCELENGL2080 / 3OL211968Cancelled: Bus & Admin Writing
CANCELENGL2090 / 300732787Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
CANCELENGL2090 / 300932789Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
CANCELENGL2090 / 3OL412632Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
CANCELENGL2090 / 3OL738731Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
ADDENGL2090 / 3OL738731Add: Tech Writing & Presentation
CANCELENGL2090 / 3OL838732Cancelled: Tech Writing & Presentation
ADDENGL2090 / 3OL938732Add: Tech Writing & Presentation
ADDENGL2090 /301138464Add: Tech Writing & Presentation/Tues, Thurs, 6:05-7:20pm/COLU221
CANCELENGL2510 / 300110597Cancelled: British Literature Before 1600
CANCELENGL2530 / 300211365Cancelled: 19th Century British Lit
CHANGEENGL3010 / 300110604Change of Room to OCSE B136
CANCELENGL3040 / 300112370Cancelled: Intermed Creative Nonfiction
CHANGEENGL3080 / 300110609Change of Room to COLU127
CHANGEENGL3080 / 300110609Change of Room to LANE120
ADDENGL3080 / 3OL339093Add: Adv Bus & Tech Writing
CHANGEENGL3110 / 300110611Change of Room to COLU103
CHANGEENGL3110 / 300110611Change of Time and Room to 3:05pm-4:20pm in OCSE B211
CHANGEENGL3600 / 300132466Change of Room to COLU324
CANCELENGL3820 / 300132467Cancelled: Rhetoric History & Theory
CANCELENGL3850 / 300132797Cancelled: Topics in Prof Writing
CHANGEENGL4300 / 300132468Change of Room to COLU303
CANCELENGL4700 / 300112479Cancelled: Seminar in Critial Thinking
CHANGEENGL4830 / 300111558Change of Room to COLU117
CHANGEENGL4830 / 300111558Change of Room to COLU136
CANCELENGL4850 / 300111764Cancelled: History of English Language
CANCELENGL5700 / 300112480Cancelled: Seminar in Critical Thinking
CHANGEENGL5830 / 300111559Change of Room to COLU117
CHANGEENGL5830 / 300111559Change of Room to COLU136
CANCELENGL5850 / 300111825Cancelled: History of English Language
CHANGEFILM3900 / 300111765Change of Room to DWIR114 Wed only
CANCELFILM3900 / 300212040Cancelled: Spc Tpc in Film Studies
CHANGEFILM4110 / 300132596CHange of Room to COLU317
CANCELFR2110 / 400110346Cancelled: Intermediate French I
ADDFR2110 / 400240558Add: Intermediate French I
CANCELFR3020 / 300132931Cancelled: French Conversation & Comp II
ADDFR3050 / 300137405Add: Professional French/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/DWIR 112
CHANGEFR4110 / 300132933Change of Room to COLU317
ADDGEOL4630 / 400136225Add: Principles of Geomorphology/Tuesdays/1:40pm-5:00pm/COLU 334
ADDGEOL5630 / 400136226Add: Principles of Geomorphology/Tuesdays/1:40pm-5:00pm/COLU 334
ADDGES3030 / 400238914Add: Intro to GIS/Tues,4:45-8:05pm/COLU329
CANCELGES3300 / 400112455Cancelled: Spaces of Political Geography
CANCELGES4120 / 400238916Cancelled: Internet GIS
ADDGES4120 / 400238916Add: Internet GIS/Thurs,4:45-8:05pm/COLU329
CANCELGES4770 / 300110844Cancelled: Develop of Geographic Thought
ADDGES4770 / 300238908Add: Develop of Geographic Thought/Tuesdays/5:05pm-7:40pm/COLU 334
CHANGEGES4780 / 300112567Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 8:00-10:40am,Change of Room to COLU303
ADDGES4980 / 1-480737068Add: Internship in Geography
ADDGES4980 / 1-480840804Add: Geography & Environ Studies
ADDGES5030 / 400238915Add: Intro to GIS/Tues,4:45-8:05pm/COLU329
CANCELGES5120 / 400210916Cancelled: Internet GIS
ADDGES5120 / 400238917Add: Internet GIS/Thurs,4:45-8:05pm/COLU329
CANCELGES5770 / 300110878Cancelled: Develop of Geographic Thought
ADDGES5770 / 300238907Add: Develop of Geographic Thought/Tuesdays/5:05pm-7:40pm/COLU 334
CHANGEGES5780 / 300112568Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 8:00-10:40am,Change of Room to COLU303
ADDGES9990 / 000140510Add: Candidate for Degree
ADDGPS1010 / 300540399Gateway Program Seminar/Mon,10:50am-1:30pm/BREC5101
ADDGPS1010 / 300740995Add: Gateway Program Seminar/Wed, 4:45-7:20pm/CUCH105
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301612796Change of Room to BREC5101
CANCELGPS1010 / 302212780Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
CHANGEGPS1010 / 302712801Change of Room to CUCH105
CANCELGPS1010 / 302812813Cancelled: Engineering Odyssey
CANCELGPS1010 / 303112816Cancelled: Gateway Seminar: Engineering Odyssey
CANCELGPS1010 / 303212817Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
CANCELGPS1010 / 303412834Cancelled: Engineering Odyssey
CHANGEGPS1010 / 303612788Change of Room to CUCH105
CHANGEGPS1010 / 303612822Change of Days to Tues
CHANGEGPS1010 / 304312823Change of Days to Mon
CANCELGPS1010 / 304512790Cancelled: Gateway Seminar: DOA
CHANGEGPS1010 / 304512832Change of Days to Wed
CHANGEGPS1010 / 305135453Change of Time to 10:50am-1:30pm
ADDGPS1010 / 305135453Add: You Say You Want a Revolution/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/BREC 5101
CANCELGPS1010 / 305312862Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
