Fall 2016 Schedule Changes

This service is available beginning March 1, 2016 and will be updated daily through December 17, 2016.

Changes as of December 9, 2016

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SubjectCourse #Call #
College of Business
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGEACCT2010 / 300411389Change of Time to 10:50am-1:30pm/Change of Room to DWIR201
ADDBGSO4000 / 3OL240871Add: Business, Govt., Society
CHANGEBGSO5500 / 300112240Change of Room to DWIR114
CANCELBUAD3020 / 100212720Cancelled: Resume Writing/Interview
CANCELEMGT5050 / 3OL111181Cancelled: Eng Project Mgmt
CANCELEMGT5050 / 3OL111685Cancelled: Eng Project Mgmt
ADDEMGT5050 / 3OL240938Add: Eng Project Mgmt
ADDEMGT5050 / 3OL240937Add: Eng Project Mgmt
CANCELENTP3100 / 3OL133296Cancelled: Adv Princ of Entrepreneurship
CANCELFNCE1200 / 300111174Cancelled: Personal Financial Planning
CHANGEINFS1100 / 300411877Change of Day to Wed Change of time to 8:00-10:40am
ADDINFS1100 / 300638607Add: MS Offic Apps & PC Basics/Fri 8:00am-10:40am/DWIR109
ADDINFS1100 / 300740870Add: MS Office Apps and PC Basics/Wednesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/DWIR 109
CANCELINFS3000 / 300112242Cancelled: Intro to Management Info Systems
CHANGEINFS3000 / 300435771Change of Room to DWIR 109
ADDINFS3000 / 3OL238608Add: Intro to Mgmt Info Systems
CANCELINFS3080 / 300133280Cancelled: Web-based Business Programming
CHANGEINFS3400 / 300133281Change of Time to 7:30pm-10:05pm
CANCELINFS3750 / 300133367Cancelled: Info System Security Mgmt
CANCELINFS4100 / 300133368Cancelled: Systems Analysis & Design
CANCELINFS6000 / 300111665Cancelled: Information Systems
CHANGEMKTG4900 / 300110548Change of Room to DWIR114
CHANGEMKTG6500 / 300133289Change of Room to DWIR 205
CHANGEOPTM3000 / 300211504Change Day & Time to Mon 10:50am-1:30pm/Change of Room to DWIR201
ADDQUAN2010 / 300310557Add: Business Statistics/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/DWIR 122
CHANGEQUAN2010 / 300410558Change of Room to DWIR109
CHANGEQUAN5500 / 300110562Change of Room to DWIR 122
CHANGESPTM1000 / 300110563Change of Room to DWIR201
CANCELSPTM1000 / 3 00212249Cancelled: Intro to Sport Management
ADDSPTM4961 / 400138887Add: Internship in Sport Management
ADDSPTM4966 / 400138888Add: Practicum in Soccer Management
CANCELSTRT4500 / 300333294Cancelled: Strategic Management
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CANCELAH3270 / 300133859Cancelled: Mod to Postmod Art
ADDAH9400 / 1-490238537Add: Independent Study
CANCELANTH1020 / 400111387Cancelled: Intro to Archaeology
ADDANTH1020 / 4OL138369Add: Intro to Archaeology
CANCELANTH1040 / 3WK234122Cancelled: Intro to Cultural Anthropology
CANCELANTH3290 / 300134124Cancelled: Archaeology of CO
CANCELANTH4710 / 1-600212635Internship in Anthropology
ADDANTH4710 / 1-600342139Add: Internship in Anthropology
CANCELANTH9400 / 1-690410336Cancelled: Independent Study in Anthropology
ADDANTH9400 / 1-690838579Add: Independent Study
ADDANTH9400 / 1-690938580Add: Independent Study
CANCELARBC1010 / 500133995Cancelled: Beginning Arabic I
CHANGEASL2120 / 400112170Change of Room Tue, Thur UHAL 109 Fri UHAL 132
CANCELASL2130 / 300137100Cancelled: Fingerspelling & Numbers
CHANGEASL2130 / 300137100Change of Room to UHAL 132
ADDASL9400 / 1-390238578Add: Independent Study
ADDBIOL1000 / 3OL138591Add: Biol in the Modern World
CANCELBIOL1060 / 100310422Cancelled: Intro to Biology Lab
ADDBIOL1060 / 1OL138593Add: Intro to Biology Lab
CHANGEBIOL1300 / 300112019Change of Room to CENT192
ADDBIOL1300 / 300641472Add: General Biology: Organismic/Tuesdays and Thursdays/8:00am-9:15am/CENT 106
ADDBIOL1310 / 101640625Add::Gen Biol: Organismic Biol Lab/Fri 8:00-10:40am/OCSEB310
ADDBIOL1310 / 101741477Add: Gen Biol Lab: Organismic Bio/Tuesdays/7:30pm-10:10pm/OCSE B310
CANCELBIOL2010 / 011010440Cancelled: Lab Human Anatomy & Physiology I
CANCELBIOL2010 / 012011264Cancelled: Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
ADDBIOL2020 / 006039642Add: Anatomy & Physiology II Lab/Tuesdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE B426
CHANGEBIOL2500 / 300112051Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEBIOL3830 / 300112052Change of Room to OSCEB216
CANCELBIOL4000 / 300112372Cancelled: Tpc in Biology Method in Field Biology
CANCELBIOL4010 / 100110456Cancelled: Seminar in Biology
CANCELBIOL4220 / 300111812Cancelled: Epidemiology
ADDBIOL4220 / 300239663Add: Epidemiology/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 186
ADDBIOL4370 / 001036420Add: Cardiovascular Physiology Lab/Thur 12:15-2:55pm/OCSEA202
CHANGEBIOL4370 / 400133487Change of Time to 9:25am-12:05pm
CANCELBIOL4670 / 300111810Cancelled: Applied Molecular Genetics
CHANGEBIOL4840 / 300112058Change Time and Days to Mon, Wed 12:15pm-1:30pm/OCSEB314
ADDBIOL4930 / 300238434Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300338734Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300440537Add: Research Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300541270Add: ResearchPracticum in Biology
ADDBIOL4930 / 300642140Add: Research Practicum in Biology
CANCELBIOL5000 / 300112588Cancelled: Tpc in Biology Method in Field Biology
CANCELBIOL5220 / 300111813Cancelled: Epidemiology
ADDBIOL5220 / 300239664Add: Epidemiology/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 186
ADDBIOL5370 / 001037624Add: Cardiovascular Physiology Lab/Thur 12:15-2:55pm/OCSEA202
CHANGEBIOL5370 / 400133488Change of time to 9:25am-12:05pm
CANCELBIOL5670 / 300111811Cancel: Applied Molecular Gentics
ADDBIOL5750 / 200141576Add: Biology Research Seminar: Journal Interpretation and Research
CHANGEBIOL5840 / 300112160Change Time and Days to Mon, Wed 12:15pm-1:30pm/OCSEB314
ADDBIOL6930 / 300240849Add: Resch Practicum in Biology
ADDBIOL9500 / 1-390537885Add: Independent Study
CHANGECHEM1001 / 300238313Change of Room to CENT 203
ADDCHEM1001 / 400238313Add: Preparatory Chemistry/Mon, Wed, 6:05-8:10pm/CENT188
ADDCHEM1201 / 014041112Add: Into to Chemistry/Thurs, 4:45-7:20pm/CENT270
ADDCHEM1201 / 015041667Add: Introduction to Chemistry Lab/Thursdays/7:30pm-10:05pm/CENT 270
CHANGECHEM1401/300312309Change of Room to CENT203
CANCELCHEM3002 / 002010902Cancelled: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CANCELCHEM3002 / 004010903Cancelled: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CANCELCHEM3102 / 008011470Cancelled: Organic Chem Lab I
ADDCHEM3102 / 009038545Add: Organic Chem Lab I/Mon 6:05pm-8:45pm/CENT256
CANCELCHEM3102 / 200110891Cancelled: Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHANGECHEM3111 / 300110890Change of Room to CENT 106
CANCELCHEM3203 / 200310899Cancelled: Organic Chem Lab for Majors I
CANCELCHEM4002 / 100311956Cancelled: Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHANGECHEM4102 / 100211958Change of Time and Room to 7:05pm-9:45pm in CENT 246
CHANGECHEM4211 / 300110470Change of Room to CENT188
CHANGECHEM4221 / 3 00110469Change days to Mon, Wed Fri
CHANGECHEM4721 / 300133584Change of Room to DWIR303
CANCELCHEM4801 / 300133585Cancelled: Molecular Photchemistry
CHANGECHEM5221 / 300110912Change of Days to Mon, Wed, Fri
CHANGECHEM5721 / 300133588Change of Room to DWIR303
CANCELCHEM5801 / 300140836Cancelled: Molecular Photochemistry
ADDCHEM5801 / 300140836Add: Molecular Photochemistry/Mon, Wed 3:05-4:20pm/CENT192
CHANGECOMM1000 / 300211927Change of Room to OCSEB134
CHANGECOMM1020 / 300110705Change of Room COLU322
CHANGECOMM1020 / 300536426Change of room to CENT 188.