ADDGPS1010 / 305436228Add: Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands/Monday thru Friday/8:00am-5:00pm/COLU 115
ADDGPS1010 / 305536227Add: American Dream/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/BREC 5101
CANCELGPS1010 / 305637193Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
ADDGPS1010 / 305637193Add: Gateway Seminar: Engineering Odyssey/Tuesdays from 8:00am-9:15am/Thursdays from 9:25am-10:40am/ENGR 103 on Tuesdays and OCSE A218 on Thursdays
CHANGEGPS1010 / 305737351Change of Room to BREC5101
ADDGPS1010 / 305737351Add: Gateway Seminar: DOA/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/CUCH 105
ADDGPS1010 / 305837401Add: Gateway Program Seminar/Thurs, 8:00am-9:15am/ENGR103/Thurs 9:25am-10:40am/OCSEA218
CHANGEGPS1010 / 305937402Change of Day to Thurs 4:45-6:00pm
ADDGPS1010 / 305937402Add:Gateway Program Seminar/Tues,8:00am-9:15am/ENGR103/Wed, 4:45pm-6:00pm/ENGR136
ADDGPS1010 / 306038461Add: Engineering Odyssey/Tuesdays from 8:00am-9:15am/Wednesdays from 3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 103 on Tuesdays/ENGR 136 on Wednesdays
ADDGPS1010 / 306138462Add: Engineering Odyssey/Thursdays from 8:00am-9:15am/Mondays from 9:25am-10:40am/Thursdays in ENGR 103 and Mondays in OCSE A218
ADDGPS1010 / 306238463Add: Engineering Odyssey/Tuesdays from 8:00am-9:15am/Wednesdays from 12:15pm-1:30pm/Tuesdays in ENGR 103 and Wednesdays in ENGR 136
CANCELGPS1010 / 306338895Cancelled: Gateway Seminar: Headspace
ADDGPS1010 / 306338895Add: Gateway Program Seminar/Mon,Tues, Wed 8:00am-5:00pm/CENT188/Thur, Fri 8:00am-5:00pm/Heller
ADDGPS1010 / 307039341Add: Gateway Seminar: Headspace/Monday thru Friday/9:00am-5:30pm/CENT 188 and MAH 1
ADDGPS1010 / 307139342Add: Gateway Seminar: Engineering Odyssey/Thursdays/8:00am-9:15am in ENGR 103/4:45pm-6:00pm in OCSE A218
ADDGPS1010 / 307239839Add: Gateway Program Seminar/Wed, 8:00am-10:40am/CUCH105
CANCELGPS1010 / 3OL332731Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
ADDGPS1010 / 3OL440551Add: Gateway Program Seminar
CANCELGPS1110 / 100138485Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS1110 / 100138485Add: Academic Fitness/Tuesdays/8:00am-10:40am/CUCH 105
CANCELGPS1110 / 100238486Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS1110 / 100238486Add: Academic Fitness/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CUCH 105
CANCELGPS1110 / 100338487Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS1110 / 100338487Add: Academic Fitness/Wednesday/4:45pm-7:20pm/BREC 5101
CANCELGPS1110 / 100438488Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS1110 / 100438488Add: Academic Fitness/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/BREC 5101
CANCELGPS1110 / 100538489Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS1110 / 100538489Add: Academic Fitness/Friday/8:00am-10:40am/CUCH 105
CANCELGPS1110 / 100533267Cancelled: Academic Fitness
CANCELGPS1110 / 100638489Cancelled: Academic Fitness
ADDGPS1110 / 100638490Add: Academic Fitness/Friday/10:50am-1:30pm/CUCH 105
ADDGPS3010 / 200535452Add: Designing Your Life/Fridays 1:00pm-5:00pm/Saturdays 8:00am-5:00pm/COLU 325
CHANGEGPS3010 / 300133111Change of Room to BREC5101
CHANGEGPS3010 / 300212500Change of Room to COLU116
ADDGPS3010 / 3OL139338Add: Transition Seminar: The Invincible Non-Traditionals
CANCELGPS4090 / 3H0112819Cancelled: Perr Mentors for Gatew Sem
ADDGPS4090 / 3OL139838Add: Peer Mentors for Gateway Sem
CANCELGRK1010 / 400112665Cancelled: Beginning Classical Greek I
ADDGRK1010 / 400240554Add: Beginning Classical Greek I
CANCELGRNT4620 / 300112038Cancelled: Sociology of Aging
CANCELHIST1010 / 300212327Cancelled: The Ancient World
CHANGEHIST1140 / 300133322Change of Time to 7:30pm-10:05pm
CHANGEHIST1510 / 3B0110509Change of Day & Time to Tues 1:40-4:20pm
CHANGEHIST1510 / 3WK112901Change of Room to COLU114
CANCELHIST1600 / 300111755Cancelled: Making of the Middle East 1
CANCELHIST3000 / 300312329Cancelled: Spec Tpcs:
CANCELHIST3000 / 300433324Cancelled: Spec Tpcs:
CANCELHIST3000 / 300534944Cancelled: Spec Topics: Russian Hist
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300836177Change of Room to COLU114
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300836177Change of Room to COLU116
ADDHIST3000 / 300836177Add: Spec Tpcs/Fri, 10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR201
ADDHIST3390 / 300136754Add: Great European Film Directors/Fri,1:40-5:00pm/OCSEB134
CHANGEHIST3720 / 300133329Change of Room to OCSEB217
CANCELHIST3890 / 300133330Cancelled: History of Colonial India
CHANGEHIST4050 / 300136106Change of Room to COLU127
ADDHIST4050 / 300136106Add: From Harem to the War Zone/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 322
ADDHIST4570 / 300235500Add: War & Soc: 20th Cent US/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 106
CHANGEHIST4990 / 300110510Change of Room to COLU322
CHANGEHIST4990 / 300110510Change of Room to COLU127
ADDHIST4990 / 300340813Add: Senior Sem: Aprchs to Stdy Hist
CHANGEHIST7690 / 300112337Change of Time and Room to 7:30pm-10:05pm in COLU 324
ADDHIST9400 / 1-391239628Add: Undergrad Independent Study
ADDHIST9600 / 1-391139629Add: Grad Independent Study
ADDHIST9600 / 391038918Add: Grad Independent Study
CANCELHUM3990 / 301512366Cancelled: Spec Topics in Humanities
ADDHUM3990 / 3OL736098Add: Spec Topics
CANCELHUM3990 / 3WK332747Cancelled: Spec Topics in Humanities
CANCELHUM3990 / 3WK432748Cancelled: Spec Topics in Humanities
ADDID4950 / 3OL137357Add: Honors Capstone Seminar
CANCELMATH1040 / 300211042Cancelled: College Algebra
CHANGEMATH1040 / 300211042Change of Days; adding Fridays
CHANGEMATH1040 / 300311043Change of Days & Time to Mon,Wed,Fri 9:25-10:40am/Change of Room to ENGR101
ADDMATH1040 / 301337531Add: College Algebra/Tues, Thur 8:00am-9:15am/ENGR101
ADDMATH1040 / 301438769Add: College Algebra/Mon,Wed,1:40-2:55pm/ENGR101
ADDMATH1040 / 301538770Add: College Algebra/Mon,Wed, 3:05-4:20pm/COLU325
CANCELMATH1040 / 301639999Cancelled: College Algebra
ADDMATH1040 / 301639999Add: College Algebra/Mon,Wed,Fri 4:45-6:00pm/ENGR109
ADDMATH1040 / 301740274Add: College Algebra/Mon, Wed, 4:45-6:00pm/ENGR109
CHANGEMATH1050 / 400411280Change of Time on Fri to 9:25-10:40am
ADDMATH1050 / 400940000Add: Elem Functions for Calculus/Tues,Thurs,Fri, 9:25-10:40am/ENGR109
ADDMATH1120 / 3OL239885Add: Calc for Business & Economics
CANCELMATH1350 / 400510202Cancelled: Calculus I
CANCELMATH1350 / 401032538Cancelled: Calculus I
CANCELMATH1360 / 400512004Cancelled: Calculus II
CHANGEMATH1360 / 400632539Change of Day & Time to Tues, Thurs, Fri 1:40-2:55 pm/Change of Room to OCSEB213
CANCELMATH2150 / 300111817Cancelled: Discret Mathematics
CHANGEMATH3810 / 300211545Change of Time 6:05pm-7:20pm/ENGR103
CANCELMATH4210 / 300132544Cancelled: Differential Geometry
CHANGEMATH4430 / 300132545Change of Room to COLU325
CANCELMATH5210 / 300132547Cancelled: Differential Geometry
CHANGEMATH5430 / 300132550Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGEMSGP2000 / 300111958Change of Room to DWIR201
CANCELMSGP4200 / 300133207Cancelled: Special Topics: Envir Effects on Cltrl Proprty
CANCELMUS2210 / 100111689Cancelled: Mt Lion Athletics/Concert Band
CHANGEMUS3700 / 300112047Change of Room to COLU209
CANCELPES1060 / 3WK112894Cancelled: General Astronomy II
CANCELPES1100 / 1WK112880Cancelled: General Astronomy Lab II
CHANGEPES3130 / 300110035Change of Room to OCSE A204
CHANGEPHIL1000 / 300812211Change of Room to DWIR 101
CANCELPHIL1020 / 300511961Cancelled: Intro to Ethics
ADDPHIL1020 / 3OL138911Add: Intro to Ethics
CANCELPHIL1120 / 300612212Cancelled: Critical Thinking
CANCELPHIL1120 / 300712579Cancelled: Critical Thinking
CANCELPHIL1120 / 300837366Cancelled: Critical Thinking
ADDPHIL1120 / 300837366Add: Critical Thinking/Mon,Wed,9:25am-10:40am/COLU322
ADDPHIL1120 / 300937370Add: Critical Thinking/Fri, 9:25am-12:05pm/COLU115
ADDPHIL1120 / 3OL337120Add: Critical Thinking
CANCELPHIL3070 / 300132819Cancelled: Religion & Sports
ADDPHIL3070 / 300237122Add: Religion & Sports/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 103
CHANGEPHIL3100 / 300110274Change of Room to LANE120
CANCELPHIL3100 / 300210276Cancelled: World Religions
ADDPHIL3100 / 300337369Add: World Religions/Mon, 10:50am-1:30pm/COLU116
CHANGEPHIL3160 / 300112453Change of Room to COLU317
CHANGEPHIL3200 / 300111683Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGEPHIL3340 / 300132826Change of Room to OCSEB134
CANCELPHIL3480 / 300112215Cancelled: Philosophies of India
CANCELPHIL3480 / 300237119Cancelled: Philosophies of India
ADDPHIL3480 / 300237119Add: Tues, Thurs, 6:05-7:20pm/COLU324
CHANGEPHIL4070 / 300112217Change of Room to COLU216
CANCELPHIL4800 / 1-300112533Cancelled: Internship in Philosophy
CHANGEPHIL5070 / 300112218Change of Room to COLU216
ADDPHYS8000 / 1-1080940047Add: Dissertation
CANCELPORT3000 / 001228153Cancelled: Writing Portfolio Assessment
ADDPORT3000 / 001540715Add: Writing Portfolio Assessment/
CANCELPSC1100 / 300210326Cancelled: Amer. Political System
CANCELPSC2100 / 300110294Cancelled: Polit State/Local Comm
CHANGEPSC4220 / 300132756Change of Room to DWIR201
ADDPSC4220 / 300232756Add: Comparative Politics/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/DWIR 121
CHANGEPSC4230 / 300111295Change of Room to LANE120
CANCELPSC4460 / 300112446Cancelled: Administrative Law
CHANGEPSC4510 / 300137501Chnage of Room to COLU114
CANCELPSC4980 / 300132758Cancelled: Intro to Criminal Law
CANCELPSC4980 / 300232759Cancelled: Special Probs: American Polit. Dev
CHANGEPSC4980 / 300532762Change of topic to Just War in Age of Terrorism.