CANCELCOMM1020 / 3WK112848Cancelled: Interpersonal Communication
CANCELCOMM2010 / 300110709Cancelled: Oral Comm in the Workplace
CANCELCOMM2010 / 300210710Cancelled: Oral Comm in Workplace
CHANGECOMM2010 / 300310711Change of Room to CENT102
ADDCOMM2010 / 300937887Add: Oral Comm in the Workplace/Wednesdays/8:00am-10:40am/UHAL 317
ADDCOMM2010 / 301038140Add: Comm in Workplace/Mon,4:45-7:20pm/COLU317
ADDCOMM2010 / 301141012Add: Oral Com in Workplace/Wed 1:40-4:20pm/COLU127
CHANGECOMM2030 / 300212216Change of Room to COLU114
ADDCOMM2100 / 011040958Add: Public Speaking/Wed 10:50am-12:05pm/COLU128
ADDCOMM2500 / 300437773Add: Research Methods/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/UHAL 109
CANCELCOMM3000 / 300133592Cancelled: TV Workshop - Studio
ADDCOMM3000 / 300240976Add: TV Workshop - Studio/Fridays/8:30am-1:25pm/ELPC 103 and ELPC 106
ADDCOMM3240 / 3WH138141Add: Business & Professional Comm/Sat 1:00-5:00pm/OCSEB138
CANCELCOMM3240 / 3WK112869Cancelled: Business & Professional Comm
CANCELCOMM3250 / 300112109Cancelled: Business and Professional Communication
ADDCOMM3250 / 300237772Add: Business and Professional Communication/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 216
CANCELCOMM3280 / 300310740Cancelled: Intercultural and Global Comm
ADDCOMM3280 / 300537888Add: Intercultural and Global Comm/Mondays/8:00am-10:40am/COLU 333
ADDCOMM3280 / 3WH138144Add: Cancelled: Intercultural & Global Comm/Sat 8:30am-12:30pm/COLU324
CANCELCOMM3280 / 3WK112870Cancelled: Intercultural & Global Comm
CHANGECOMM3330 / 3H0112718Change of Room to COLU 116
ADDCOMM3350 / 3OL138119Add: Integrated Marketing Communication
CANCELCOMM3440 / 300112833Cancelled: Organizational Leadership
CHANGECOMM3440 / 300333669Change of Room to OCSE B216
CANCELCOMM3440 / 3WK138118Cancelled: Organizational Leadership
ADDCOMM3440 / 3WK138118Add: Organizational Leadership/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/OCSE B215
ADDCOMM3440 / 3WK240923Add: Organizational Leadership/Saturdays/8:30am-12:30pm/OCSE B215
ADDCOMM3460 / 300141568Add: Digital Film Editing/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/COLU 209 and COLU 216
CANCELCOMM3460 / 3WK112881Cancelled: Digital Film Editing
CANCELCOMM3480 / 3WH133682Cancelled: Media & Health
CHANGECOMM3770 / 300112195Change of Room to COLU 322
ADDCOMM3800 / 3OL138367Add: Strategic Comm Tactics
CANCELCOMM4000 / 300110741Cancelled: Rhetorical Dimensions in Comm
CANCELCOMM4110 / 300138455Cancelled: Communication Comptetence
ADDCOMM4110 / 300138455Add: Communication Competence/Fridays 1:00pm-5:00pm and Saturdays 8:30am-5:30pm/COLU 323
ADDCOMM4230 / 3OL137774Add: Crisis Communication
CANCELCOMM4240 / 300133598Cancelled: Advanced Org & Strat Comm
ADDCOMM4240 / 3H0238388Add: Advanced Org & Strat Comm/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 114
CANCELCOMM4900 / 300112552Cancelled: Communication Comptency
CANCELCOMM4900 / 300312259Cancelled: Spc Tpcs in Comm: Communication Competency
CANCELCOMM4900 / 3OL133675Cancelled: Special Topics in Comm: Integrated Mktg Communication
CANCELCOMM4900 / 3OL235747Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs. in COMM: Crisis Communication
ADDCOMM4950 / 300112738Cancelled: Sem Leadership & Org Change
ADDCOMM4950 / 300238368Add: Sem Leadership & Org Change/Fridays at 5:00pm-9:35pm and Saturdays at 8:30am-5:35pm/OCSE B217
CANCELCOMM5240 / 3H0133601Cancelled: Advanced Org & Strat Comm
ADDCOMM5240 / 3H0238389Add: Advanced Org & Strat Comm/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 114
CHANGECOMM5330 / 3H0112719Change of Room to COLU 116
CANCELCOMM6100 / 300112550Cancelled: Communication Comptency
CANCELCOMM6100 / 300233667Cancelled: Communication Competence
ADDCOMM6100 / 300233667Add: Communication Competence/Fridays 1:00pm-5:00pm and Saturdays 8:30am-5:30pm/COLU 323
ADDCOMM9400 / 1-692111310Add: Indep Study Undergrad
CANCELDNCE2700 / 300540614Cancelled: Fund of Dance Technique
ADDDNCE2700 / 300540614Add: Fund of Dance Technique/Tues, Thur 9:25-10:40am/UHAL233A
CHANGEECON1010 / 300511317Change of Room to COLU 323
CHANGEECON1010 / 300611369Change of Room to COLU 323
ADDECON1010 / 3OL236778Add: Intro to Microeconomic
ADDECON1010 / 3OL341057Add: Intro to Microeconomics
CANCELECON2020 / 3OL236790Cancelled: Intro to Macroeconomics
ADDECON2020 / 3OL236790Intro To Macroeconomics
CANCELECON2020 / 3WH129778Cancelled: Intro to Macroeconomics
CANCELECON3550 / 300238781CAncelled: Aristotle
CHANGEECON4810 / 300129777Change of Room to COLU322
CANCELENGL1300 / 300111102Cancelled: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A
CHANGEENGL1300 / 300311328Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGEENGL1300 / 300511330Change of Room to COLU 115
CHANGEENGL1300 / 301940590Change of Room to CENT 245
ADDENGL1300 / 301940590Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/8:00am-9:15am/COLU 115
ADDENGL1300 / 302040909Add: Rhetoric and Writing I/Tuesdays and Thursdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSE B217
CANCELENGL1300 / 302140910Cancelled: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A
ADDENGL1300 / 302140910Add: Rhetoric and Writing I/Tuesdays and Thursdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/COLU 223
CHANGEENGL1300 / 302240911Change of Room to COLU 220
ADDENGL1300 / 302240911Add: Rhetoric and Writing I/Mondays and Wednesdays/4:45pm-6:00pm/OCSE B211