CHANGEPSY3480 / 300111745Change of Room to LANE120
CHANGEPSY3480 / 300332870Change of topic to Evolutionary Psychology.
CHANGEPSY3480 / 3WH138820Change of Room to COLU324
CANCELPSY3480 / 3WK112899Cancelled: Sel Topics in Psy-Psychopaths
ADDPSY3480 / 3WK238820Add: Sel. Tpcs: Psychopaths & Serial/Fridays from 6:30pm-8:30pm/Saturdays from 9:00am-11:00am/OCSE B211
CANCELPSY3560 / 300132877Cancelled: Women and Aging International
CANCELPSY3620 / 300232871Cancelled: Developmental Psychology
CANCELPSY4210 / 1-300410706Cancelled: Practibum in Exper Psychology
ADDPSY4440 / 3OL138761Add: Drugs and Behavior
CHANGEPSY6430 / 100110727Change of Room to COLU105
ADDPSY6480 / 300140990Add: Sel Topics in Psy/Wed, 4:45-7:20pm/ACAD101
CANCELPSY6720 / 300111908Cancelled: Ethics & Prac: Prof Dev I
ADDPSY6720 / 300237121Add: Ethics & Prac: Prof Dev I/Mondays/9:25am-12:05pm/LANE 120
ADDPSY6740 / 100840624Add: Clinical Practicum/Tues, 1:30-3;30pm/Meets at VHTC
CANCELPSY6930 / 1.500134984Cancelled: Clinical Psych Supervision
ADDPSY6930 / 1.500240044Add: Clinical Psych Supervision/Tuesdays/10:50am-12:05pm/OCSE B217
CANCELRUSS2120 / 300137406Cancelled: Intermediate Russian II
ADDRUSS2120 / 300137406Add: Intermediate Russian II/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:00pm-5:15pm/Off Site
CANCELSOC1110 / 4OL412302Cancelled: Introduction to Sociology
CANCELSOC2010 / 300112303Cancelled: Spec Topics Lower Division: Deaf People in Society
CHANGESOC2400 / 300112136Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGESOC2500 / 300132604Change of Room to COLU216
ADDSOC3070 / 4OL239978Add: Social Research Methods
CANCELSOC3170 / 400110602Cancelled: Social Statistics
CHANGESOC3170 / 400412560Change of Time to 4:45pm-6:00pm on Mondays and 4:45pm-7:20pm on Wednesdays
CHANGESOC3220 / 300132605Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGESOC3310 / 300111493Change of Room to CENT188
CANCELSOC3330 / 300112161Cancelled: Restorative Dialogue
CANCELSOC4010 / 3OL112577Cancelled: Spec Topics in Sociology: Nonprofits & Nongovt Orgs
CHANGESOC4040 / 300134922Change of Room to COLU127
ADDSOC4200 / 3OL136652Add: Sociology of Poverty
CANCELSOC4620 / 300112046Cancelled: Sociology of Aging
CANCELSOC4700 / 300132629Cancelled: Global Feminisms
CHANGESOC4780 / 300112519Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 8:00-10:40am,Change of Room to COLU303
CANCELSOC5010 / 3OL132609Cancelled:Nonprofits & Nongovt Orgs
CANCELSOC5020 / 400111096Cancelled: Social Statistics
CHANGESOC5020 / 400412561Change of Time to 4:45pm-6:00pm on Mondays and 4:45pm-7:20pm on Wednesdays
CANCELSOC5700 / 300132628Cancelled: Global Feminisms
CHANGESOC5780 / 300112521Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 8:00-10:40am,Change of Room to COLU303
CANCELSOC5830 / 1-300132700Cancelled: RAce & Ethnic Relations
ADDSOC9400 / 1-491039018Add:Independent Study in Soc: Undergrad
ADDSOC9400 / 1-491140594Add: Indep Study in Soc Undergrad
CANCELSPAN2110 / 500210372Cancelled: Intermediate Spanish I
CANCELSPAN4360 / 300112423Cancelled: Hispanic Short Story
CANCELSPAN5360 / 300112424Cancelled: Hispani Short Story
ADDVA1010 / 300540078Add: Beginning Studio-2D
CANCELVA3160 / 300134886Cancelled: Alternative Photo Processes
CHANGEWEST3310 / 300111499Change of Room to CENT188
CANCELWEST3330 / 300112162Cancelled: Retorative Dialogue
CHANGEWEST3400 / 300112037Change of Room to COLU115
CHANGEWEST3720 / 300138466Change of Room to OCSEB217
ADDWEST3720 / 300138466Add: From Slavery to Freedom/Mon 10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEB136
CHANGEWEST4040 / 300134924Change of Room to COLU127
CHANGEWEST4050 / 300136184Change of Room to COLU127
ADDWEST4050 / 300136184Add: From the Harem to the War Zone/Thur,10:50am-1:30pm/COLU322
ADDWEST4050 / 3001 Add: From Harem to the War Zone/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 322
CANCELWEST4700 / 300132704Cancelled: Global Feminisms
CHANGEWEST4780 / 300112520Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 8:00-10:40am,Change of Room to COLU303