CHANGEENGL1300 / 302340912Change of Room to COLU220
ADDENGL1300 / 302340912Add: Rhetoric and Writing I/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/COLU 223
ADDENGL1300 / 302441090Add: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch A/Mondays and Wednesdays/8:00am-9:15am/COLU 224
ADDENGL1300 / 302541474Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/10:50am-12:05pm/COLU 221
ADDENGL1300 / 302641475Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Tuesdays and Thursdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/COLU 231A
ADDENGL1300 / 302741476Add: Rhet/Writing I Stretch A/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/CENT 245
CANCELENGL1305 / 300111471Cancelled: Rhetoric/Writing I Stretch B
CHANGEENGL1305 / 300111471Change of Room to COLU 224
CANCELENGL1310 / 303811364Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
CHANGEENGL1310 / 300110613Change of Room to COLU221
CHANGEENGL1310 / 300210614Change of Room to COLU 209
CHANGEENGL1310 / 300210614Change of Room to COLU224
CHANGEENGL1310 / 300612063Change of Room to COLU 220
CHANGEENGL1310 / 301010621Change of Room to OSCE B211
CHANGEENGL1310 / 301210623Change of Room to OCSEB211
CHANGEENGL1310 / 302310633Change of Room to COLU223
CHANGEENGL1310 / 302410634Change of Room to DWIR 112
CHANGEENGL1310 / 302510635Change of Room to COLU 230
CHANGEENGL1310 / 302710637Change of Room to COLU223
CHANGEENGL1310 / 302810638Change of Room to OCSE B136
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303111619Change of Room to OCSE B138
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303111619Change of Room to COLU216
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303310642Change of Room to COLU209
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303412064Change of Room to OCSEB138
ADDENGL1310 / 303412064Change of Room to OCSEB136
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303511617Change of Room to CENT 245
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303511617Change of Room to COLU230
CHANGEENGL1310 / 303811364Change of Room to OCSEB217
CHANGEENGL1310 / 304011366Change of Room to COLU127
CHANGEENGL1310 / 304611569Change of Room to COLU 323
CANCELENGL1310 / 305511739Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 305611740Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
CHANGEENGL1310 / 305711741Change of Room to OCSE B136
CHANGEENGL1310 / 306433651Change of Room to COLU103
CANCELENGL1310 / 306533652Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 3OL233654Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
ADDENGL1310 / 3OL338638Add: Rhetoric and Writing I
CANCELENGL1310 / 3OL440570Cancelled: Rhetoric & Writing I
ADDENGL1310 / 3OL440570Add: Rhetoric & Writing I/Mon, Wed 8:00-9:15am/COLU221
CANCELENGL1410 / 300110646Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 300211554Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CHANGEENGL1410 / 300211554Change of Room to CENT 245
CHANGEENGL1410 / 300411555Change of Room to COLU 230
CHANGEENGL1410 / 300411555Change of Room to CENT 245
CANCELENGL1410 / 300610649Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 300810651Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 300911230Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
CANCELENGL1410 / 301411620Cancelled: Rhetoric and Writing II
ADDENGL1410 / 302040642Add: Rhetoric & Writing II/Tues,Thur,3:05-4:20pm/COLU220
CHANGEENGL1410 / 302140643Change of Room to COLU 220
ADDENGL1410 / 302140643Add: Rhetoric & Writing II/Tue,Thur 6:05-7:20pm/OCSEB136
ADDENGL1410 / 302241504Add: Rhetoric and Writing II/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/COLU 221
CHANGEENGL2040 / 300112394Change of Days Tue, Thur 12:15-1:30pm OSCEB138
CHANGEENGL2080 / 300110657Change of Room to COLU209
CANCELENGL2080 / 300610661Cancelled: Bus & Admin Writing
ADDENGL2080 / 300941421Add: Bus & Admin Writing/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/DWIR 106 from 8/22-9/26 & DWIR 122 from 9/28-12/17
ADDENGL2080 / 3OL440932Add: Bus & Admin Writing
ADDENGL2080 / 3OL541412Add: Bus & Admin Writing
CHANGEENGL2090 / 300611833Change of Room to COLU 231A
ADDENGL2090 / 300940703Add: Tech Writing/Tuesdays and Thursdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/COLU 224
ADDENGL2090 / 3OL440933Add: Tech Writing & Presentation
ADDENGL2090 / 3OL541411Add: Tech Writing and Presentation
CANCELENGL2600 / 3H0233927Cancelled: Global Literature I
CHANGEENGL3000 / 300110667Change of Room to OCSEB136
CHANGEENGL3000 / 300211473Change pf Room to COLU324
ADDENGL3000 / 300333929Change of Room to COLU214
CHANGEENGL3040 / 300133930Change of Days Tue, Thur 12:15-1:30pm OSCEB138
CANCELENGL3110 / 300311884Cancelled: Advanced Grammar
CHANGEENGL3350 / 300111748Change of Room to CENT 191
CHANGEENGL3350 / 300233931Change of Room to CENT 191
CHANGEENGL3410 / 300133932Change of Room to COLU 216
CANCELENGL3850 / 300112302Cancelled: Tpcs Prof Writing
CHANGEENGL3860 / 300136013Change of Room to COLU 231A
CHANGEENGL3910 / 300133934Topic added: Lit & Relig Imagination.
CHANGEENGL4830 / 300111750Change of Room to COLU 114
CHANGEENGL4950 / 300111831Topic added: Rise of the Novel.
CHANGEENGL5830 / 300111751Change of Room to COLU 114
CHANGEENGL5950 / 300111832Topic added: Rise of the Novel.
CHANGEENSC1600 / 300110010Change of Room to OCSEB216
CANCELFCS2110 / 400134049Cancelled: Tpcs in Strategic Language III
CHANGEFILM4254 / 300133957Change of Room to DWIR121
CHANGEFILM4500 / 300112218Change of Room to COLU 303
CHANGEFILM4500 / 300112218Change of Room to COLU 105
CANCELGEOL1010 / 400212281Cancelled: Physical Geology
ADDGEOL1010 / 400341731Add: Physical Geology/Wednesdays/8:15am-11:35am/CENT 115
CANCELGER2110 / 400134075Cancelled: Interm Ger I
ADDGES4780 / 300238604Add: Global Migration/Wed, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
ADDGES4970 / 301038538Add: Honors in Geography
ADDGES5780 / 300238605Add: Global Migration/Wed, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
ADDGES9400 / 1-491337886Independent Study
CHANGEGPS1010 / 300312753Change of Room to COLU115
CHANGEGPS1010 / 300512755Change of Topic to Leadershop
CHANGEGPS1010 / 300812758Change of Room to BRECK5101
CHANGEGPS1010 / 300912753Change of Room to Breck5101
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301012778Change of Day and Time to Thurdays 4:45pm-7:20pm in BREC 5101
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301112774Change of Room to CUCH 105
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301312761Change of Room to BREC5101
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301512763Change of Room to CUCH105
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301712765Change of Room to DWIR121
CHANGEGPS1010 / 301912768Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 1:40-4:20pm
CANCELGPS1010 / 302012767Cancelled: Curiosity
CANCELGPS1010 / 302212770Cancelled: Tech Revolution
CHANGEGPS1010 / 302412772Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEGPS1010 / 302612780Change of Topic to Burning Books
CHANGEGPS1010 / 302812777Change of Room to CUCH105
CHANGEGPS1010 / 302912782Change of Room to Breck5101
CHANGEGPS1010 / 303412788Change of Topic to Leadershop
CHANGEGPS1010 / 303712791Change of room on Tues ENG103 8:00-9:15am/Meets Thur 1:40-2:55pm ENGR 136
CANCELGPS1010 / 304112799Cancelled: Engineering Odyssey
CHANGEGPS1010 / 305034299Change Day to Mon, 10:50am-1:30pm Change of Room to UHAL 317
CHANGEGPS1010 / 305034299Change of Day to Thurs Change of Room to UHall 133
CHANGEGPS1010 / 305437245Gange of Day to Tues, Change of Time to 4:45-7:20pm
ADDGPS1010 / 305437245Add: Leadershop/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/CUCH 105
CANCELGPS1010 / 305537168Cancelled: Gateway Program Seminar
ADDGPS1010 / 305537168Add: Leadershop Mon-Fri 8:00am-12:00pm Cent192
ADDGPS1010 / 305637246Add: Leadershop/Wednesdays/9:25am-12:05pm/CUCH 105
ADDGPS1010 / 305738162Add: Roadmap:STEM/Mon,1:40-4:20pm/CUCH105
ADDGPS1010 / 305840596Add: Gateway Program Seminar/Monday thru Friday/8:00am-12:00pm/CENT 191 and CENT 192
ADDGPS1010 / 305940927Add: Gateway Program Seminar/Fridays/12:15pm-1:30pm/Tuesdays/8:00am-9:15am/ENGR 136 on Fridays/ENGR 103 on Tuesdays
ADDGPS1010 / 306040928Add: GPS Gray Matters/Mon 4:45-7:20pm/DWIR114
CHANGEGPS3010 / 300211906Change of Room to CENT 191
CHANGEGPS3010 / 300211906Change of Room to DPS Training Room
CHANGEGPS3010 / 300312797Change of Day to Wed, Change of time to 1:40-4:20pm
ADDGPS3010 / 300437484Add: Transition Seminar/Fridays/1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSE B216
ADDGPS3010 / 300437484Add: Transition Seminar Fri 1:40-4:20pm DPS Training Room
CANCELGRK1010 / 400110388Cancelled: Beg. Class. Grk I
ADDGRK1010 / 400241408Add: Beg. Class. Grk I/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/Fridays/3:05pm-3:55pm/DWIR 303
CHANGEHIST1020 / 300111188Change of Room to COLU 116
ADDHIST1130 / 300241240Add: Asian Hist China/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/OCSE B134
ADDHIST1520 / 300138893Add: U.S. Expansion & Division/Mon, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU128
CANCELHIST3000 / 300133876Cancelled: Cresent & Cross
CANCELHIST3000 / 300533872Cancelled: Spec Tpcs
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300733874Change of Room to COLU 324
CHANGEHIST3000 / 300733874Change of Room to COLU 216
CANCELHIST3000 / 300833875Cancelled: History of American Cities
CANCELHIST3000 / 301010569Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs.: Russian History
CANCELHIST3000 / 301136892Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs.: Global Field Exp: Montreal
ADDHIST3000 / 301136892Add: Spec Tpcs, travel course, 8/8-8/15.
ADDHIST3000 / 301237716Add: Spec. Tpcs.: Global Exp: Montreal 8/3-8/26
CHANGEHIST3000 / 301338317Change of Room to OCSEB211
ADDHIST3000 / 301338317Add: Spec Tpcs: Medieval History/Thurs, 1:40pm-4:20m/CENT188
CANCELHIST3995 / 300112071Cancelled: Undergrad Internship in History
ADDHIST4990 / 300341933Add: Senior Sem: Apprchs to Stdy Hist
CANCELHIST6690 / 300111692Cancelled: Spec Tpcs: Medieval Hist
ADDHIST6690 / 300538312Add: Spec Tpcs Readings: Medieval Hist/Mon, 4:45-7:20pm/OCSEB136
ADDHIST6690 / 300641824Add: Spec Tpcs Readings: Antiquarian History
ADDHIST7110 / 400141666Add: Res: Medieval European Hist
CANCELHIST7690 / 400133883Cancelled:Spec Tpcs Research Middle East:
ADDHIST7690 / 400338722Add: Middle EAst Research/Thurs 7:30pm-10:05pm/COLU303
ADDHIST9400 / 1-390911697Add: Independent Study
ADDHUM3990 / 301740582Add: Spec Tpcs: Hurricane Katrina/Wed, 1:40-4;20pm/CENT191
CANCELHUM3990 / 3WK312877Cancelled: Poetry and Social Justice
CANCELHUM3990 / 3WK412858Cancelled: Poetry and Social Justice
ADDID3660 / 1-600141562Add: Non-Departmental Internship
CANCELMAE1090 / 002038302Cancelled: Intro to Structured Programming Lab
CHANGEMATH1040 / 300111151Change of Room to ENGR101
CANCELMATH1040 / 3WK112860Cancelled: College Algebra
CHANGEMATH1350 / 400210210Change of Room to ENGR103
CHANGEMATH4310 / 300110227Change of Room to OCSEB215
CANCELMATH5610 / 300134178Cancelled: Complex Analysis I
CANCELMATH6610 / 300134181Cancelled: Complex Analysis I
CHANGEMS1010 / 001010669Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS1010 / 300110668Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS1010 / 300212483Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS2010 / 001010678Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS2010 / 300110676Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD)
CHANGEMS2010 / 300233831Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD)
CHANGEMS3010 / 001010683Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS3010 / 300111547Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS3010 / 300211548Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS4010 / 001010693Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS4010 / 300110684Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS4980 / 001012089Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CHANGEMS4980 / 300112088Change of subject to Org Ldrshp & Prof Devel (OLPD).