ADDWEST9400 / 390640802Add: Independent Study
ADDWEST9400 / 390740803Add: Independent Study
School of Public Affairs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECJ1001 / 300335475Change of Room to COLU 114
ADDCJ1001 / 300335475Add: Intro to Crim Justice/Tues, 4:45-7:20pm/UH133
ADDCJ1001 / 3OL239883Add: Intro to Crim Justice
CANCELCJ1001 / 3WH112908Cancelled: Intro to CJ
ADDCJ1001 / 3WH240830Add: Intro to CJ/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/COLU 324
CANCELCJ2041 / 300212346Cancelled: Crime Theory & Causes
CHANGECJ2041 / 300212346Change of Day, Time, and Room to Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/CENT 188
ADDCJ2041 / 300338399Add: Crime Theory & Causes/Wednesdays/8:00am-10:40am/CENT 191
ADDCJ3100 / 4OL239979CJ Research Methods
CANCELCJ3150 / 400110603Cancelled: Statistics for CJ
CHANGECJ3150 / 400412562Change of Time to 4:45pm-6:00pm on Mondays and 4:45pm-7:20pm on Wednesdays
CANCELCJ3230 / 300112160Cancelled: Restorative Justice
CANCELCJ3250 / 300111457Cancelled: Violence in Society
ADDCJ3250 / 300236732Add: Violence in Society/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/ENGR 105
ADDCJ3250 / 3OL239843Add: Violence in Society
ADDCJ4044 / 3OL239884Add: Courts & Judicial Process
CHANGECJ4401 / 300111188Change of Room to COLU103
CHANGECJ4401 / 300111188Change of Room to UHAL 133
CANCELCJ4600 / 300134827Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Intel & Sec Studies
ADDCJ4600 / 300239351Add: Special Topics: History of US Intel & Natl Sec/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 322
CANCELCJ5140 / 300128145Cancelled: Nonprofit Financial Mgmt
CHANGECJ5361 / 300110187Change of Room to CENT 191
CHANGECJ5960 / 3OL112476Change for Online to Thursdays/7:30pm-10:05pm/COLU 103
CHANGECJ5965 / 300112539Change from On Campus to Online
CHANGECJ5970 / 300136188Change of Room to UHAL 132
ADDCJ5970 / 300136188Add: Intelligence & Security/Tues, 4;45-7:20pm/UHAL317
ADDCJ6910 / 300240508Add: Field Study in CJ
CANCELPAD3210 / 3H0111029Cancelled: Issues in Crime & CJ Policy
CHANGEPAD4401 / 300111099Change of Room to COLU103
CHANGEPAD4401 / 300111099Change of Room to UHAL 133
CHANGEPAD5220 / 300128146Change of Room to COLU 322
CHANGEPAD5361 / 300110179Change of Room to CENT 191
CHANGEPAD5960 / 3OL112475Change for Online to Thursdays/7:30pm-10:05pm/COLU 103
CHANGEPAD5965 / 300112540Change from On Campus to Online
CHANGEPAD5970 / 300136187Change of Room to UHAL 132
ADDPAD5970 / 300136187Add: Intelligence & Security/Tues, 4;45-7:20pm/UHAL317
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCOMM5050 / 3OL237070Add: PR & Social Media
CANCELHSCI1060 / 300110972Cancelled: Personal Nutrition
CANCELHSCI1080 / 300112736Cancelled: Outdoor Adventure Fundamentals
CANCELHSCI1222 / 200132851Cancelled: Zumba
ADDHSCI3201 / 300112555Cancelled: Health Behavior Change
ADDHSCI3201 / 3OL236731Add: Health Behavior Change
CANCELHSCI3320 / 300112118Cancelled: Group Fitness Instruction
CANCELHSCI3520 / 300110980Cancelled: Health Communication
ADDHSCI3630 / 300240285Add: Culture and Health/Fri 8:00-10:40am/UHAL216
CANCELHSCI4620 / 1-1000211261Cancelled: Internship in Health Sciences
ADDHSCI4620 / 1-1000438841Add: Internship in Health Sciences
CANCELHSCI4740 / 3B0112102Cancelled: Aging Physical Activ & Health
CANCELHSCI5600 / 300111087Cancelled: Biomech of Musculoskel Injury
ADDHSCI6070 / 1-600437511Add: Health Promotion Practicum
ADDHSCI6090 / 301037512Add: Grad Research Project
ADDHSCI6170 / 1-3OL139954Add: Spc Tpcs
CANCELHSCI6170 / 300112548Cancelled: Spc Tpcs
ADDHSCI6170 / 300237084Add: Spc Tpcs: Applied Sport Psychology/Wed,10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL140
CHANGEHSCI6180 / 300111524Change of Room to UH 132
CANCELHSCI6740 / 3B0112103Cancelled: Aging Physical Activ & Health
ADDHSCI7000 / 1-680938572Add: Health Sciences Thesis
CHANGENURS3100 / 002012639Change of room for post conf meetings to UH 117.