CANCELMSGP4200 / 300133807Cancelled: Historic Preservation
CANCELMUS1040 / 100335935Cancelled: Class Piano
CANCELMUS3010 / 300111351Cancelled: Mus Theory III
CANCELMUS3030 / 100111708Cancelled: Sight Singing
CANCELMUS4950 / 100238531Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs.:Percussion Ensemble
CANCELMUS4950 / 100340538Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs.:African Percussion
ADDMUS4950 / 100340538Add: Spec Tpcs: African Percussion/Thurs, 10:50am-1:30pm/UHAL168
CANCELMUS4950 / 1-300133898Cancelled: Spec. Tpcs.: The Fundamentals of Music
ADDMUS4960 / 100238535Add: Advanced Spc Tpcs/Mon, Wed 9:25am-12:05pm/UHal168
CANCELMUS4960 / 1-300133899Cancelled: Adv. Spec. Tpcs.: Advanced Audio Engineering
CHANGEPES1600 / 300110009Change of Room to OCSEB216
CHANGEPES3060 / 300133834Change of Room to OCSEB216
CHANGEPES4460 / 300133837Change of Time to 4:45-6:00pm
ADDPES9300 / 1-390941665Add: Independent Study
CANCELPHIL1000 / 300934984Cancelled: Intro to Phiosophy
ADDPHIL1120 / 300938685Add: Critical Thinking/Mon 10:50am-1:30pm/OCSEB136
ADDPHIL1120 / 3OL139425Add: Critical Thinking
ADDPHIL1120 / 3OL239453Add: Critical Thinking
ADDPHIL3000 / 3OL239465Add: Cosmology & Culture
CHANGEPHIL3160 / 300134986Change of Room to DWIR114
CANCELPHIL3550 / 300129751Cancelled: Aristotle
ADDPHIL3550 / 300238781Add: Aristotle/Fri,9:25am-12:05pm/COLU127
CHANGEPHIL4420 / 300138452Change of Room to COLU303
ADDPHIL4800 / 1-300138375Add: Internship
ADDPHIL4950 / 3OL138428Add: Senior Project
ADDPHIL5420 / 300141091Add: Symbolic Logic II/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 303
ADDPHIL9400 / 1-490211808Add: Independent Study
ADDPHIL9400 / 1-490238435Add: Indep Study in Phil-Undergrad
ADDPHYS8000 / 1-1080841730Add: Dissertation
CHANGEPSC1100 / 300312458Change of Room to CENT 192
ADDPSC4025 / 300137526Add: Congressional Processes/Wed, 1;40-4:20pm/COLU322
CHANGEPSC4070 / 300111535Change of Room to CENT102
CHANGEPSC4460 / 300134248Change of Room to COLU114
CANCELPSC4470 / 300111817Cancelled: Constitutional Law
ADDPSC4470 / 300240724Add: Constitutional Law/Mondays/1:40pm-4:20pm/COLU 103
CANCELPSC4530 / 300134249Cancelled: Model United Nations
CANCELPSC4980 / 300135752Cancelled: Special Probs
ADDPSC9400 / 1-690441383Add: Independent Study
CANCELPSY2110 / 006033737Cancelled: Intro Psych Res/Measrmt Lab
CANCELPSY3130 / 300112423Cancelled: Learning & Cognition
CHANGEPSY3450 / 300133742Change of Room to COLU115
CHANGEPSY3450 / 300133742Change of Days & Time to Thurs, 4:45-7:20pm/Change of Room to UHall 133
CANCELPSY3480 / 300112424Cancelled: Sel Tpcs in Psy
ADDPSY3480 / 300438314Add: Sel Tpcs: Sports Psychology/Fri, 10:50am-1:30pm/COLU136
CANCELPSY3930 / 300133765Cancelled: Industrial/Organizationl Psych
CANCELPSY4110 / 300133768Cancelled: Program Evaluation
CANCELPSY4110 / 300240903Cancelled: Sem Method: Program Evaluation
ADDPSY4110 / 300240903Add: Program Evaluation/Tuesdays and Thursdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/COLU 333
CHANGEPSY4620 / 300111850Change of Room to UHAL117
CHANGEPSY4620 / 300233769Change of Room to OCSE B217
CANCELPSY5710 / 300110789Cancelled: Clinical Skills Lab
CANCELPSY5710 / 300210790Cancelled: Clinical Skills Lab
CHANGEPSY5710 / 300341577Change of Room to COLU128
ADDPSY5710 / 300341577Add: Clinical Skills Lab/Mondays/10:50am-12:05pm in COLU 105 and 12:15pm-1:30pm in COLU 430
CHANGEPSY5710 / 300441578Change of Room to COLU128
ADDPSY5710 / 300441578Add: Clinical Skills Lab/Mondays/10:50am-12:05pm in COLU 105 and 12:15pm-1:30pm in COLU 430
CANCELPSY6740 / 200433786Cancelled: Clinical Practicum
ADDPSY6740 / 200541271Add: Clinical Practicum
ADDPSY6740 / 200642087Add: Clinical Practicum/Meets at Wellness Center
ADDPSY7030 / 300541092Add: Doctoral Research Practicum
CHANGERUSS1010 / 500110394Change of Room to PPCC Downtown Campus Room S-213
CANCELSOC1110 / 4WK112868Cancelled: Introduction to Sociology
ADDSOC2010 / 3OL112609Cancelled: Spc Tpcs: Adoption,Kinship,Foster Care
CHANGESOC2220 / 300211962Change of Room to DWIR 104
CHANGESOC2400 / 300112578Change of Room to COLU214
CANCELSOC3070 / 4WK133868Cancelled: Social Research Methods
CANCELSOC3170 / 400433843Cancelled: Social Statistics
ADDSOC3170 / 400538587Add: Social Statistics/Mondays from 4:45pm-7:20pm and Wednesdays from 4:45pm-6:00pm/COLU 231A on Mondays and COLU 127 on Wednesdays
CHANGESOC3360 / 300134328Change of Room to COLU323
CANCELSOC4010 / 300133849Cancelled: Spec Topics Global Migration
CANCELSOC4010 / 300237201Cancelled: Special Tpcs: Soc of Disasters
ADDSOC4010 / 300237201Add: Sociology of Disasters/Mon, Wed 9:25-10:40am COLU105
ADDSOC4010 / 3OL438653Add: Spec. Tpcs.: Advanced Privilege Studies
CANCELSOC4090 / 300112135Cancelled: Research Practicum
CANCELSOC4230 / 300112099Cancelled: Foundations Disability Studies
CANCELSOC4450 / 300136894Cancelled: Global Field Exp: Montreal
ADDSOC4450 / 300136894Add: Global Field Experience, travel course, 8/8-8/15.
ADDSOC4450 / 300237714Add: Global Exp: Montreal 8/3-8/26
ADDSOC4580 / 300138789Change of Room COLU127
ADDSOC4580 / 300138789Add: Sociology of Disasters/Mon,Wed, 9:25-10:40am/COLU105
CANCELSOC4650 / 300133854Cancelled: Sociology of Mental Illness
ADDSOC4650 / 300237710Add: Sociology of Mental Illness/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 322
ADDSOC4780 / 300138163Add: Global Migration/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
CANCELSOC4980 / 100111657Cancelled: Capstone Preparatory
ADDSOC4980 / 100238376Add: Capstone Prepartory
ADDSOC4980 / 100341728Add: Capstone Preparatory
ADDSOC4980 / 100441802Add: Capstone Preparatory6
CANCELSOC4980 / 1OL111677Cancelled: Capstone Preparatory
CANCELSOC4990 / 300111296Cancelled: The Sociology Capstone Course
ADDSOC4990 / 300238370Sociology Capstone Course
ADDSOC4990 / 300338371Sociology Capstone Course
ADDSOC4990 / 300438372Sociology Capstone Course
ADDSOC4990 / 300538373Sociology Capstone Course
CANCELSOC5010 / 300133856Cancelled: Spec Topics Global Migration
CANCELSOC5020 / 100433857Cancelled: Proseminar: Social Statistics
ADDSOC5020 / 400538588Add: Social Statistics/Mondays from 4:45pm-7:20pm and Wednesdays from 4:45pm-6:00pm/COLU 231A on Mondays and COLU 127 on Wednesdays
CHANGESOC5050 / 100111144Change of Room to OCSEB217
CANCELSOC5070 / 400112414Cancelled: Research Methods
CHANGESOC5070 / 400112414Change of Room to COLU 209
ADDSOC5070 / 400241750Add: Research Methods/Tuesdays and Thursdays/7:30pm-9:20pm/COLU 209 (8/22-11/10) and COLU 231A (11/15-12/17)
ADDSOC5090 / 300141801Add: Research Practicum
CANCELSOC5230 / 300112146Cancelled: Foundations Disability Studies
CANCELSOC5450 / 300136895Cancelled: Global Field Exp: Montreal
ADDSOC5450 / 300136895Add: Global Field Experience, travel course, 8/8-8/15.
ADDSOC5450 / 300237715Add: Global Exp: Montreal 8/3-8/26
ADDSOC5780 / 300138165Add: Global Migration/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
CHANGESOC5950 / 300133863Change of Room to COLU 105
ADDSPAN3490 / 1-300338618Add: Internship in Applied Spanish
ADDSPAN3490 / 1-300441847Add: Internship in Applied Spanish
CANCELSPAN9400 / 1-490438581Cancelled: Independent Study in Spanish
ADDSPAN94000 / 1-490438581Add: Independent Study
CHANGETHTR3201 / 300112075Change of topic to Staging Gender: Greeks to Restoration.