CANCELNURS3646 / 3OL136484Cancelled: Ethical Decision Making in Nursing
ADDNURS3646 / 3OL136484Add: Ethical Decision Making in Nursing
ADDNURS3646 / 3OL237491Add: Ethical Decision Making in Nursing
CANCELNURS4040 / 3OL112544Cancelled: Substance Abuse:implications
CANCELNURS6040 / 3OL112545Cancelled: Substance Abuse: Implications
ADDNURS6100 / 3OL339678Add: Phil and Theory of APN
ADDNURS6120 / 3OL339810Add: Res & Knowlge Trans in Nurs
CANCELNURS6225 / 3OL112151Cancelled: Roles of the Nurs Educator
ADDNURS6740 / 3OL339677Add: Advanced Pathophysiology
ADDNURS6800 / 3OL138424Add: Mentl Hlth Assess Interv Life
ADDNURS6910 / 6OL340084Add: Pri Care of Adlts & Families
ADDNURS8041 / 1OL236196Add: DNP Seminar I
ADDNURS8043 / 1OL135546Add: DNP SeminarIII
College of Education
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCOUN2200 / 1OL138897Add: Infectious Diseases
ADDCOUN2300 / 1OL138898Add: Pharmacology I
ADDCOUN3040 / 1OL139627Add: Pharmacology II
ADDCOUN3100 / 300439398Add: Career Planning/Tues,1:40-4:20pm/UH133
CHANGECOUN5250 / 300128026Change of Room to LANE120
CANCELCOUN5720 / 1-600111084Cancelled: Intern: Cln Mental Hlth Coun
CHANGECOUN5950 / 300112734Change of Room to COLU214
CHANGECURR3713 / 300112389Change of Room to CENT192
CANCELCURR3713 / 300238482Cancelled: Language & Linguistics
ADDCURR3713 / 300238482Add: Language and Linguistics/Thursdays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 136
CANCELCURR4170 / 3OL132815Cancelled: Intro to Tech in Education
ADDCURR4170 / 3OL240325Add: Intro to Tech in Education
ADDCURR4800 / 3OL240677Add: Schools/Society/Diversity
CHANGECURR5018 / 3H0112405Change of Room to OCSE B136
CANCELCURR5170 / 3OL132816Cancelled: Intro to Tech Education
ADDCURR5170 / 3OL240326Add: Intro to Tech Education
ADDCURR5170 / 3OL340517Add: Intro to Technology in Edu
ADDCURR5173 / 3OL139340Add: Instructional Design I
ADDCURR5201 / 3OL138999Add: Foundations of Gifted Educ
ADDCURR5206 / 3OL139000Add: Creativity in Gifted Ed
CANCELCURR5215 / 3OL112407Cancelled: Gifted Program Leadership
ADDCURR5407 / 3OL137433Add: Teaching Content Literacy
CANCELCURR5414 / 300140625Cancelled: Literacy Assess, Diag & Eval
ADDCURR5414 / 300140625Add: Literacy Assess, Diag & Eval/Tues,$:45-7:20pm/COLU105
ADDCURR5511 / 300138480Add: Teaching Energy & Environment/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 136
CANCELCURR5514 / 300112050Cancelled: Activities for Teaching Wealth
ADDCURR5700 / 3B0140722Add: Intro to ESL Multicult Edu/Thurs 4:45-7:20pm
CANCELCURR5700 / 3H0139988Cancelled: Intro to ESL Multicult Educ
ADDCURR5700 / 3H0139988Add: Introduction to ESL/Multicult Educ/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/Off Site
CANCELCURR5700 / 3OL134934Cancelled: Introduction to ESL/Multicult Educ
CANCELCURR5702 / 300132823Cancelled: Literacy for All Learners
CANCELCURR5702 / 3H0139955Cancelled: Literacy for All Learners
ADDCURR5702 / 3H0139955Add: Literacy for All Learners/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/Off Site
ADDCURR5702 / 3H0240727Add: Literacy for All Learners/Thurs,4:45-7:20pm
ADDCURR5800 / 3OL240678Add: Schools/Society/Diversity
CHANGEIECE2000 / 300138354Change of Room to COLU127
ADDIECE2000 / 300138354Add: Collaborative Partnerships/Tues,4;45-7:20pm/UH132
CANCELIECE2000 / 3B0112608Cancelled: Collaborative Partnerships
CHANGEIECE4000 / 300111943Change of Room to OCSEB213
CHANGEIECE4000 / 300212611Change of Room to UHAL 133
CHANGEIECE4000 / 300334935Change of Room to UHAL 133
CHANGEIECE4010 / 300212659Change of Room to COLU214
CHANGEIECE4020 / 3H0112105Change of Room to DWIR112
CANCELIECE4030 / 600111757Cancelled: Block 2 Practicum: Inclusive 5-8
CANCELIECE4030 / 600235014Cancelled: Block 2 Practicum: Inclusive 5-8
CHANGEIECE4030 / 600335015Change of Days, Time, and Room to Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/LANE 120
ADDIECE4030 / 600437123Add: Block 2 Practicum: Inclusive 5-8/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/LANE 120
ADDIECE4030 / 600637124Add: Block 2 Practicum: Inclusive 5-8/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/LANE 120
ADDIECE4060 / 6-1000137143Add: IECE Pro Internship
CANCELIELM2000 / 300238719Cancelled: Integrated Science I
ADDIELM2000 / 300238719Add: Integrated Science I/Thurs, 10:50am-1:30pm/COLU136
ADDIELM2000 / 300339936Add: Integrated Science I/Fridays/12:15pm-2:55pm/COLU 323
CANCELIELM3020 / 300112604Cancelled: Field Plaement I
ADDIELM3020 / 300240134Add: Field Placement I/Wed, 9:25am-10:40am/COLU323
CHANGEIELM3700 / 3H0112415Change of Room to DWIR104
CHANGEIELM3700 / 3H0112415Change of Room to LANE120
CHANGEIELM3700 / 3H0234938Change of Room to DWIR104
CHANGEIELM3700 / 3H0234938Change of Room to LANE120
ADDIELM4015 / 300138558Add: Teach Reading Writing GR 2-6/Mon,10:50am-1:30pm/UH 133