ADDVA1010 / 300540447Add: Beginning Studio-2D/Mon,Wed,4:45-7:20pm/CENT280
CANCELVA2100 / 300112418Cancelled: Digital Imaging
ADDVA2110 / 300310611Add: Intro to Photography/Tue,Thur, 9:25-12:05pm/COLU135
CHANGEVA3000 / 300211778Change of topic to Mixed Media.
CANCELVAPA1100 / 300112417Cancelled: Art in Time & Space
CHANGEWEST1010 / 300633944Change of Room to OCSEB216
CANCELWEST2900 / 1-400133945Cancelled: Spc Tpcs: Social Justice & Public Policy
CHANGEWEST3380 / 300133948Change of Room to CENT191
CHANGEWEST3400 / 300112412Change of Room to CENT192
ADDWEST4450/ 300138716Add: Meso-American Art & Arch/Wed :40-4:20pm/COLU216
CANCELWEST4500 / 300112498Cancelled: Soc Justice & Sustainability - Mindfully
CHANGEWEST4500 / 300112498Change of Room to COLU303
ADDWEST4780 / 300138164Add: Global Migration/Wed 4:45-7:20pm/COLU115
CANCELWEST4900 / 300133953Cancelled: Sociology of Mental Illness
CANCELWEST4900 / 300235936Cancelled: Spec Topics Global Migration
ADDWEST4900 / 300337709Add: Sociology of Mental Illness/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/COLU 322
ADDWEST4900 / 3OL138652Add: Spec. Tpcs.: Advanced Privilege Studies
School of Public Affairs
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCJ1001 / 3OL140791Add: Intro to Criminal Justice
CHANGECJ1001 / 3WH133919Change of Room to COLU 317
CANCELCJ3150 / 400438139Cancelled: Statistics for CJ
ADDCJ3150 / 400438139Add: Statistics for CJ/Mondays at 8:00am-10:40am and Wednesdays 9:25am-10:40am/COLU 230
ADDCJ3150 / 400538589Add: Social Statistics/Mondays from 4:45pm-7:20pm and Wednesdays from 4:45pm-6:00pm/COLU 231A on Mondays and COLU 127 on Wednesdays
ADDCJ3630 / 300137880Add: Sex Crimes Against Children/Fridays/10:50am-1:30pm/DWIR 121
CHANGECJ4042 / 300112174Change of Room to COLU 114
CHANGECJ4043 / 300111512Change of Room to COLU322
ADDCJ4050 / 300140853Add: Adv Interview & Interrogation/Saturdays/1:00pm-5:00pm/OSCE B136
CANCELCJ4050 / 3WK112865Cancelled: Adv Interview & Interrogation
CANCELCJ4460 / 300112390Cancelled: Developing CJ Leadership
ADDCJ4840 / 1-800342090Add: Independent Study
CANCELCJ5003 / 300112134Cancelled: Research Methods
ADDCJ5003 / 300241499Add: Research Methods/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 231A and COLU 209
CHANGECJ5361 / 300110197Change of Room to COLU322
ADDCJ6950 / 3-680241032Add: Masters Thesis
ADDCJ6950 / 3-680341508Add: Masters Thesis
CANCELPAD5003 / 300110182Cancelled: Research Methods
ADDPAD5003 / 300241498Add: Research Methods/Tuesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/COLU 231A and COLU 209
CHANGEPAD5110 / 300112557Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGEPAD5361 / 300110188Change of Room to COLU322
CANCELPAD5626 / 300112396Cancelled: Local Govt Politics & Policy
ADDPAD9500 / 1-390238875Add: Independent Study
ADDPAD9500 / 1-390341033Add: Independent Study
ADDPAD9990 / 000138592Add: Candidate for Degree
College of Engineering and Applied Science
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDCOMM2100 / 012040962Add: Public Speaking/Wed, 12:15-1:30pm/OCSEB138
ADDCS1100 / 300341714Add: Intro to Game Development/Tuesdays and Thursdays/3:05pm-4:20pm/UHAL 132
CHANGECS1120 / 300112374Change of Room to OCSEB215
ADDCS2080 / 200440680Add: Programming with Unix/Fridays/8:00am-10:40am/ENGR 138
CANCELCS2080 / 300440680Cancelled: Programming with UNIX
CHANGECS2160 / 300212375Change of Room to ENGR 105
CHANGECS2300 / 300111561Change of Room to CENT186
CHANGECS2300 / 300111561Change of Day Tue, 4:45-7:20pm/CENT203
CANCELCS4720 / 300110062Cancelled: Design & Analys of Algorithms
ADDCS4720 / 300238649Add: Design & Analys of Algorithms/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/OCSE B216
CANCELCS5220 / 300110064Cancelled: Computer Communication
CANCELCS5530 / 300133866Cancelled: Mobile & Wireless Systems
CANCELCS5720 / 300110067Cancelled: Design & Analys of Algorithms
ADDCS5720 / 300238650Add: Design & Analys of Algorithms/Mondays and Wednesdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/OCSE B216
CANCELECE1001 / 300110094Cancelled: Introduction to Robotics
ADDECE1001 / 300538386Add: Introduction to Robotics/Mondays and Wednesdays/9:25am-10:40am/ENGR 136
CANCELECE1411 / 200110095Cancelled: Logic Circuits I
CHANGEECE1411 / 200110095Change of Credits from 3 to 2
ADDECE1411 / 200440895Add: Logic Circuits I/Mondays and Wednesdays/8:00am-9:15am/Mondays in ENGR 105 and Wednesdays in ENGR 229
CANCELECE2411 / 200112190Cancelled: Logic Circuits II
CANCELECE2411 / 200240623Cancelled: Logic Circuits II
ADDECE2411 / 200240623Add: Logic Circuits II/Mon, 4:45-7:20pm/ENGR136
ADDECE2411 / 200340716Add: Logic Circuits II/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 136
CANCELECE2610 / 400335938Cancelled: Into to Signals & Systems
CHANGEECE3020 / 300110097Change of Days to Mon, Wed /Change of Room to CENT 192
ADDECE3201 / 100138145Add: Electronic Projects Lab/Mon,Wed 12:15-1:30pm/Meets with ECE3001 in ENGR229
CANCELECE3205 / 400111184Cancelled: Circuits and Systems II
ADDECE3205 / 400240606Add: Circuits and Systems II/Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays/10:50am-12:05pm/Mondays and Wednesdays in COLU 214 and Fridays in ENGR 229
ADDECE3210 / 300238539Add: Electronics I/ Tues, Thurs, 12:15-1:30pm/ENGR105
ADDECE3230 / 100238567Add: Electronics Laboratory I/Mon, 1:40-4:20pm/ENGR229
CANCELECE3430 / 300110100Cancelled: Intro to Microcomputer Systems
CANCELECE3430 / 300110100Cancelled: Intro to Microcomputer Systems
ADDECE3430 / 300237708Add: Intro to Microcomputer Systems/Tuesdays and Thursdays/6:05pm-7:20pm/ENGR 103
ADDECE3430 / 300338146Add: Microcomputer Systems/Tues,Thur,8:00-9:15am/COLU317
CHANGEECE3430 / 300438291Change of Room to ENGR103
ADDECE3430 / 300438291Add: Intro to Microcomputer Systems/Tues, Thurs 4:45-6:00pm/UHAL109
CHANGEECE4242 / 300110101Change of Room to DWIR103
CHANGEECE4242 / 300110101Change of Day Thur, Time to 8:00am-10:40am Change of Room to CENT 102
ADDECE4242 / 300241441Add: Advanced Digital Design Meth/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 136
CHANGEECE4340 / 300112675Change of Room to LANE120
CANCELECE4530 / 100110103Cancelled: Control Systems Lab
ADDECE4530 / 100341780Add: Control Systems Lab/Tuesdays/2:00pm-3:40pm/ENGR 129
CANCELECE4611 / 300136485Cancelled: Physical-Layer Security
ADDECE4611 / 300136485Add: Physical-Layer Security/Tues, Thurs 3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 187