ADDIELM4015 / 300238559Add: Teach Reading Wrting GR 2-6/Mon, 1:40-4:20pm/UHAL109
CHANGEIELM4035 / 300132829Change of Room to COLU136
CHANGEIELM4035 / 300232828Change of Room to CENT 188
ADDLEAD1000 / 3OL138875Add: Foundations on Education
CANCELLEAD5020 / 300112837Cancelled: Vision, Ethics, and Politics
ADDLEAD5020 / 3H0138905Add: Vision, Ethics, and Politics/Mondays/4:45pm-10:05pm/COLU 216
ADDLEAD5020 / 3H0239640Add: Vision, Ethics, and Politics/Tuesdays/4:00pm-8:00pm/Off Site
ADDLEAD5020 / 3H0339652Add: Vision, Ethics, and Politics/Saturdays/8:00am-4:00pm/Off Site
CHANGELEAD5030 / 3WK112883Change of Room to OCSE B215
ADDLEAD5230 / 3H0139657Add: Instructional Leadership/Tuesdays/4:00pm-8:00pm/Off Site
ADDLEAD5230 / 3H0239658Add: Instructional Leadership/Saturdays/8:00am-4:00pm/Off Site
ADDLEAD5230 / 3H0339659Add: Instructional Leadership/Saturdays/8:00am-4:00pm/Off Site
CHANGELEAD5610 / 3WK112886Change of Room to OCSE B134
CANCELLEAD5700 / 300111895Cancelled: Intro Research & Statistics
ADDLEAD5700 / 300240513Add: Intro to Research & Statistics/Thurs,4:45-10:05pm/COLU231A
CANCELLEAD5700 / 3OL211471Cancelled: Intro to Research & Statistics
ADDLEAD5700 / 3OL340577Add: Introduction to Research and Statistics
CANCELLEAD6050 / 300112857Cancelled: Financing Schools and Program
ADDLEAD6050 / 3H0138910Add: Financing Schools and Program/Mondays/4:45pm-10:05pm/COLU 216
ADDLEAD6050 / 3H0239660Add: Financing Schools and Program/Saturdays/8:00am-4:00pm/Off Site
CANCELLEAD6140 / 300112847Cancelled: Supervision and Evaluation
ADDLEAD6140 / 3H0138909Add: Supervision and Evaluation/Saturdays/8:00am-3:00pm/OCSE B217
ADDLEAD6140 / 3H0239665Add: Supervision and Evaluation/Tuesdays/4:00pm-8:00pm/Off Site
ADDLEAD6140 / 3H0339666Add: Supervision and Evaluation/Saturdays/8:00am-4:00pm/Off Site
ADDLEAD6140 / 3H0439667Add: Supervision and Evaluation/Saturdays/8:00am-4:00pm/Off Site
CANCELLEAD6820 / 3H0111652Cancelled: Prac Sch Ldrsh/Principalship
ADDLEAD9990 / 100241968Add: Candidate for Degree
CANCELSPED1000 / 100137144Cancelled: Career Dev/Self Determination
ADDSPED1000 / 100137144Add: Career Dev Self Determination
ADDSPED1000 / 100240354Add: Career Dev/Self Determination/Fri 1:30-3:00pm/COLU103
ADDSPED3000 / 3B0140828Add: dis/Ability Studies Education/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:30pm/CENT 191
CANCELSPED3000 / 3H0112860Cancelled: dis/Ability Studies Education
CHANGESPED3000 / 3H0112860Change of Room to CENT 191
CHANGESPED3001 / 3OL240648Add: Intro to Special Educ
CANCELSPED4010 / 300111023Cancelled: Multisensory Language Ed
ADDSPED5000 / 3B0140829Add: dis/Ability Studies Education/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:30pm/CENT 191
CANCELSPED5000 / 3H0112861Cancelled: dis/Ability Studies Education
CHANGESPED5001 / 3OL240649Add: Intro to Special Educ
CANCELSPED5010 / 300110218Cancelled: Multisensory Language Ed
ADDSPED5021 / 3H0140552Add: Positive Classroom Environment/Tues 4:45-7:00pm
ADDSPED5091 / 100140522Add: Curr Top in Special Education/Wed 4:45-7;20pm
ADDTED4520 / 3OL240579Add: Educational Psychology
CANCELTED4570 / 300112526Cancelled: Elementary Literacy Methods
CANCELTED4570 / 300232848Cancelled: Elementary Literacy Methods
ADDTED4630 / 1280239185Add: Elementary Student Tech-Intern
CANCELTED4630 / 380138483Cancelled: Elementary Student Tech-Intern
ADDTED4630 / 380138483Add: Elementary-Student Teaching
CHANGETED4740 / 300132849Change of Room to U H 132
ADDTED5520 / 3OL240580Add: Educational Psychology
College of Engineering and Applied Science
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECS1120 / 300236729Change of Room to COLU136
ADDCS1120 / 300236729Add: Comp Thinking w/Begin Prog/Tues,Thurs, 8:00-9:15am/COLU117
CHANGECS1150 / 300411243Change of Day to Tue, Thur, 9:25-10:40am/ENGR138
CHANGECS1450 / 300110055Change of Room to ENGR105
CHANGECS2080 / 300312760Change of Days to Mon,Wed 3:05-4:20pm/ENGR138
CHANGECS2160 / 300212021Change of Room to ENGR 136
CHANGECS3020 / 300134684Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGECS3050 / 100337393Change of Room to OCSEA321
ADDCS3050 / 100337393Add: Computing Ethics/Mon, Wed, 8;00am-9:15am/ENGR138
CHANGECS3300 / 300111841Change of Room to CENT192
CHANGECS4100 / 300136728Change of Room to ENGR 101
ADDCS4100 / 300136728Add: Compiler Design I/ Tues,Thurs,6:05-7:20pm/OSEB216
CHANGECS4500 / 300110061Change of Room to OCSE B215
CHANGECS4720 / 300112574Change of Room to OCSE B216
CHANGECS4800 / 300110063Change of Room to ENGR109
ADDCS4870 / 300138720Add: Intro to Artificial Neural Networks/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 101
CHANGECS4910 / 300111528Change of Room to ENGR109
CHANGECS5050 / 300134697Change of Room to ENGR107
CHANGECS5100 / 300136733Change of Room to ENGR 101
CHANGECS5220 / 300132712Change of Room to ENGR105