CHANGEECE4890 / 100110104Change of Room to CENT188
CHANGEECE4890 / 300110104Change of Room to ENGR103
CANCELECE4899 / 300110105Cancelled: Senior Design Project
CHANGEECE4899 / 300110105Change of Room to CENT188
ADDECE4899 / 300240607Add: Senior Design Project/Fri,8:00-10:40am/ENGR103
CHANGEECE524200110106Change of Room to DWIR103
CHANGEECE5242 / 300110106Change of Day Thur, Time to 8:00am-10:40am Change of Room to CENT 102
ADDECE5242 / 300241442Add: Advanced Digital Design Meth/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/ENGR 136
CHANGEECE5340 / 300112676Change of Room to LANE120
ADDECE5520 / 3OL141010Add: Multivariable Control Sys I
ADDECE5560 / 3OL141253Add: System Identification
ADDECE5580 / 3OL141455Add: Multivariable Feedback Cntrl
CANCELECE5611 / 300136486Cancelled: Physical-Layer Security
ADDECE5611 / 300136486Add: Physical-Layer Security/Tues, Thurs 3:05pm-4:20pm/ENGR 187
ADDECE5690 / 3OL141580Add: Satellite Communications
ADDECE5710 / 3OL238454Add: Mod, Sim, ID of Batt Dynamics
CANCELENE5060 / 4OL112416Cancelled: Energy Systems I
CANCELENGR1001 / 300110176Cancelled: Introduction to Robotics
CANCELENGR1411 / 200111545Cancelled: Logic Circuits I
ADDENGR4510 / 001038774Add: Laboratory/Tues,1:40pm-4:20pm/OCSEA203
ADDENGR4510 / 002038775Add: Laboratory/Fri, 8:00am-10:40am/OCSEA303
ADDENGR4510 / 200138721Add: Engineering Design I/Thurs,9:25-10:40am/DWIR121
ADDGDD1100 / 300341043Add: Intro to Game Development/Tue,Thur 3:05-4:20pm/U H 132
ADDINOV1010 / 300440605Add: The Innovation Process/Thur, 7:30-10:05pm/OCSEA206
ADDINOV4100 / 1-300141956Add: Advancing Innovation Practicum
CHANGELEAD5030 / 3WK112851Change of Room to ENGR 105
CANCELMAE1005 / 001011178Cancelled: Intro to Machine Shop
CANCELMAE1090 / 001038301Cancelled: Intro to Structured Programming/Lab
CANCELMAE1090 / 003038307Cancelled: Intro to Structured Programming Lab
ADDMAE1090 / 004038978Add: Intro to Structured Programming Lab /Tues, 10:50am-12:05pm/ENGR138
ADDMAE1090 / 005038979Add: Intro to Structured Programming Lab/Thurs, 1;40-2:55pm/ENGR138
ADDMAE1090 / 006038980Add: Intro to Structured Programming Lab/Wed,3:05-4:20pm/ENGR138
CANCELMAE1090 / 300138296Cancelled: Intro to Structured Programming
ADDMAE1090 / 300538976Add: Intro to Structured Programming/Thurs,9:25-10:40am/DWIR121
CHANGEMAE2103 / 300212646Change of Room to OCSE B217
CANCELMAE2104 / 300211820Cancelled: Engineering Mechanics II
ADDMAE3005 / 004041658Add: Engineering Measurement Lab/Fridays/12:15pm-2:55pm/OCSE A306
CANCELMAE3320 / 300133904Cancelled: Biomass Energy Analysis
ADDMAE3401 / 300238130Add: Mod/Sim Honors/Mondays and Wednesdays/12:15pm-1:30pm/ENGR 239
CHANGEMAE3501 / 300112566Change of Room to ENGR 103
CHANGEMAE4000 / 100111987Change of time to 3:05-4:20pm, Change of Room to CENT203
CHANGEMAE4000 / 100212587Change of time to 3:05-4:20pm/Meets with MAE 4000 001 in CENT203
ADDMAE4120 / 300238138Add: Machine Design II - Honors/Mondays and Wednesdays/1:40pm-2:55pm/ENGR 239
CANCELMAE4130 / 300133939Cancelled: Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
CHANGEMAE4316 / 300133940Change of Room to ENGR105
CHANGEMAE5011 / 300110362Change of day/time/room: TR 8:00-9:15, OCSE B217.
CANCELMAE5131 / 300133943Cancelled: Commputational Fluid Dynamics
CHANGEMAE5131 / 300133943Change of Room to OCSE B211
CANCELMAE5146 / 300136758Cancelled: Rarified Gas Dynamics
CHANGEMAE5146 / 300136758Change of Room to DWIR106
ADDMAE5146 / 300136758Add: Rarefied Gas Dynamics Thurs, 4:45-7:20pm/ U Hall 132
CANCELMAE5410 / 300110366Cancelled: Astrodynamics
CHANGEMAE5410 / 300238147Change of Room to OCSE B138
CHANGEMAE5410 / 300238147Change of Room to CENT191
ADDMAE5410 / 300238147Add: Astrodynamics/Tue 4:45-7:20pm/UHAL133
CHANGEMAE9110 / 300112599Change of Room to ENGR105
ADDMAE9500 / 1-691339198Add: Independent Study
ADDMAE9510 / 300141415Add: Spec. Tpcs. Grad.: Radiation/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/DWIR 106
College of Education
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
CHANGECOUN2500 / 300133962Change of Room to OCSEB134
CHANGECOUN3000 / 300111546Change of Room to COLU323
CHANGECOUN4500 / 300111680Change of Room to COLU 214
CHANGECOUN5100 / 300110152Change of Room to DWIR103
CANCELCOUN5250 / 300133966Cancelled: Leader and Leadership Develop
CHANGECOUN5250 / 300133966Change of Room to LANE 120
ADDCOUN5250 / 300241769Add: Leader and Leadership Develop/Tuesdays/11:30am-2:30pm/LANE 120
CHANGECOUN5520 / 1WB112857Change of Room to ENGR109
CANCELCOUN5580 / 3WB134302Cancelled: Sexuality in Counseling
CANCELCOUN5700 / 1-300311681Cancelled: Internship School Counseling
CHANGECOUN5720 / 1-600311537Change of Room to COLU325
CHANGECURR3713 / 300133958Change of Room to COLU 323
CHANGECURR3713 / 300133958Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGECURR3713 / 300133958Change of Day to Tuesday, Change of Room to UHall 132
CHANGECURR5018 / 3H0134011Change of Room to COLU 116
CANCELCURR5413 / 300134016Cancelled: Literacy & Research
CANCELCURR5495 / 3OL110995Cancelled: World Languages Methods
ADDCURR5700 / 3H0141962Add: Intro to ESL/Multicult Edu/Thur 4:45pm-7:20pm/Off Site
CHANGECURR5713 / 300133959Change of Room to COLU 323
CHANGECURR5713 / 300133959Change of Room to COLU116
CHANGECURR5713 / 300133959Change of Day to Tuesday, Change of Room to UHall 132
ADDCURR9600 / 1-390240676Add: Independent Study
CANCELIECE2000 / 300134020Cancelled: Collab Partnerships
ADDIECE2000 / 3B0140585Add: Collab Partnerships/Tuesdays/7:30pm-9:30pm/COLU 324
ADDIECE4000 / 300240598Add: Math & Numeracy/Mon,4:45-7:20pm/U H 133
CHANGEIECE4010 / 300134021Change of Room to CENT186
CHANGEIECE4010 / 300134021Change of Room to LANE120
ADDIECE4010 / 300241258Add: Early Literacy s(Ages 5-8)Wed 4:45-7:20pm/COLU114
CANCELIELM3020 / 300137640Cancelled: Field Placement I
ADDIELM3020 / 300137640Add:Field Placement I/Wed 1:40-4:20pm
CANCELIELM3020 / 300238565Cancelled: Field Placement
ADDIELM3020 / 300238565Cancelled: Field Placement I/Wed, 8:00am-10:40am
ADDIELM3020 / 300339685Add: Field Placement/Wednesdays/8:00am-10:40am/UHAL 133
CANCELIELM4025 / 300112625Cancelled: Elem Math Methods
ADDIELM4025 / 300239424Add: Elem Math Methods/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/UH 132
ADDLEAD1000 / 300240583Add: Foundations of Education/Wed, 4:45-7:20pm/COLU323
CHANGELEAD5030 / 3WK112851Correction: Class WILL MEET on September 3.