CHANGECS5371 / 300132713Change of Room to DWIR106
CHANGECS5500 / 300110064Change of Room to OCSE B215
CHANGECS5720 / 300112575Change of Room to OCSE B216
CHANGECS5800 / 300110066Change of Room to ENGR109
CANCELCS5890 / 300132715Cancelled: Computational Linguistics
ADDCS8000 / 1-1081338380Add: PhD Dissertation
ADDCS9600 / 1-391338454Add: Independent Study in CS
ADDECE1001 / 300111421Add: Intro to Robotics/Mon,Wed, 9:25-10:40am/ENGR136
CANCELECE1021 / 300112145Cancelled: Comp Based Model & Meth
ADDECE1021 / 300239005Add: Comp Based Model & Meth/Mondays and Wednesdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 230
CANCELECE3210 / 300212552Cancelled: Electronics I
CHANGEECE3210 / 300337035Change of Room to ENGR239
ADDECE3210 / 300337035Add: Electronics I/Mon, Wed, 8;00-9:15am/CENT203
CANCELECE3420 / 100211624Cancelled: Microprocessor Systems Lab
ADDECE3420 / 100436751Add: Microprocessor Systems Lab/Wed, 9:25-11:05am/ENGR229
ADDECE4050 / 300140271Add: Microelectronics IC Fab Lab/Tues,8:00am-10:40am/ENGR156
ADDECE4242 / 300338738Add: Advanced Digital Design Method/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSE A218 on Mondays and ENGR 136 on Wednesdays
ADDECE4242 / 300338737Add: Advanced Digital Design Method/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSE A218 on Mondays and ENGR 136 on Wednesdays
CHANGEECE4510 / 300110097Change of Room to OCSEB134
CANCELECE4645 / 300132825Cancelled: Information Theory & Coding
ADDECE4990 / 300137368Add: Sel Tpcs:Engineering Math/Tues,Thurs, 6:05pm-7:20pm/OCSEB138
ADDECE5050 / 300140272Add: Microelectronics IC Fab Lab/Tues, 8:00am-10:40am/ENGR156
CHANGEECE5510 / 300110100Change of Room to OCSEB134
ADDECE5590 / 3OL139776Add: Model Predictive Control
CANCELECE5645 / 300132827Cancelled: Information Theory & Coding
ADDINOV4000 / 1-300138896Add: Independent Study in Innovation
ADDINOV4100 / 1-300139055Add: Innovation Practicum
CANCELMAE1502 / 005011736Cancelled: Principles of Engineering
CANCELMAE1503 / 001011740Cancelled: Intro to Engineering Lab
ADDMAE1503 / 002037087Add: Intro to Engineering Lab/Fridays/12:15pm-1:30pm/ENGR 136
ADDMAE1503 / 005039955Add: Intro to Engineering Design Lab/Mon,10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEA218
ADDMAE1503 / 006039956Add: Intro to Engineering Design Lab/ Mon,4:45-7:20pm/OCSEA218
CANCELMAE1503 / 300111670Cancelled: Intro to Engineering Design
CANCELMAE1503 / 300130474Cancelled: Intro to Engineering Design
ADDMAE1503 / 300237086Add: Intro to Engineering Design/Tuesdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/OCSE B136
ADDMAE1503 / 300339953Add: Intro to Engineering Design/ Tues,8:00-9:15am/ENGR109
CANCELMAE1503 / 301032044Cancelled: Intro to Engineering Design Lab
CANCELMAE1503 / 302032045Cancelled: Intro to Engineering Design Lab
ADDMAE2055 / 004037371Add: Mech-Etronics I/Tues,10:50am-12:05pm/OCSEA306
ADDMAE2055 / 400240282Add: Mech-Etronics I/Tues, Thurs, 8:00-9:15am/OCSEB211
ADDMAE2055 005040289Add: Mech-Etronics I/Fri 8:00-9:15am/OCSEA306
CHANGEMAE2103 / 300212176Change of Room to ENGR239
ADDMAE2200 / 004037428Add: Materials Engineering Lab/Wed, 4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSEA304
ADDMAE2200 / 005037429Add: Materials Engineering Lab/Fri,8:00am-10:40am/OCSEA304
CHANGEMAE2200 / 300111210Change of Room to ENGR107
ADDMAE2200 / 300237427Add: Materials Engineering/Mon,Wed,10:50am-12:05pm/COLU128
CHANGEMAE3005 / 003011284Change of time to 8:00 am-10:40 am
CHANGEMAE4000 / 100111741Change of Room to CENT203
CANCELMAE4000 / 100212142Cancelled: MAE Seminar
CANCELMAE4120 / 300212514Cancelled: Machine Design II
CANCELMAE4135 / 300111608Cancelled: Aerodynamics
CANCELMAE4135 / 300237037Canelled: Mech & Aerospace Engineering
ADDMAE4135 / 300237037Add: Tues, Thurs/8:00-9:15am/COLU216
ADDMAE4135 / 300337085Add: Mech & Aerospace Engineering/Mon,Wed,8:00am-9:15am/DWIR303
CHANGEMAE4301 / 300132500Change of Room to ENGR 101
CANCELMAE4310 / 300212465Cancelled: Heat Transfer
ADDMAE4316 / 300237022Add: Propulsion/Mon, Wed, 10:50am-12:05pm/CENT106
CANCELMAE5125 / 300132560Cancelled: Advanced Dynamics
CHANGEMAE5424 / 300132564Change of Room to OCSE B217
ADDMAE7000 / 1-1281440620Add: Masters Thesis
ADDMAE9110 / 100540693Add: Spec Topics Undergrad/Tues, 6:05-7:20pm/OCSEA303
CANCELMAE9110 / 300232571Special Tpcs: Undergrad
CANCELMAE9110 / 300332576Cancelled: Special Tpcs: Undergrad
ADDMAE9110 / 300437072Add: Special Tpcs: Advanced Mechetronics/Mon, Wed, 1:40-2:55pm/ZOCSEB217
ADDMAE9400 / 1-691337414Add: Independent Study: Undergrad
ADDMAE9400 / 1-691437506Add: Independent Study: Undergrad
ADDMAE9400 / 1-691540619Add: Independent Study: Undergrad
ADDMAE9510 / 300237407Add: Spec Tpcs: Grad-Polymers/Mon, Wed,8:00am-9:15am/OCSEB211
CHANGEMATH8000 / 1-1080240940Add: Ph.D Dissertation