CANCELLEAD5230 / 3OL137022Cancelled: Instructional Leadership
ADDLEAD5230 / 3OL137022Add: Instructional Leadership
ADDLEAD5230 / 3OL241733Add: Instructional Leadership
ADDLEAD5310 / 3WB112853Change of Room to COLU323
CHANGELEAD5310 / 3WB112853Change of Room to DWIR 114
ADDLEAD6140 / 300140790Add: Supervision and Evaluation/Saturdays/8:00am-3:00pm/COLU 333
CANCELLEAD6140 / 3WK112875Cancelled: Supervision and Evaluation
CHANGELEAD6820 / 3H0111873Change of Room DWIR106
CHANGELEAD8350 / 300112814Change of Room to COLU4026
CANCELSPED3001 / 3B0112811Cancelled: Intro to Spec Education
CANCELSPED4030 / 300110231Cancelled: Elementary/Secondary Internshp
CANCELSPED5001 / 3B0112812Cancelled: Intro to Spec Education
CANCELSPED5030 / 300110234Cancelled: Elementary/Secondary Internshp
CHANGETED4400 / 3H0135999Change of Room to COLU128
CANCELTED4570 / 300111013Cancelled: Elementary Literacy Methods
CANCELTED4570 / 300211171jCancelled: Elementary Literacy
ADDTED4570 / 300338332Add: Elementary Literacy/Tues, 1:40-4:20pm/COLU116
CANCELTED4600 / 300212128Cancelled: Elementary-School Experience
CHANGETED4640 / 300111354Change of Room to UHALL 132
CANCELTED4640 / 300211355Cancelled: Elem Math Methods
CANCELTED4650 / 200211836Cancelled: Elementary Science Methods
CANCELTED4650 / 300111015Cancelled: Elementary Science Methods
ADDTED4650 / 300341396Add: Elementary Science Methods/Thursdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/CENT 106
CANCELTED4660 / 100212728Cancelled: Elementary Social Studies
CANCELTED4720 / 300112151Cancelled: Teach Rdg Content Area
CANCELTED4910 / 300111424Cancelled: Secondary English Methods
CHANGETED4910 / 300238384Change of Room to COLU 105
CHANGETED4910 / 300238384Change of Room to COLU 303
ADDTED4910 / 300238384Add: Secondary English Methods/Tues 1:40-4:20pm/COLU4026
CANCELTED4950 / 300111018Cancelled: Sec Span Methods
CANCELTED5640 / 300112626Cancelled: Elem Math Methods
ADDTED5640 / 300239423Add: Elem Math Methods/Mondays/4:45pm-7:20pm/UH 132
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
ChangeSubjectCrs# / CreditsSectionCall #Days / Times / Classrooms / Misc Info
ADDENTP1000 / 300640597Add: Intro to Entrepreneurship/Wed, 7:30-10:05pm/OCSEA206
CANCELHSCI1130 / 200211453Cancelled: Pilates Theory & Practice
CANCELHSCI1140 / 200440784Cancelled: Yoga Practice & Theory
ADDHSCI1140 / 200440784Add: Yoga Practice & Theory/Wed 9:25-11:15am/UHAL214
CANCELHSCI1222 / 200111530Cancelled: Zumba
CANCELHSCI3201 / 300111809Cancelled: Health Behavior Change
ADDHSCI3201 / 300338558Add: Health Behavior Change/Thursdays/1:40pm-4:20pm/UHAL 140
CANCELHSCI3630 / 300236002Cancelled: Culture & Health
ADDHSCI3630 / 3OL241534Add: Culture & Health
ADDHSCI4470 / 3OL138456Add: Tpcs: Disaster Health
ADDHSCI4670 / 300129942Change of Room to UHAL216
CANCELHSCI4830 / 300136046Cancelled: Intervention Methods & Strat
CANCELHSCI4890 / 3H0112532Cancelled: Dynamic Movement Analysis
CANCELHSCI6040 / 300112680Cancelled: Theories in Hlth Behavior I
ADDHSCI6040 / 300240931Add: Theories in Hlth Behavior I/Wednesdays/4:45pm-7:20pm/LANE 120
CHANGEHSCI6170 / 300138518Change of Room to UHAL140
CHANGEHSCI6170 / 300138518Change of Room to UH133
CANCELHSCI6170 / 3H0112533Cancelled: Dynamic Movement
CHANGEHSCI6180 / 300111712Change of Room to LANE120
ADDHSCI6230 / 3OL138457Add: Tpcs: Disaster Health
ADDNURS2060 / 3OL338655Add: Statistics for Nurses
CANCELNURS3100 / 001011032Cancelled: Mental Health Clinical
CANCELNURS3100 / 002011033Cancelled: Mental Health Clinical
CANCELNURS3100 / 003011034Cancelled: Mental Health Nursing
CANCELNURS3100 / 004011109Cancelled: Mental Health Clinical
CANCELNURS3100 / 005011110Cancelled: Mental Health Clinical
CANCELNURS3100 / 006011111Cancelled: Mental Health Clinical
ADDNURS3100 / 007040981Add: Mental Health Nursing Clinical/Wed 7:45am-2:45pm/Meets in Pueblo
ADDNURS3100 / 0 08040982Add: Mental Health Clinical/Wed 7:00am-12:00pm/Meets in Town
ADDNURS3100 / 009040983Add: Mental Health Clinical/Thur,7:00am-12:00pm 12:30pm-2:30pm/Meets mornings in town, afternoons in Univ Hall 119
ADDNURS3100 / 010040984Add: Mental Health Clinical/Thurs,7:45am-2:45pm/Meets in Pueblo
ADDNURS3100 / 011040985Add: Mental Health Clinical/Thur 7:00am - 12:00pm12:30pm--2:30pm UH117/Meet in town
ADDNURS3100 / 012040986Add: Mental Health Clinical/Fri 7:00am-12:00pm 12:30pm-2:30pm UH117/Meets in town
ADDNURS4040 / 3OL138436Add: Substance Abuse: Implications
ADDNURS4450 / 6OL238553Add: Community Health
ADDNURS4480 / 3OL241272Add: Capstone Project-RN
CANCELNURS6030 / 3OL112178Cancelled: Hlthcare Polcy/Eth/Legal
ADDNURS6040 / 3OL138437Add: Substance Abuse: Implications
CANCELNURS7100 / 3OL111186Cancelled: Org. Sys. Leadership and QI
ADDNURS8041 / 1OL138718Add: DNP Seminar I
ADDTED4720 / 300241036Add: Teach Rdg Content Area/Mon 4:45-7:20pm OCSEB217